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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. arbiter76
    Not looking for straight up balanced armature. I am leaning towards a dynamic driver/balanced armature. I am assuming that is the hybrid system? I looked at the Shure se215 but I am not interested because it has a single dynamic driver. I would also prefer the dynamic driver to be at least 10mm, preferably at least 12mm.

    I resesrched the chi fi thread but am very skeptical of Chinese quality. I know some gems are in there but after not seeing much piquing my interest I moved on. The 1more triple drivers is on sale for $60 . That is on my radar. I don't know how big the dynamic driver is though it seems the bass is not lacking. When I was looking at the Chi Find stuff the Simgot interested me but they have not been around long to draw a reasonable conclusion on quality and longevity and the drivers are only 10mm, well the EM2 and EN700 at least. There are 10% off coupons so I am looking at ~$95 and ~$130. I have not made my Amazon order because now I am on the fence about applying that 1more $60 to the Simgot. If the drivers were at least 12mm I would probably have pounced on it already. I am not a basshead but who does not love bass? The Simgot reviews irk me because either one seems to be up my alley but I know if it does not exceeds my expectations I will continue spending money to round out my ear bud collection.

    Any thoughts or insights for the 1more, EM2 and EN700 somebody could share to help my decision?

    Oh and some comments were made in this thread that confused me about the balanced port on the ES100. Is it not a 2.5mm jack and if the cable that comes with either Simgot is 3.5mm can I get a MMCX that supports the balanced port on the ES100. Any clarification would be much appreciated.
  2. arbiter76
    I made my post before I read your last one ClieOS. Is there a difference between MMCX and 2 pin? I thought they were the same thing excluding proprietary MMCX connectors. If the Audio Technica ear buds were not proprietary MMCX I probably would have bought those already. I hate proprietary connectors for availability and economic reasons.

    Where can I get Shure SE846s for $200? LMAO. I kid I kid. Not really though.

    I should probably checkout Monoprice for hahas. It has been awhile. My first earbuds I purchased a long time ago were from Monoprice. I think I spent about $14 on some earbuds that sounded awesome. I found out about them before they got really popular. I wonder if Monoprice still has some hidden gems like that. This was about 10 years or longer though.
  3. Francisk

    ER4B Cable.jpg
    I'm enjoying my Etymotic ER4B in balanced mode (2x Voltage) on my ES100 thanks for the cable that ClieOS built for me. I just received the cable yesterday and have been using it for at least 5 hours. What really amaze me is how ClieOS fit two 100ohm resistors and a 0.22uF cap on each channel into the Y split of the cable. I can finally enjoy my ER4B in balanced mode (2x Voltage) paired to the ES100 which drives it with authority and truly brings out the quality of the ER4B. This is the 4th cable that he made for me and every each one is very well built at a very affordable price. Thanks again ClieOS :beerchug:
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2019
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  4. Mouseman
    There are a lot of Chinese gems, you can read about them in the forums. Have you looked at the BGVP DMGs? I just got a pair, and they are fantastic, a 6-driver per ear dynamic set. They have MMCX connections, so you can get an aftermarket balanced cable (I'm waiting for one to get here by boat right now).

    I've heard negative feedback on the 1mores, but haven't heard them myself. FWIW, I have the Simgot EN700s, and am not a fan. They aren't comfortable in my ears due to the big body, and I although I could get a good seal, I wasn't at all impressed in the sound quality. There are also some Fiio IEMs that are really nice, it depends on what point in your price range you're looking to hit.
  5. Francisk
    ChiFi has come a long way and I must say that there are some that really took me by surprise such as the Vsonic GR07 Classic and Tin Audio T2 (not T2 Pro) and a few others too...especially for the asking price. FYI HifiMan is ChiFi too...but they're in a different price bracket. Current China products are not what it used to be 20+ years ago.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2019
  6. Marco Angel
    Yup, you need a 2.5 balanced cable to connect to a compatible earphones like SHURES or FIIOs with mmcx. in the ES100 you would NEVER connect them via an adapter cause you make a shortcut in the amps
  7. Lurk650
    @arbiter76, you are not going to find a Hybrid with a 12mm driver, that's too large to also fit in some BA. Largest I've seen is 10mm. ChiFi does indeed have a lot of great Hybrids, admittedly a bit too many lol.

    I also have the BGVP DMG, gonna be selling mine for $80 as I just don't give them enough ear time anymore. They are solid though.
  8. Broquen
    NCM has NC5v2 and bella that uses 10mm. DD + 4 or 8 BAs and are not into chi-fi category and the bass is top-notch, although they're more expensive (understanding chi-fi as new Chinese brands that have little experience compared to more traditional ones). On the other hand, there're some interesting alternatives well rated here that I think can satisfy most people. Oh, and I never liked 1More IEMS sound (and the less I like is their bass, although I listened worse, of course).
  9. mhoopes
    @arbiter76 - there is a quite lengthy graded list by @crinacle, which is now being maintained at crinacle dot com. It's not comprehensive, but as a single source, there is some good basis for comparison. About a good a list as one can find.

