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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. chinmie
    that's not a bad idea. a tougher body for the ES100 is always a welcome. I cracked my ES100 when i put it in my pants pocket and bumped a a stone kitchen counter..and not a very hard bump at that. the Fiio BTR3 is a bit cheaper or more or less the same price as the ES100, but has a really solid feel to the case
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  2. benoe
    We should separate our wishlists into two fields: improvements of the firmware and software for the current hw (short term probability, no further investment needed from customer side) - would like to see some or any feedback here from @wslee :wink:

    Future hw design: we can be more flexible here giving radsone suggestions and let them decide based on our suggestions and hw capabilities, market trends, etc.
  3. benoe
    Or an end user replaceable shell or housing of the original internals. :)
  4. mhoopes
    Siri/Google Assistant *capable*, when used with smart phone as transport, just like the FiiO BTR products.

    And please please please...bigger, heavier is a different product. I run and bike with this unit clipped to my shirt collar. I don’t want to end up with something that has to be connected to a longer headphone cable and strapped to my arm or placed in my pocket. This unit is bigger than its competitors already.

    And a resounding NO to aluminum unibody. The FiiO BTR3 has the same RF section as its less expensive stablemates, but for some reason...has MUCH worse RF performance. An external antenna would help, but back to size.
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  5. meinname123
    My wish for some future device would be a revolution:
    Get rid of the A2DP standard !
    Capture the (native highres) sound on the device (on Android it should be easy on iOS a kind of recording/audiobus whatever is needed) with your app and send it over some own protocol (maybe with flac as codec?) which doesn't limit you to some standard to the device.
    So maybe classic core BT and BTLE with the high bitrates of BT 5 (yep, forget about backward compatibility - till development is finished everyone has it) can be bundled to get really high overall bitrates.
    Yep, it would only work with newer smartphone and no other devices but that's what the most customers are using. No other source like TVs or whatever - these users have alredy more than enough devices to choose from
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  6. darkwing
    turning the ES100 into a DAP would raise the price, maybe just make it more sturdy and change the buttons lol
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  7. SeeD
    762EC66B-3FD4-4F04-AC01-E540557919B2.jpeg You all have some very good suggestions and being a ES-100 owner, I think it is great now, but have a suggestion to make it spectacular from my perspective. Combine the electronics with a high quality cable and make it extremely portable and useful such as the pic above. I know it diminishes other aspects of the design but this is all I would need! :wink:
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2019
  8. arbiter76
    LMAO! Geez guys. That went over all of your heads. Aluminum would effectively ruin the wireless part. I know I know. My joke was lame but quite sure they went plastic for a reason. Still I would not mind it doubling or tripling in size to add more weight and battery life and the clip would become optional. Better yet a holster or DIY setup because I am quite sure between all of us there are about 12 different basic setups.
  9. monsieurfromag3
    Look into Aëdle’s Eole: https://www.aedle.net/en/products/eole/medallion
  10. mhoopes
    Don't worry, I got it. :) I was responding to all those who think there's a free lunch when it comes to industrial design. Or do we not remember Antennagate?

    However, your idea sounds like an ES300. If this thing grows 3x, where do I wear it?

    Last edited: Jan 29, 2019
  11. SeeD
  12. Marco Angel
    The DAP conversion of the ES would be for another kind of device, the ES100 just needs a better battery, maybe a wider body to handle the batt and of course newer dacs with better amplifiers.
    Also sturdier 3.5mm / 2.5mm inputs and buttons with a better layout to blind-identify them.
  13. Francisk
    May I suggest that Radsone incorporate the THX AAA mobile amp technology into the future EarStudio ES200. Here's the link to the THX AAA technology for those who are interested: https://www.thx.com/mobile/aaa/
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  14. waynes world
    Yup. Improvements to an already wonderful device. Not a new device.
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  15. randytsuch
    I now have a Samsung S6 running Android 9 Pie :)
    Took a little work to get it working, and needs to be a rooted device
    Here's the special stuff I needed to do to get data working

    Then you need to enable developer options, and you can change the BT codec, it defaulted to LDAC for me, so that's fine.
    At some point I'll compare LDAC to aptx HD, but this is mainly for tidal streaming over cell so may not hear a diff.

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