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PSB M4U1 - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by swmtnbiker, Nov 13, 2012.
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  1. nk126
    Thanks. I googled and found a recipe for downloading a free tool (Soundflower, I think) and pairing that with one of Apple's audio dev tools to essentially create a system-level EQ tool accessible via preferences. Since it involves a few downloads, some jiggering, and a reboot, I haven't yet done it. 
  2. Bansaku
    Got a new project coming up in about 10-20 days. For a super low price of $15 CND total I got some eBay parts on a slow boat from China to make a new cable. Can't wait! Impressions and pictures as soon as everything arrives.

    100%Brand new and high quality
    32 Core Repair OCC Cable For DIY Hifiman Headphone
    Color:  Black
    3.5MM gold-plated copper plug
    Core is 0.05 * 32 + 250D nylon yarn
    Single diameter about: 1.8MM
    Cord length :1.15M
    32 Core
  3. nk126
    Got to do a bunch of A/B testing with a few friends at work : m4u1 compared with oppo pm-3 and b&w p7 and Senn Momentum over ear. Interesting stuff and I'll post complete thoughts later (I'm demoing pm-3 as part of oppo loaner program), but the PSBs show the best mix of sound quality, comfort and easy drivability. We all suspect the PM-3s would please more people more of the time driven by a quality dac/amp chain (and they're nice as heck, design and build-wise), but straight from a laptop or smartphone, the PSBs really shine.

    That said, has anyone tried the M4U1 with a cozoy Astrapi or Oppo ha-2?

    I'm thinking of buying a relatively low cost dac/amp. Primarily this would be for desktop use with a MacBook, but I'd like it to pull double duty with iOS devices.

    Would also want to drive my Ety ER4S with it.
  4. Bansaku
    The M4U 1 sound good even out of a toaster (if that were possible), which makes them remarkable in my book. However, given your source, iDevice and laptop, the M4U 1 would definitely benefit from a high quality DAC/Amp.
    While I have not personally tried the amps you mention, I have used very similar devices (with better specs) and can tell you with complete certainty that a better amp will move the M4U 1 to the next level. Yes the PSBs are easy to drive, but having not only more power (oomph, not volume) but better quality really make the M4U 1 shine (ya, I know that goes for most headphones).
    I recently picked up a Creative SoundBlaster E3 for use with my iPod and Hackintosh (my Teac is in the shop) and all I can say is WOW! Compared to my iPod Touch 6G and onboard ALC898, music (and games) come alive. I find at times at high volume with a standard source the upper mids can sound a touch peaky, with an amp (my E3 [and Audioengine D1]) they are smoothed out. Treble gets a touch of sparkle. The bass....that bass....beautiful; more impact, more weight, better detail, and NO extra bloat.
    And then you add in a better cable into the mix and the M4U 1 are near untouchable.
    Suggestion: Neutron for iOS/Android is probably the best sounding and feature rich player currently available. Highly recommend purchasing it.
  5. nk126

    You have a D1? You like it? I've long been a fan of their powered speakers, but heard only so-so reviews of the D3. Do you use the d1 as a combo, or DAC-only?
  6. Bansaku

    Combo. It's headphone amp is decent enough to power 250Ohm. Works flawlessly without any drivers.
  7. Vero Golf Champ
    Wasn't really looking for new cans, but couldn't pass these up at 200 kiwi pesos (approx 130 USD at the mo). Would have preferred black or grey but these were the last pair left.
    Not quite as comfy as my ATH A500X or MDR XB950BT, however not bad given the strong clamping force. 
    Streaming Tidal HiFi via an FiiO E07k (bass set to +6db) and very pleased with them. Excellent transparency, detail, soundstage and dynamics.
  8. diamondears
    Congrats. Don't mind the red as the SQ on that is really wonderful. You won't see the red while using it anyway...just don't get out of the house with it...:D
  9. diamondears
    Had the chance to try out the PSB long enough with the FiiO E12 (with bass boost off) and they're a match made in heaven. The slight stridency of the PSB were really gone. This combo clearly beats my previous O2 combo.
  10. goodyfresh

    REALLY, it eliminated the stridency?  What about the litttthhhpy sounding sibilance?

    I've also heard that using something other than the absolutely crappy cable that comes stock with the M4U 1 helps to eliminate stridence and sibilance.
  11. diamondears
    Yes, sibilance too. I also use an OCC headphone cable.
  12. goodyfresh
    Nice to know!
  13. cheeseeater
    Anyone know of modifications to the PSB to improve comfort/performance? Maybe different ear pads or maybe make those little holes under the pads larger?
    Rommel V likes this.
  14. bigro
    How Long have you had them? I have had them for a few months Either my head got smaller or They are broken in just a bit but they are almost as comfortable as My M50x's. I wear the for Hours on end at work.I switched the Cable with a mid road Monster and I did hear a slight improvement similar to what Diamond Ears has said.  I do have OCC cables or on the List. What's your source amp dac etc?
  15. cheeseeater
    Don't get me wrong. It's not that they're uncomfortable or sound bad. For portable cans they sound very good. And are pretty comfortable. It's just that my non-portable gear sounds so much better I'd like to shorten the gap between them. For home fostex th900 (fully moded) with cavalli liquid glass and premium tubes. My portable is PSB powered by dx90. I've already changed the cable to an eberry with noticeable improvement. I have two PSBs, one for my wife, so I can do easy a/b comparisons. One is slightly less comfortable. I'll mod that one. But if I could find alternative ear pads to try that would be great. When the ear pads break in they will only get flatter. And less comfortable. That's why they gave us extra pairs. If I can find a good alternative I won't have to rebuild these ear pads.
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