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PSB M4U1 - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by swmtnbiker, Nov 13, 2012.
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  1. Planarman

    Just for the record, compared to the Psb's, hp-50's clearly have MORE bass. I actually think they have a little too much and that takes away a little from the high end clarity. The m4u1's bass is tighter and doesn't detract from other frequencies. In fact, because of that, I've sold my Nad's and only use the Psb's now because they're simply better balanced across all frequencies and therefor more accurate.
  2. Star2806
    Maybe I got a defective pair of nads, they were open box ones on discount from ebay.  They were DEFINITELY bass light.
  3. diamondears
    Funny, but one of my NADs also became bass light as it got older. Especially in the mid bass. Anyone knows what's happening? Driver got looser? Too soft a diaphragm?
  4. goodyfresh

    It's also possible that the pads have stiffened or somehow changed in terms of how they seal around your ears.  If the seal is no longer as effective that will decreaes the bass-response.
  5. bigro
    I have Had My Eyes on these for a While.... Trigger Pulled On an Open box M4U 1 with  from an online retailer with full warranty and a 50 discount under the Amazon Price. How Could I say no? Well I said no at first. Then I started reading this thread.
    Thank Guys. The Head Fi Peer pressure is very hard to overcome. [​IMG]
  6. DnB4Guy
    Here's hoping you will enjoy your new cans as much as the many who already have them. I've got the M4U 2, but I listen primarily on my PC with the amp off, so for the most part it's essentially a M4U 1 with some additional weight.
    I also don't notice the sibilance that some do, but I don't listen to music with vocals, so I don't hear any lisssssping. I'm curious about it though, as I have nothing but good things to say about Paul (& Sue) Barton products (FYI for the folks who think it's Paul S Barton...the S is for Sue, his wife and not his middle initial) and that's something I've not yet heard.
    I am positive that the end of your week (assuming you'll get them this week) will sound much better than the beginning of it.
  7. Bansaku
    Never A/B a pair of IEM and then a pair of anything, let alone over-ear. The issue you are experiencing is because of the close proximity of the IEM to your eardrum; You ears are literally in recovery mode after listening. Think of it like drinking wine that has a strong after taste, the immediately drinking a lighter, smoother wine. How can you judge the second wine when you still are tasting the first?
    You have to cleans the ear pallet (so to speak), meaning you can't jump to the M4U 1 after you had the ER4s blasting in you ears. The same thing occurs when I listen to my Momentums and immediately switch to the M4U 1; the bass is non-existent. Or if I listen to my T70 before hand, the M4U 1 sound like my Panasonic RTF600; the detail seemingly disappears. The same thing happened to you and the mids/treble after your ears have experienced what I call the IEM phantom effect, and because of the ER4s flanged tips you ears may have well have had yellow shop plugs in all day.
    So all in all, give your ears a break (cleanse the pallet) before A/B any two pairs of cans.
  8. goodyfresh

    Good point, especially the part about how with the flange tips the ER4's insert far deeper into the ear-canal than most other IEM's.

    In fact, I'm noticing the same effect this very moment!  I just removed my Shure SE215 IEM's and put on my V-Moda M-80's instead, since I don't need isolation at the moment, and for the first couple minutes the M-80s seemed to sound much crappier than I remembered!
  9. bigro
    Thanks, They Have been shipped but there is no estimate of delivery date on the usps website yet. Amazon Prime has spoiled me. I would have been going home today to find a mystical box that smiles back at me when I walk up the stairs to the house.  I have PSB sub woofers so they are no secret to me. PSB making Cans were a surprise though.
    The Sibilance is a bit of a concern. It does not seem to be a deal breaker for most Hopefully it does not scare me off like the Grado sound. I have a hard time with the mid/high bump . They sounded very good otherwise but my ears have a hard time with it. Then I again I can hear those supposedly silent battery powered insect repellents that use a high frequency to repel insects. It is Possible I may be more sensitive to certain frequencies. Which disappointments me because I really like everything about the Grado cans otherwise. I have heard the higher end ones can be better but ill have to demo first.
    The biggest thing that caught my attention was PSB's are set of  closed cans with the promise of sounding close to an open can with image and sound stage. I have always listened to music on 2 ch setups so i appreciate a wide sound stage and good imaging. I have been doing more listening at my desk with my M50x's (Schiit modi 2 Uber --> Schiit Vali)  they are not slouches at their price range and ill keep em around but as things always Go in audio just when you think you are content the upgrade bug bites you and infects you with upgraditis. Ill report back when I get the PSB's and have had some time to get to know them.
  10. Planarman