    The highest ranked IEMs <=$150 on this list are the ikko OH1 and VSonic GR07 Classic/Bass (B-). The DMG (C+) comes in just below them. 1More Triple Driver gets a D+.
    The FiiO F9 Pro isn't represented, but the F9 was graded C+.
  10. ClieOS Contributor
    Neither mmcx nor 2 pins connector are proprietary, just different in how popular they are (though both are plenty popular). Audio Technica's connectors (A2DC) are not proprietary either. While it is rarer, you can still find aftermarket cable as well as DIY connector for it if you want to build your own cable.

    There are plenty aftermarket cable with 2.5mm balanced plug on one end and mmcx on the other. They go from quite reasonably priced to insanely expensive.

    Technically it isn't just a 75ohm resistors (would have been easy if it was). An ER4B needs two 100ohm resistors and a 0.22uF cap on each channel.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2019
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  11. arbiter76
    Lol @ the absurd multiple driver ear buds. I can see where it might benefit sonically but my tastes for signature sound are warm or or flat/neutral (and/or fun). Not so neutral and clinical where you can hear individual alveoli fill up when you inhale or hear goose bumps on the singer's neck. The 1mores seem like the safest bet from reviews and less of a gamble with my bank account in case I don't like it. Lol.

    That is my biggest concern with the EN700, comfort, fit and fatigue. It has an unusual shape. The EM2 aren't your standard bud either but look much more manageable overall and cheaper.

    I will probably skim the Chi Fi thread again but I am very hesitant to commit to anything, even with glowing recommendations due to Chinese ear buds being a double edged sword. Gambling on sound quality (not to mention chances of testing ChiFi audio equipment is basically zero now compared to brands that are sold in popular stores) and hardware quality,never know what you will get even if X company has made a name for itself.

    Really appreciate the recommendations guys. Y'all have scared me away from the 1more's. $50 or less and I am less bothered if I get a dud so paying $60 or $80 puts me over my emotional threshold. Lol. Sigh. Don't know what to do. I think I will keep researching ChiFi and keep an eye on items I am interested in but am uncomfortable paying the asking price. Probably will see market trends for a few items I have my eye on and see what low prices they may or may not hit. Probably the best path to choose right now. I am fixing to buy a Glock G20 or G40 and need to learn how to shoot. Not buying earbuds now will also free up some money for a carbine or SBR conversion so I also have the option to legally hunt with a pistol rather than carry it as a side arm. I have 3 ear buds and the ES100 to keep me company in the meantime.

    Btw, think if I am patient and lucky I can find some higher end Shure's or some to her desirable ear buds with MMCX compatibility on Craigslist? I am hesitant to do this since ear buds are an intimate items meaning I might be swapping ear wax but ear canal tips are easy to swap, well sometimes. Pain to get on sometimes. I will look on craigslist tonight and see what kind of stuff might pop up.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 1, 2019
  12. randytsuch
    Look at the classifieds here. With some patience, you can find good deals. I was looking at chi fi, but ended up getting a used Lyr ii which I really like, but out of your price range even used.
    BTW, I asked the seller to keep any used tips separate. Then I cleaned the used tips with alcohol/q tip before using them. Turns out his ears were different size, so I only tried the used tips for a minute.
    Works for silicone but not foam. I'd toss used foam tips.

    Did anyone mention the Nicehck m6? I'd give that a look in the $100 price range, and he offers a head fi special price.
    Fiio F9 pro if you can spend a little more is supposed to be good too.

    Also, I just got a Alo Audio cable that's 2.5mm balanced to 2 pin cable. They sell adapters to go from 2 pin to mmcx and vice versa

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  13. arbiter76
    Thanks a lot bunghole. Awesome idea . Don't know why I didn't think of that. Lol. But now you might burn a hole in my pocket.

    Are we allowed to ask about the forums? If so, are there any other popular forums that dabble in earphones and headphones?

    And for some reason I am not into Fiio. Don't ask me why. I have never bought or used their equipment (might have listened to a DAC it amp but don't remember). I always skip over them. I might read review occasionally . And I would buy an amp from them before I considered headphones from them. Weird I know. But I am quite sure there is some brand that everybody glosses over though they have no reasonable explanation.
  14. Mouseman
    I tried to look on their site, and didn't see any adapters -- can you provide a link? I have a suspicion they make things clunky, but I'd like to check them out. Most of my gear is MMCX, but I have a few 2-pins and I'd rather not buy any more cables just for them. Thanks!
  15. waynes world
    Even the cheap buds these days are pretty darned good. I'm listening to the $15 Yincrow RW-9's that ClieOS got me interested in, and to my ears, they sound fantastic off of the ES100. There's actually quite a few budget buds that are less than $15 and that also sound great. The Earbuds Roundup thread is your friend.
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