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Philips Fidelio X2 : A Review by Baycode

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by baycode, Aug 5, 2014.
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  1. Danseph

    This is the kind of response that makes me fall in love with this forum. Thank you so much for your great answer.
  2. Tyll Hertsens Contributor
    Driving the X2 with a high Zout amp will be technically an incorrect thing to do. Bass slam will reduce; the impedance peak at 60Hz will increase bass response there slightly, but also make it looser.
    That said, every case, both regarding the amp/headphone pairing and that listeners preference, will be different and some people will like the likely overly sweet, yummy result.
    I thought it was important to bring up the subject in the review because it's one of those things that a lot of novices wouldn't think about when reading the review, especially since there were comparisons with the HD 600.
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  3. mindbomb
    I think I see some parallels between the fidelio x2 and the audio technica ad900x. Both seem to have departed from the more flat curve of their predecessors in similar ways, in terms of their performance at high frequencies.
  4. bikt
    So today I received my X2 from amazon.it and have been listening for an hour now. I can confirm they are really musical, great for movies(because of those deep voices), but those praised X1 basses... I can't find them and that makes me worried. The only basses i get feel's so distant it doesn't give nowhere near the effect which you would get from sub woofer(miles and miles away). It's hard to believe that after burn-in basses could be better.
    Comparing with my Senns HD 515 - X2 are way less comfortable, much more heavy (although there is plenty of space for any size head), at the moment headphones grip feels really hard, if i won't get used to it my cheek bones will start to hurt after another hour(ok i'm thinking my cheek bones are starting to adapt to pressure), I think my Senns are 150ohm and X2 are 30ohm, but Senns on 20% volume are as loud as X2 on 100%, for me it's strange, will be searching for dac/amp combo soon.
    Test Specifications:
    Multimedia laptop,
    foobar 2000,
    flac songs (Adele, Limp Bizkit, The Rasmus),
    X-Men: First class mp4 movie,
    So my first musical impression:
    Highs - 9;
    Mids - 9;
    Basses - 3/6;(I rate basses 3, but because I have little competence in this sphere I think that 6 would be fairer)
    Please don't be offensive to me and sorry for my "Englando".
  5. vizzle
    Wait for it, X1 at first have weak bass but after burin to much for my taste.....so just wait for it and report again after minimum 50h please. BTW when did you order? They are saying out of stock now.
  6. Vartan
    but HD 515 is 50 ohm, if I'm right.
  7. bikt

    Hey! Thanks for keeping my hopes up, I ordered it 2014-09-21.
  8. vizzle
    You keep my hopes that I will be not waiting to November....hope so. Hope you expect good bass not basshead mess? What I expect is nice good bass inline, nothing let say "beats" style. For me X1 -3dB in bass will be what I need....hope they deliver.
  9. rudyae86

    Same thing happend to me the first time i tried my x1...after several hours of burn in...everything has already changed.

    I miis my x1 :frowning2:

    But soon the x2 will be mine hehe
  10. DoctaCosmos
    Dear Phillips,
  11. Baycode
    I am now having shivers down on my spine. I think I found my best tube combo for driving the X2 through DV336SE. Front favorite didn't changed, still the Psvane CV181 TII, but back tube is now a 1948 JAN RCA 6AS7G.
    In two weeks I'll be receiving my custom triple Cryoed %99.99 copper AudioMinor upgrade cable with Cryoed 3.5mm jacks and hope to  reach another level of perfection.
  12. CoiL
    Please explain what was improved with that tube upgrade? About cable sound upgrade I`m quite skeptical due to stock cable already having low impedance and good sound.
  13. Baycode
    I can only do a short comparo with the Zaerix (which is possibly produced by Sovtek or Mullard); bass hits tighter and slightly harder with Zaerix whereas it is slightly softer with 48 JAN RCA. But overall sound is more pleasant and more refined with better micro-details with 48 JAN RCA. Imaging, soundstage width, height and depth are equal. With Zaerix sound is livelier/vivid whereas with 48 JAN RCA its slightly more refined with certainly better sense of atmosphere/microdetails. You sink more in to music.... When you reach a near-perfection level with your components your brain starts to tell you "THAT's IT", and this tube brought me to that feeling... That's all...
    My ear-meal for tonight :wink:
    jadehawk likes this.
  14. Lorspeaker
    nice artsy chocolate coated fotos ...!!
    u have clearer fotos on the 48s.....is the construction similar to typical RCAs...where is your NIKON? :p
    did u say TRIPLE cryo-ed? tripled frozen...wooooo....thats gonna be icy smooooth. ..?
    awaiting your feedback on the cable .
  15. Baycode
    Will post you Lors :wink:
    Yes frozen (down to -192°C ) and heated to room temp then frozen again for 3 times.
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