Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by noremedy, Jan 5, 2009.
  1. DJtheAudiophile
    400DB753-FF78-44FA-9960-599665FF1CB4.jpeg 50EC7CDB-93E3-4013-814A-C23A7A89BA06.jpeg 0FF7422D-5AC2-4180-9661-8ADADD77A8B1.jpeg
    Apple - iMac
    Chord Electronics - Mojo
    AudioQuest - Black Pearl Standard To Micro USB Cable
    AudioQuest - Toslink Mini Adapter
    AudioQuest - Forest Optical
    AudioQuest - Evergreen Audio Interconnect
    Logitech - x530 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers
    Compacts Discs Imported To Waveform Audio File Format
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  2. penmarker
    That stack of CDs is making me nervous. You might want to get some more CD racks.
    Just looking out for ya buddy
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  3. jasonho
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  4. Audman71
    Technically this is my dad's setup, but I use it frequently:




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  5. kid vic
    Asus VN289 on a stand
    Dynaudio BM6's on Marble stands
    Beresford Caiman DAC
    Wireless Logitech mouse and Trackpad
    Bitfenix Pandora case
    8GB DDR3 ram
    AMD FX4100
    Kingston 120GB SSD
    1TB seagate HDD
    Thermaltake cooler

    Pictures of headphones and component rack coming soon
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  6. hakka
    Just finished this one:


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  7. Letmebefrank
    Looks great, what case? I see corsair 780t and a rog badge but I don't remember them doing a case together.
  8. hakka
    Its a Corsair Graphite 780t, the ROG badge is an add on, i think i got it with a graphics card or motherboard.
  9. Letmebefrank
    Cool, nice placement, looks stock. That's a great case as well, almost bought one but settled on the 760t instead.
  10. Letmebefrank
    I recently made a psu shroud for my 760t, I think it does wonders for the looks.
  11. hakka
    That looks good, i’ve been thinking about adding a shroud.
  12. Letmebefrank
    Thanks it was super easy to make. Hardest part was doing the carbon fiber wrap without screwing it up.
  13. Dawnrazor
    Here is the Cics memory player which is basically a custom built computer that replaces most of windows and only plays music. The clicking is my amp turning on when it senses the computer. All navigation and volume control is controled by the scroll wheel:

  14. DJtheAudiophile
    They all fell down a few days ago.
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  15. stuck limo
    Kind of the same but re-arranged room and new Adam A77x:

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