    As a former owner of Grado 325e's, here's what I can tell you. The m4u1's give you everything you wished the Grados did. They give you closed back for travel, and as ugly as they are, they're not as ugly as Grados. They give you the same treble clarity but without the extreme sibilance and they give you the bass that you wish Grados had. They won't sound as open as an open-back can in terms of soundstage, but they're the most open I've ever heard for a closed-back design.
    Here's another area where Psb's destroy Grados. The Psb's sound good no matter what you throw at it. Try listening to dubstep with Grados, it's not just bad it's borderline offensive.
    Psb's are one of the most balanced headphones I've ever heard and they give out an extremely natural sound that should cost over $600. You just can't really do much better unless you're willing to spend over a $1000. They've replaced my Athm-50's, Nad Viso's, Grado 325e's and my Oppo pm-3's and I've never looked back.
    And just for the record, I don't think the Nad's are in the same league as the Psb's and I don't think they share the same sound signature. Psb's are just so balanced and neutral with clarity in all frequency ranges. Nothing is lost. The Nad's are NOT neutral but have too much bass emphasis and too much treble roll off. They sound bland, and dynamically much smaller because of overpowering lows and recessed highs.
    Anyway, enjoy your Psb's, you couldn't have made a better choice. They're simply awesome! (I do reccomend better cables though, the included ones are crap).
  11. diamondears
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  12. bigro
    Just Picked Them up at the post office today.I have been running them for a few hours on my desktop setup at work. (Schiit Modi2U and Schiit Vali). And no I am home using my fiio X3 II as my source.
    Initial Impressions. Seems like too much plastic until you realize that those hinges are better than some of the cabinet doors in the house. there seems to be more than enough metal where it counts. The extra Ear Pads are nice. Very Nice case. Yeah Big and Ugly. But this is a case of function over form. They are about as comfortable as My ATH M50x's. The pads do create good seal  and is sill tolerable when wearing glasese.  the weight does not bother me much either.
    Out of the box I am very very impressed. the lows are nice and controlled the highs are very clean. I agree the balance is very nice. But Damn the detail of the higher frequencies without the distortion is impressive. I tried a monster cable with balanced double blah blah buzzword, buzzword. And yes I agree the stock cable is crap. Even this $9 cable decreased what little siblance there is and brought out a little more punch on the low end. the fancy one someone recommend earlier on the thread earlier from amazon is on my list. I decided to try the siblance test from hell. Bollywood music. (Long story short, Great grand parents were from India.) if you want to talk about high frequencies that can make tweeters rattle like a spray can. I have heard Some of these songs take speakers that sounded very good and just tear them apart. Flutes, violins, Sitars and very high pitched female vocals. The PSB's make them sound better!!!! The Grados just made it unbearable for me. There are some old recordings that I though were just ok. But they actually sound good in these cans. I have Listened to Hip Hop, Rock Country, Electronic, reggea and yes they handle just about everything well so far. I am still on these Indian Songs. Might be for a while. Ill give them more time to burn in and settle down. but I am so far very happy with what I am hearing.
  13. Bansaku
    Welcome to the M4U 1 Club! I always enjoy reading a first impression that mirrors my own almost to a T.
    Lately I have been giving my other headphones one last go (selling them all but my Momentums, HD598, and PSB) so I have been neglecting my M4U 1 for a good couple of months. My last headphone I had been listening to before picking up the PSBs again was the beyerdynamic T 70, and all I can say is that the M4U 1 destroys them in terms of frequency detail, sound-space, layering, and overall transparency. Tesla be damned, PSB on their first go made a dynamic driver that easily trumps 80 years of German R&D! Not to mention the absolute command of the internal dampening; there is no bloat, bleed, odd resonance or strange/inaccurate standing waves. It's akin to listening to hi-end studio monitors in a sound booth.
  14. bigro
    Damnit. I just got my M50x's out of my back pack I just stuffed them Back in their case. They sounded bland with even the most lively parts of the song compared to the M4U 1. Next up the "travel cans" I got on a lightning deal for $50 The Harmon Kardon CL's. I actually like these cans they handle highs well and overall are fairly well balanced and I think even better than their current SOHO line. Hell I fell asleep listening to them last night. The range just seems so much smaller that the PSB's. Almost Like some one is standing in front the speaker. Where have these cans been all my life????  I home staring at my Main setup. (tube preamp, Monitors etc and yes a PSB Sub) which is where I go when I want a smile on my face but i cant peel these things off my head !!!   Mr. Barton on his first go round in the Headphone arena has knocked it out of the park.
  15. diamondears
    Ha. Yup. Exactly my thoughts when I first got them. Wirecutter.com is one honest gear review site.
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