Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by noremedy, Jan 5, 2009.
  1. koven Contributor
    Is that a dorm room..?
  2. Baird GoW
    I live at a fire station, yes it is.
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  3. dualsyste

    Speakers: KEF LS50W connected via Lavricables dual head USB cable and Surface Dock
    Computer: Surface Book 2
    Totoros: Limited Edition from Ghibli Museum
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  4. skwoodwiva
    20180420_042248_2.jpg IMG_20180420_043551.jpg
    Banned for a week from SS!
    Look what I do not talking to them! Cathartic... 20180420_042659_2.jpg
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  5. kid vic
    I got a chance to see the real Murakami painting while its hear in Vancouver! the whole exhibit is cool too
  6. dualsyste
    Murakami is one of my idols, very unique dude. I picked up this cloth from the recent Doraemon exhibit in Tokyo (20+ artists doing their take on Doraemon). Not a cheap buy (~$100USD) but I feel like it was a bargain!
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  7. fun4lyf
    No computer setup is finished until this plays on full audio... test ur bass here babes
  8. JayceOoi
    Nice. My desk can't be this clean. :p
  9. riffrafff
    "A clean desk is a sign of a cluttered desk drawer." -- Mark Twain
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  10. gimmeheadroom
    Thanks. Now I feel like less of an idiot for having two desks in my living room. It seems I never have enough flat space for all the equipment...
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  11. slex
  12. NCSUZoSo
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  13. townes
    That's my desktop rig:
    - PC (water cooled, very silent, Asus Z170 board, CaseLabs case, JCAT USB card) --> DAC USB input
    - Auralice Aries --> DAC XLR input

    DAC: Crane Song Solaris Quantum
    Excellent DAC, has two balanced outputs!

    - XLR (variable) --> Genelec 8341
    - XLR (fixed) --> Violectric 281 --> Sennheiser HD 800S

    Genelec speakers are calibrated (GLM 3)

    - Roon
    - foobar2000

    What else:
    - Silverstone monitor riser (which is a perfect fit for the Solaris DAC and the Eizo screen)
    - Audio Exklusive base to provide further isolation for the speakers from the desk
    - Power: Furman PS-8RE III

    DSC_3584small.jpg DSC_3571small.jpg
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  14. senator52
    Very nice setup! That tower is enormous, how do you like it?

    I've been pondering a CaseLabs/Watercooled build, just to experiment with watercooling more than anything.
  15. DJtheAudiophile
    Added some new toys.

    28516541_227234054516890_3041816967840026114_o.jpg 29425323_232735953966700_4578297634158018560_o.jpg
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