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Philips Fidelio X2 : A Review by Baycode

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by baycode, Aug 5, 2014.
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  1. audiomonte
    Love the review... and also really nice pictures! :)
    Me too!
  2. pool275
    guys.. if I own a X1 do you think that I will feel a real upgrade with X2? AMP: Lovely Cube Premium, DAC: V-DAC.
  3. AnalogSavior
    That is a definite...maybe, and I can't guarantee the upgrade will be real.  It may in fact be a completely fake upgrade.
    Serious answer, its not available in many places yet, so no one can really answer that.  Even still, without trying them yourself, there is no way of knowing if it meets your standards for an upgrade.
  4. waynes world
    Assuming you are mainly talking about SQ, it depends on your preferences and whether or not you feel that the different sound characteristics are an upgrade for you.
  5. willyvlyminck
    if you want more deep bass yes, that is about the only thing that has changed
  6. rudyae86
    ^^^^^i think theres more to just deeper bass.......
  7. willyvlyminck
    You don't have to take my word, you can visit the Philips website and compare both models.
  8. waynes world
    I think that we really need to wait for more X2 impressions and for more X1/X2 comparisons from people actually hearing them.
  9. Bugattikid2012

    Can you provide links?  I can't find the X2 on Philips's website. 
    I'm looking into buying either the Sennheiser HD 598 or the X1, unless the X2 adds something worthy of sound quality.  I am yet to find any sound improvements on the X2 other than angled drivers, different cable (easily fixable on X1 as previously mentioned), and something with dampering.  Whichever I get will be my first audiophile grade headphones.  As are the rest of us, I am awaiting a comparison review of the X1 and X2, and I'm hoping that it comes soon. 
    Long story short, I was forced to reinstall my OS due to stupid network drivers, and now my old headset software doesn't work (hit or miss with it apparently).  Logitech's support is utterly useless.  I told them my headset was the G430, and described my issues, yet they got literally every detail I gave them wrong, and aren't responding to my follow up emails. They're supposed to know their products well, however they put the 430 down as wireless lol. 
    Anyways, I'm planning on getting the Sound Blaster Z card, and I'm going to use these headphones for gaming and music primarily.  Sound stage is key, as I'm gaming.  Positional audio is a huge factor in my buy.  I love bass, not to where it's overwhelming, but I like it slightly higher than neutral.  This headphone sound right up my alley, I can't wait until they become available in the US!
  10. rudyae86

    Have you read Tyll's review? I mean, im sure theres more reviews coming out later this year but there are several improvements other than just the "deeper bass". It is a very similar headphone compared to the x1 but for the very educational ear, it may be a worthy upgrade. Not just that but the replacable earpads and better headband are some good reasons to purchase the x2 over the x1....that is if u dont own the x1....that alone shoud be sufficient enough to actually go for the x2.

    I guess like someone said...wait for more reviews to see what others have to say.

    Just by saying it has deeper bass...makes me think you didnt read the review within this thread or the review from Tyll.

    Just saying because he didnt just say "it has deeper bass" and thats it :wink:
  11. CoiL
    X1 also has angled drivers.
  12. Bugattikid2012
    I was not aware of that, thank you for pointing that out!  I'm now much more likely with being content with the X1!  Thanks!
  13. bixby
    and so does the x2
  14. CoiL
    He said it like he thought X1 doesn`t have angled drivers...
  15. Bugattikid2012
    Yeah, I thought it was a new edition to the X2.  Didn't see a reveiw or anything that said the X1 had them, or either I thought it was a review for the X2.
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