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PSB M4U1 - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by swmtnbiker, Nov 13, 2012.
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  1. swmtnbiker
    I've currently got this, the Senn Momentum, and the Sony MDR-1R in-house. Sonically I think the PSB is pretty fabulous and is beating out the other two, but I have to say that I have my concerns about construction and durability. And they're BIG. Sheesh! Purely from a design and comfort perspective the Momentum is the clear winner here IMO, but the M4U1 sure does sound sweet. Straight out of my Rockboxed iPod 5G playing FLAC it's very nice indeed. The bulky, plastic "cavemannishness" of them are kind of turning me off though...
    Does anyone else have the PSB? Care to weigh in?
  2. Curly21029


    Very happy to see another Head-Fier giving the PSBs a chance.  I've been trialling these against the M-100 and K550 and will be posting my thoughts shortly.
    As an aside, thank you dpippel for your contributions to various HF5 and ER-4P threads.  I've seen your name pop up quite a bit in my recent research and you've been most helpful in directing me toward an ideal IEM.
  3. swmtnbiker
    I've had limited time with them so haven't formed any firm opinion yet. I'm looking forward to your impressions, and I'm glad that some of my inane ramblings were helpful to you in your IEM search. Man, nothing ever truly dies on the Internet! :)
  4. DnB4Guy
    Here's a very good read on the M4U 1 compared to others in the same price-class/category. Tyll from Head-Fi seems to like the M4U 1 more than the M4U 2 at least according to this writing:
    edit: "So why the PSB M4U 1s? Every single listener ranked them either first or a close second. No other headphone came close to having such universal adoration."
    And yet, very very few people on Head-Fi know about them, so I thought I'd share some good press.
  5. tiohn
    I am surprised at the lack of discussion about these. I went to the local high-end audio store last week to buy a $15 pair of pads for my SR80 and walked out with a pair of PSB M4U 1. I had been trying out some of the higher end Grados to see if I felt any of them had noticeably improved sound out of my Fuze, and tried the M4U 1 on a whim as I was walking out the door. I was absolutely blown away and ended up listening to them for half an hour before walking out with a grey pair. My DT770 Pro 80 had been my go-to headphones for a couple years, but these utterly blow them away. The bottom end, while maybe (only maybe!) not quite as big, is much better defined, the highs are smoother, but the mids are where these truly shine compared to the DT770. The M4U 1, to me, is far more versatile, beautifully handling everything from Sleep's Dopesmoker to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's live recordings. The latter, in fact, now sound vastly better than I've ever experienced them. Whereas they felt mostly flat with the DT770, the M4U 1 makes them sound like I imagine they're meant to, full and immediate. Massive Attack's "Black Milk" is one of my favorite tracks for testing headphones, as most pairs completely fall down on that bass line. The DT770 had previously been the best I'd heard, but the PSBs easily surpass them. That extreme low end stays tight, while the mids aren't nearly as recessed, if at all, and the vocals are simply beautiful.
    All in all, they're extremely versatile and (currently) absolutely perfect for me. I hope more people here give them a shot.
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  6. Koolpep

    I just listened to them at my local hifi store. Man. I couldn't stop listening to them. I went through my whole testing playlist over and over again. They are amazing. I listened to them unamped from an iphone5 and don't want to now how good they will sound with my home and office setup. These are for sure my next headphones.

    They are versatile, detailed and fun. I couldn't find a single song I didn't like with them. After having tested that day the new Harman Kardon (arghh), Sennheiser Momentum and Amperior, the Focal Spirit One (really good), I thought I found my favorite with the Focal One. But no, after listening to the PSB M4U2 1 and 2 I know now that I really want these. They are so good.

    So it seems my HD598, HD239 and my Ultrasone Pro 750 won't get so much head time anymore.

    By the way, as open headphones go, the Yamaha HPH-200 is an absolutely bargain, aft having it for two weeks I can't stop listening to it.

    Now I just need to convince myself fully that I NEED another pair of headphones :wink:

  7. BillsonChang007
    HELLO ALL! [Sorry caps, but too happy to see this]

    HOOOOOOORRAYYYYYYYYYYY! Yep! M4U2 is definately one of my favorite headphone after trying it at a hi-fi shop. Really really nice! Hopefully someone can compare it to the SoundMagic HP-100! These PSB headphone are actually comparable to the K550 but that is when the K550 paired with an amp. PSB need no amp to sound good. Might as well be my next purchase :D

    So my favorite closed headphones are basically AKG K550, PSB M4U2/1. Open: HD598

    Billson :D
  8. BillsonChang007

    Not sure about the HD239 and PRO 750, but the HD598 lacking some DETAILS in the music to really shine and the PSB M4U2/1 does offer pretty good details in my opinion + it need no am amp to really shine! You need a better portable headphone :D

    Nah, just saying, nice collection you got there!
  9. Koolpep
    I just sold a Denon today and hope to sell another AKG tomorrow, so I could fund the PSB. I really really want this headphone.
    It has been a long time (after listening to an LCD-2 with a Woo Audio Amp) that I was really impressed with a headphone.
    How exciting. I really want to find out if the sound can even more improve with an icon HDP, Schiit Asgard or Schiit Valhalla.
    I hope I can report back in a few days.
  10. BillsonChang007

    Wow! That was extremely fast way to get that PSB! XD please do share here on your opinion for amping these PSB and how much different in between unamped and amped!

    Billson :D
  11. Dashstroyer
    The PSB M4U 1's are excellent. I have not listened to a better pair of closed headphones!
  12. Trunks159
    I agree. Only thing I've heard that I prefer to them is the kef m500.
  13. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Haven't heard the M4U 1, but I own the M4U 2 (and I suspect in passive mode, they are the same?). That said, I've owned the Momentums, MDR-1R, DT1350s and I like the PSB's the best.
  14. Bolardito

    For me is the opposite..only one able to top the Kef M500 is the PSB..actually they have a similar sound signature but the PSB have a wider soundstage
  15. AzNyCans
    They're incredible both amped and out of a DAP/smartphone. (I use the HTC One) Incredible performance, incredible value. Not sure why they're not talked about constantly. See my Review here:
    Happy Listening!
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