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PSB M4U1 - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by swmtnbiker, Nov 13, 2012.
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  1. bigro
    Bansaku. Those look real nice. Good work. My Ears are all perked up like when My Dog sees the treat jar. Is it possible to provide some links to wear I can find the parts por favor?
  2. Bansaku
    eBay! As for the plugs, there are a variety to choose from and they are always fluctuating in price. It depends on if you want to spend $1 for generic or $10 for fancy ones that have a brand name on the side, it's your call.
    On a similar note, I was doing some pricing on how much a similar pre-fab OCC 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable costs, and they start at $40 for a 2" 'headphone amp' interconnect. They also have silver-plated OCC interconnects.
    Coincidentally, I picked up a 6N OCC silver plated hybrid cable from the same seller as my previous cable:
    (the same seller also has the same cable with a more robust sleeve for a few dollars more)
    Honestly, it is still early to tell as I just finished this new cable last night, but I am not liking it as much as the pure OCC cable. While the hybrid cable offers the same increase in speed, detail, and smoothness, it doesn't seem to have the same synergy. Sub-bass quantity is one notch lower (apparent while listening to Chesky's 'Heartbeat' track) while the treble quantity is stepped up a notch. The mid-range also seems thicker. If I were to make a comparison, the OCC cable sound like a solid state amp while the OCC-Silver hybrid sound more tube-like. However, that is my opinion based off from my preference so if this sounds appealing to you go for it! The cheapest pre-fab OCC-Silver hybrid interconnects using the same quality of materials and same 'specs' hover around $120, so saving $100 is always good if you are up to experimenting.
    edit: Be mindful of how each lead is soldered and if possible use a multi-meter to double check. The fellow who wired up the cable must have been the same guy who did my SR60i; The red and blue wires are soldered on to the wrong ring on the plug. No big deal, but I almost started to think I had a dud until I checked with my multi-meter.
    edit 2: Sweet, this is my 400th post. My how a year flies by! [​IMG]
  3. JWolf
    Re: balanced cable
    I've tried a makeshift balanced cable using my PSB M4U 2. I took a headphone splitter and connected both cables that came with the PSB and yes, I agree with Bansaku that it does improve the sound. It even improves the sound in amplified mode. I would highly recommend trying it. You'll be surprised. I know I was. It takes the PSB headphones up another level.
  4. nk126
    FYI, I'm selling my M4U-1 if anybody's interested.
  5. Bansaku
    Fantastic! I am always glad to hear that others are hearing what I hear.
    Like all the cables I have tried (made) in the past, I always go into it with low expectations (for every success there are multiple failures). I am quite happy with the fruits of my labour, and more than pleased to help out fellow PSB owners get the most out of their fantastic cans!
    Edit: And one again, I have to reiterate that PSB really dropped the ball on the cable. It's like buying a Cadillac CTS only to find out that the tires are $75 each with a buy 3 get 1 free deal from Fountain Tire. Adding a new cable is like adding better tires; It won't change the road, but it sure will make the car perform better on it.
  6. JWolf
    I wonder if the folks over at PSB even know about using a balanced cable with the PSB headphones. Maybe someone should drop them a line and let them know.
  7. Bansaku

    I am tempted.  [​IMG]
  8. richard51
    I want to congratulate you for your superb and interesting review....thanks [​IMG]
  9. bigro
    Bansaku you just gave me a winter project to add to the list. Although I have the tendency to go over board on nice parts and then realize I can buy it pre made for a few dollars more. I have a question and maybe I missed this. Did you have to mod the internal wiring of the M4U 1?
  10. Bansaku

    Great question. Short answer, no. However a part of the signal from the return channel will kind of do a loop around the internal wires because even though the left and right signals are going directly to each driver, technically the negative from each side will be still connected. (wow that was a long sentence) Not a problem, but when I unplug a side leaving one channel connected, I can hear an echo in the disconnected side. I believe this is due to a ghosting effect caused by the internal wires. I am still 50/50 on this theory, and in all honesty (especially of late) I have been really tempted to open them up and snip the wires. The only thing stopping me is the fact I still have 1 year of warranty left.
  11. pbeg7
    I've had these for about 4 months now. Like everyone is saying, the sound is amazing. So lush, dynamic with excellent imaging. One thing strange I've noticed is that after an hour and a half roughly roughly listening at quite moderate levels, I feel sort of deaf afterwards (whic is some cases continued into the next day), lol? Haven't experienced this with any other headphones before. Is strange
  12. Bansaku

    This is what I call the Rock Concert effect. The M4U 1 creates such a tight seal that your ears have to re-adjust to the difference in air pressure when you take them off. I got the same feeling when I used to listen to IEMs with Comply foam tips. As for you feeling it the next day on occasion, I too sometimes experience this but I chalk it up to the environment more-so than the PSB's fault; More times than not my barometer reads high(er) air pressure than normal. Sometimes I am just stuffy because of the furnace. But that's just me.
    Edit: What do you consider moderate volume? Myself, it is -32dB (give or take depending on the recording) or one notch over half (give or take) on iOS.
  13. pbeg7
    Thanks mate - that's what I was thinking re:air pressure. Has been bugging bugging but I figured it couldn't possibly be PSB's fault (uniquely anyway). Cheers!
  14. pbeg7
    Decibel-wise I really don't know exactly. It'll be the same perceived volume as I listen to my momentum in ears I don't experience this.

    Edit: man does this forum not work well on BlackBerry os re: my bad typing.
  15. pbeg7
    This post got me very excited. Is there any after-market cable you can suggest. Anything similar to the one you constructed? I'm not exactly an electrical engineer - though my dad is. Would you be able to give me some instruction about how to do this?
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