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PSB M4U1 - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by swmtnbiker, Nov 13, 2012.
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  1. goodyfresh
    Are you confusing "sibilance" and "stridence" by any chance?  They are often confused by folks.  Sibilance is when things sound "lispy," with over-accentuated "sssss" sounds or even "ss" sounds that sound like "th" instead.  Stridence is when treble/upper-mids peaks are too piercing and painful.
    Anyway, if you're talking about sibilance, this is nice to know (i.e. that a better cable will eliminate the sibilance issue), and makes me possibly reconsider the M4U 1 instead of the Sony MDR-1A. . .the main reason, sound-wise, I was planning to get the MDR-1A instead, is because of the sibilance I heard when testing the M4U 1.  On the other hand, the MDR-1A is still FAR better than the M4U 1 in terms of build, portability, and comfort. . .and portability is very important to me right now.  So I'm still not sure what I'll choose in the end.
  2. diamondears
    I highly recommend Oyaide PCOCC-A headphone stereo 3.5-3.5mm cable. Adds more lower frequency amount and detail, and makes the sibilance and overall stridents more realistic (thus taming it a bit).
  3. goodyfresh

    Ehhh, I'm probably not going to bother, since I'm probably going to get the MDR-1A instead of the M4U 1, at least for now (I need something truly portable, and also with sturdy build and good comfort), and unlike the M4U 1 the MDR-1A comes with VERY high-quality included cables :p

    Thanks for the advice though!

    Also, as spare headphone cables I am somewhat partial to the ones from V-Moda.  They are very durable, and nice and cheap :)
  4. diamondears
    What makes the MDR-1A more portable than the M4U1? The M4U1 is foldable also, and comes with a semi-hard case. It's light, and its designed the way it is in order to have a really good seal on the ears.
  5. goodyfresh
    I get all that.  However, the M4U 1 is designed for "portability" in the sense of TRANSPORTING it, not in the sense of being abel to wear it while walking around.  It is big and heavy and clunky, more-so than what I'd like in a pair of portables.
  6. diamondears
    Its more Beats-like in terms of portability.
  7. goodyfresh

    AND in terms of build-quality *shudders*
  8. nk126
    It's a big-ass set of cans. I've worn mine while commuting (riding bus, walking to/from) and it's not a particularly fun experience.
  9. goodyfresh

    LOL, not fun because of how unwieldy it is, or not fun because of the weird looks from people?
  10. nk126
    Unwieldy. I mean, it's not unbearable, but they're clunkers and I notice it. 
    I don't care about the weird looks, but I'm also super aware of how other cans look cool and these really don't. That's subjective, but also I could see somebody saying - for instance - "The Senny Momentums aren't my thing, style-wise, but they're well-executed." I can't imagine anybody saying, "I don't like the PSB's design, but they really executed their style vision quite nicely." Nope.
    That said, I do find them comfortable. I have a big head, and they fit nicely and provide a good seal.
    THAT said, I'm probably going to sell them b/c I'd like to find more of a flat monitor sound signature. Either that or just use my IEMs all day. 
  11. goodyfresh
    Yeahhhh see I'm definitely just gonna go with the Sony MDR-1A.  It's much less clunky, much cooler looking, and miuch more truly portable for walking around town.  In fact, it weighs only 225 grams without the cable. . .awesome!
  12. diamondears
    Well, different people have different priorities, I guess. HPs were invented so you can bring your sound outside your home or so as not to disturb others, with looks only an afterthought. I'm willing to bet Paul Barton had this same mindset. The Sonys are just not at par with the PSB on SQ IMO.
  13. goodyfresh
    The looks ARE only an afterthought for me.  It's the portability that I care about.  The PSB are way heavier, and bigger/clunkier in terms of actual size.  They also aren't as comfortable.
    Also, while they do beat the Sonys in MOST areas of SQ, they are more sibilant, which I do not like.
  14. nk126
    I've been sick for the past few days with a sore throat and aches/mild fever. My left ear hurts, and as such the idea of putting my IEMs in my canals sounds awful. So I've been listening to my M4U1s all morning at my desk, listening mainly to a Yacht Rock playlist of mine on Spotify. 
    Definitely enjoying these cans more the softer the music is. For tracks that are heavy on acoustic guitars and vocals and light on bass and heavy kick drums, they're quite nice. Great resolution and detail retrieval. Clear tone and good treble. 
    I've just been finding I don't like them as much for anything with a groove. The bass becomes too much. 
    Anyone know of a good - ideally free - EQ program for OS X? Spotify desktop doesn't have EQ. I'd like to try cutting the bass a little to see if I can find a sound I like out of these maamajammas for other types of music.  Thx.
  15. Bansaku
    Unfortunately there are no free system wide EQ programs for OS X. You only have two choices; Hear or Boom.
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