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Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by noremedy, Jan 5, 2009.
  1. Hyp0xia
    Aside from the fact that they're plugged into the second set of RCA outs on a Schiit Gungnir Multibit, they're not exactly audiophile material, but I like them. I'm mostly a headphone guy, but the Miccas are fine when I need a short break from headphones. They're pretty small, so that's the main reason I went with the Miccas. There's also a powered version of them, the PB42X. For the money, both of them, powered or passive, beat just about anything you'll pick up off an endcap at your local electronics retailer. You just have to have realistic expectations.
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  2. Oscar-HiFi
    Yeah I understand :) They would also be for when I want a break from headphones, and the size looks perfect for a desktop solution. Thanks
  3. Letmebefrank
    I also use the Micca MB42X, powered by a SMSL SA-50, for when I don't feel like wearing headphones at my desk. They sound great for the price & size. I also have a Dayton sub-800 for the low-end, and for < $250 it's a great sounding setup.
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  4. Left Channel
    I have the latest (Mk III) and they are an amazing value. I love their clarity, but they do need a subwoofer.
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  5. Hyp0xia
    I don't even use mine with a subwoofer. If you're listening to a lot of music on them or watching action movies, then I would probably agree, but I typically save any serious listening for my headphones and watch movies on my home theater setup. The MB42Xs mostly play YouTube videos and some non-competitive gaming, so I think the need for a subwoofer depends on use case. No speakers built into your monitor will ever come anywhere close to the MB42X, so they serve their purpose with or without a subwoofer, I think.
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  6. Letmebefrank
    I spent a decent amount of time tweaking the crossover and volume on the sub to mesh with the Miccas. The bass isn't any louder than with just the Miccas, it just goes much lower.
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  7. Left Channel
    Agreed, the Micca MB42X speakers are great for news, talk, and YouTube in ways that many music speakers are not, while still performing well with music too. A subwoofer enriches the sound, but they don't need much from it. I mostly use headphones too, of course. That's why I'm hear. I mean, here.
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  8. davidland
  9. Trihexagonal
    Here's a shot of my FreeBSD powered Thinkpad X61 with 4:3 screen ratio that serves solely as the music source to my vintage stereo:

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  10. Mellowship
    My rig. Not quite high end as most posted here, just a humble budget solution, with the FiiO x3ii as DAC, my DIY amp and the ATH-M50.
  11. Dawnrazor
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  12. stuck limo
    Fantastic! I love Uriah Heep!
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  13. PlanBSTI

    Currently Bravura X-Fi> Lepy 2020a > Pioneer sp-bs22-lr

    Picking Fulla 2 soon hopefully.

    Fulla 2 > Lepy > SP-BS22

    Entry setup nothing special.
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  14. Letmebefrank
    I like it, simple and functional. Really like the Porsche wallpaper too.
  15. MooTaters
    Image broken for anyone else?
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