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PSB M4U1 - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by swmtnbiker, Nov 13, 2012.
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  1. Zenrap518
    Alright, i just got my new PSB M4U 1 Headphones to replace my NAD Viso HP50's

    One Word: Amazing
    The comfort issues from my NAD's are completely solved and the sound stayed mostly the same, just with a bit more highs, which is fine. They are a bit heavy, but i don't mind. I'm just slightly worried that the durability of these HP's are bad but, i really dont think so. They feel well built. Also, i dont think i'll be changing the cable.

    The only cons i have are that the cables are sorta janky and twisted, which is kinda annoying and that they are made of plastic and that i hear popping sounds on the headphones themselves when i move them (not the music). Other than that, they are amazing :D image.jpg
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  2. Zenrap518
    Also, i tried to connect the 2 included cables together using a headphone splitter, sound pretty bad IMO... lol
    My splitter might be bad quality, but still, idk why the PSB's would sound worse with 2 cables, especially after what JWolf said about Y cables... xD

    Edit: Never mind... it sounds the same as 1 cable
  3. Aquanote
    best headphones I ever heard! (and I heard many, at least in my mind)

    they are ugly, plasticy, seem brittle and after 30 minutes or so they get uncomfortable for me. but they just sound so wonderful. no weaknesses, just a piece of art from top to bottom. why is there no beyer that sounds like this? :wink:

    really surprised that this gem isn't more popular, but maybe that's down to taste. My favorite taste for sure.
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  4. Bansaku
    The question is, why aren't more well established companies following Mr. Barton's lead, much like what the industry did with the loudspeaker? I am fairly confident there has never been a more researched headphone than the M4U 1, not even Focal or the mighty HD 800. You simply can not top utilizing a World renowned Government research centre coupled with a lifetime of passion and experience. While I am sure more refinements to the M4U 1 can be had, in my opinion they are the closest thing to what music is supposed to sound like. I can't wait for PSB's eventual open back model, which I assume will be called the M4U 3 (based on the missing number in the line-up); It will be a game changer, I am sure of it!
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  5. PossiblyMaybe
    At CES 2017, Paul Barton announced the PSB M4U 8. So, I'm guessing the idea is that the quality doubles with each release. :wink:

    Here's a brief video of Paul Barton showing them off:
  6. Bansaku
    Hmmmmm....... mixed feelings on this. Simply put, just give me a headphone and not all that other junk! I hope there is an M4U 7 pure analogue.
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  7. Toothless
    Ughh how I hate the new Head-fi layout ... :confounded:
    Anyway, both 4 of my pads are showing signs of deterioration. In your opinions what 3rd party pads will fit the most and provide minimum change to the sound (actually a bit more bass is very welcome): ATH M50, Sony MDR 7506, Brainwavz HM5?
    Update: Today I've discovered that the headband have developed some cracks along the extension joints. How should I prevent it from worsening?
    Last edited: May 29, 2017
  8. Zenrap518
    How would the O2/ODAC pair with the PSB M4U 1? The PSB's have a bit of sibilance to me (and it kinda shows in the freq. response graph with a peak at around 8k) and i have heard of people saying that the O2/ODAC combo is a bit bright. Will thos combo sound good? I have an OCC cable coming from eBay which may fix the sound break-up and sibilance like Bansaku and diamondears have said. I have a budget of $200 USD for the Amp/Dac
  9. Zenrap518
    RMA them.
  10. Toothless
    If only life was that easy.. I have used mine way past the date of guarantee.
  11. Zenrap518
    I just got my OCC Cable and i think it worked. Im hearing a bit less sibilance/stridence, but the sound still breaks up at louder volumes, but i found you that positioning the PSB's with the cups forward and your ears near the back of the cups, it reduces the treble and makes it Perfect.
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  12. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I was just gifted a M4U1 in pristine condition by a very generous head-fi friend. Currently enjoying these driven by a Mojo. Very impressive headphone and I owned the HP50 before and going by memory I prefer the PSB a little. I would like to use them out and about, and likely will, but they do look odd when on. I live in the city where all the research was done that underpins these headphones. It is nice to know that my little sleepy city has actually had some significant impact in the world of speaker design. Anyway, enough flag waving (I'm actually not at all into nationalism) this is a very nice headphone, it might lack a tad of clarity through the upper bass lower mids, but it compensates with a nice deep richness and some solid impact. Great little portable. I know I will keep my eye on the new wireless in the pipelines. For true portable use I vastly prefer wireless and feel the sound quality is essentially indistinguishable from wired.
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  13. Zenrap518
    Anyone know how well the Schiit Stack 2 pairs with the PSB M4U 1 and how it affects the sound?
  14. JWolf
    The cable I am using is a custom cable and it sounds good. It's a Y cable. It does sound better then the cable that comes included. The cable I have is an OCC cable with the parts gotten from eBay at a very reasonable price.
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  15. JWolf
    If you are. looking at the Schiit Stack 2 ad w headphone amp, you don't need to. The PSB is very easy to drive. The PSB fits well with many DACs (without the need for an external amp) because it is so easy to drive.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2017
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