1. Zenrap518

    Warm-ish Amp and DAC Recommendations

    I have the PSB M4U 1 and while i think they sound great, i hear a bit of sibilance and sound break-up at louder volumes. This is a bit annoying, so i am wanting a warm and smooth solid state amp and dac to solve this. I have a budget of $200 USD, or $300 CAD (So no NFB-11.28). Also, it should be...
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    My Favourite headphones with the Bowers&Wilkins
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  9. prez

    Good Portable DAP for use with M4U1

    Hey everyone,   I ordered a set of M4U1 headphones, and have been wrestling with what DAP to go with as a good pair. I've been looking at x1-x5 fiio and dx50-90 ibasso so far.  But to be honest, I am lost in the reviews of all of them.  Maybe information overload at the moment.  My initial...
  10. keaggy220

    Introduction and Desktop Amp Recommendation

    I recently became addicted to high-end headphones.  I tired out the HiFiMan HE-400, the PSB M4U 1 and the Sennheiser HD 600.  I decided to go with the Sennheiser HD 600.  I felt that they gave a bit more all-around detail, were the most neutral and had the tightest bass.  I love them.  Now I'm...
  11. twjroe

    Newbie seeking advice!

    Hi,   I'm new to the site and new to the world of full size headphones. I was hoping people might be kind enough to offer some advice on what my first pair should be.   I've always appreciated good quality headphones and for most of the last decade have always opted for mid range...
  12. jackstack10

    Help me find velour earpads for my M4U1

    I just ordered the shure hp aec940 velour earpads for the psb m4u1, and they are way too big unfortunately as they are very comfortable compared to my leather stock ones.  Can anyone help me find a good pair that won't take away too much bass.  Please help!
  13. nicholars

    PSB M4U1 VS NAD HP50

    Few questions for anyone who has compared the two...   1) Which has the biggest / deepest pads? So my ears do not touch the driver, I have found this to be the downfall of a few headphones I have purchased due to ear ache after a couple of hours!   2) I read the NAD has less bass... Is this...
  14. canadian1296

    Need help choosing over-ear headphones under $300 for a variety of music

    Hello everyone, First off, I'm obviously new here and while I've read several topics this is my first post. Please bear with my lack of knowledge. I'm looking for over ear headphones, that must be closed back (I'll be using them around other people, sometimes in quiet places, so preventing...
  15. deviot

    What next from SRH440? Require more bass and possible amp in the future! Your knowledge is welcomed within :)

    Posted another thread but didn't get a reply so after some more research just would some of your knowledgeable opinions :) Decided I want to swap my new SRH440 (yay trail period) for something better. Highs and mids are great (acoustic, alternative rock) but I feel it is lacking with the lows...
  16. ev13wt

    What sound siganture do you prefer, and why?

    Hi, do you strive for a neutral reproduction or are you more of the "colored" sound type of guy? If you want to, state why. I am trying to reproduce a life performance or studio sound, so I prefer a neutral, flat type of sound. I want to hear everything balanced. Sometimes I'll bump the bass...
  17. sEmsextrEm

    Looking for some good closed headphones.

    I just tried out the Sennheiser HD 558's and they are the exact sound I'm looking for! But sadly they're open, and since I'm gonna be listening to these headphones in public a lot they aren't the best choice.   Could anyone recommend some closed headphones that have roughly the same sound as...
  18. viperlt86

    m4u 1 vs. a900x vs. t50rp

    I tried this post in the recommendations forum and got no help. So, I thought I would try here. I have recently made a little extra money and it is burning a hole in my pocket. So, I figure, what better way to get rid of it than spend it on headphone stuff! I currently have some 7506's that I...
  19. estasislas

    PSB M4U 2 vs. V-MODA Crossfade M-100

    I listen to EDM, and sometimes a bit of country and pop. Money is not a problem since I can get them for almost the same price (some sort of deal at my local store) I'll use them equally for both travelling and staying at home. Confort is a plus but not a must. Which one do you think suits my...
  20. ovoxtopszn

    Trying to decided between...

    im having a hard time deciding between the psb m4u 1's and akg 545/k551/k845 my budget is around $300 so i was wondering if the psb's are better than all three akg's i listed or if any of the akg's are better than the psb's would you mind giving your reasoning too? some qualities id prefer...
  21. ballard3

    PSB M4U1 vs. NAD VISO HP50

    Has  anyone had the chance to compare these hp's ? I can't find any detailed report (excluding Stereos test).   
  22. jmotyka

    Help buying $200-$300 Headphone.

    After trying to find an IEM that was perfect for me I have failed. I am wiping my hands clean from my search for iems. I would consider myself a beginner audiophile. I have a basic understanding of bass, mids, highs and soundstage. I am not a bass head per say but I do enjoy bass when...
  23. nixonexe

    Best headphones for under $350 give or take some.

    Hello, i'm new to Head-Fi and i'm looking for the best headphones for me for around $300 or so. I thought this would be the best place for me to start. I listen to almost all genres. Country, Alternitive, EDM, House, Dubstep, Trancestep, Rap/Hip Hop, smooth jazz, classical. You name it. I like...
  24. FrenchCanadian

    Sennheiser HD 650 Vs. PSB M4U 2

    Hi everyone, I want to buy my first good pair of headphone and I wanted some advice. I will be using these mostly to listen to music from my computer so I dont need them to be portable but I have a somewhat loud computer so I was wondering if i needed a noise cancelling headphone to enjoy the...
  25. Dashstroyer

    Any info on the PSB M4U 1?

    Does anyone know anything about this headset? Own it? Have listened to it? I can see the awesome reviews the PSB M4U 2 has obtained and not needing noise cancelling I am thinking about getting the new 1's. I live in fairly remote Australia though and have no opportunity to listen, I can not find...