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PSB M4U1 - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by swmtnbiker, Nov 13, 2012.
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  1. MarcinN
    Hello, did any of you have an occasion to compare PSB M4U-1 to Shure SRH940? I have been owner of PSB for two months and adored them, but yesterday I listened to some music on these Shures, and really liked them ta lot too (its BIG dynamic sound) - frankly speaking, when I came back to PSB afterwards, I felt it lacked some bass. The guy working in a headphones shop claimed that in his opinion SRH940 are to die for and much much better than PSB. Just curious - what are your thoughts? How would you compare these two models? :)
  2. harry501501
    Got these for £50 and it's one of the best bargains I've had in this game. I initially disliked it as i found it positioned instruments around a bit different to what I'm used to (in the soundstage), but giving it a chance it immediately grows on you. Profoundly musical... I can see me really enjoying just listening to music with these. i really enjoy vocals. Freddie Mercury's voice has just enough warmth and has great articulation. i found the same with other singers.

    They do live music very well and pump out good detail.

    I thought it was lacking in bass at first, but once i adjusted to the sound it was very quick with just enough weight to enjoy. Sub bass isn't massive so those expecting big thick thundering bass won't be satisfied.

    Mids and treble just nice for me, thin(ish) but good weight and warmth. Weird thing about the detail they bring out... certain details in music I'm used to hearing don't stand out as obvious as some of my other headphones, but they also bring out some details and effects I'd never heard before in favourite songs. More down to the soundstage. It's narrow but very deep... but you never feel the lack of width is a problem.

    A very unique, but thoroughly enjoyable listen.

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  3. harry501501
    WOW... In one Queen song called LIAR which starts of with great percussion there's a drum like effect in the centre I've never once noticed... I also heard some lyrics on Queen's Seaside Rendezvous that I now realise I've been singing wrong for years lol. Very clear vocals.

    I can't help but feel the guy i bought these from could have set a price much higher than £50 lol.
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  4. Green Caffeine
    Can anyone weigh in about the M4U1 upper-mids sounding a bit honky or shouty (when UNAMPED, as this is how i will use them)? The NAD HP50 earpads are acceptably comfortable to me, but in comparison to the Beoplay H6, the NAD's earpads show their flaws and unspectacular seal, so I'm thinking I might replace them with an M4U1. I don't have that sharp of an ear (nor do I want to, lol), but I can tell that the H6 (2nd gen) is a bit honkier with vocals than the NAD, so I'm somewhat worried about the M4U1's energy. The treble is apparently a bit sharper on the M4U1's, so I hope it doesn't sound artificial.... Any other possible inferiorities with the M4U1 (when unamped)? sloppier bass/highs? same mediocre earpad comfort as the NAD (not concerned with headpad)?

    simply put, I've seen a lot of posts saying the NADs just edge out the PSBs on sound quality alone....

    if you think there is a better alternative when UNAMPED to the NAD HP50 feel free to suggest some (please do not recommend: b&w p7 BASSY, Momentums BASSY, ath-msr7, Beoplay H6 either gen UNEVEN, Meze 99 classic UNREFINED BASS, mdr1a, open headphones, or hard-to-drive headphones). Pretty much the only alternative I've found might be AKG-K553, but I'm also concerned about the questionable seal and possible thin mids on that. hmm. thoughts?
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2018
  5. harry501501
    At the price range I prefer the Soundmagic HP100
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