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Philips Fidelio X2 : A Review by Baycode

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by baycode, Aug 5, 2014.
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  1. depleted
    Oh, thanks. I can understand that.
    Still I'd be really curious of reading of someone who can try X1 and X2 at the same time to settle it (=
  2. CoiL
    I have one guy at my country PC forums who got his X2 just few days ago but he lives too far from me, otherwise I would go and make my own judgement on X1 vs. X2. Unfortunately I have no plan to buy X2 myself because X1 sounds perfect for my ears/brain with my setup and upgraded cable. When I get time and energy, going to finish my own custom made angled velour pads too.
  3. willyvlyminck
    In the EU you can already buy them with great prices in Germany and Italy
  4. Bugattikid2012
    What would those prices be?  My guess was around $300 or so, that sound about right? 

    Hint: Google *your currency + ammount* to dollars
    Example: "250 euros to dollars"
  5. depleted
    regular price in EU is 299 euro that means 381$, but amazon it and de sells it roughly for 295$
  6. Bugattikid2012
    Any chance I could buy it from a EU shop and just have it shipped to America?  Or would that be ridiculously expensive...
    Edit:  Well this is weird...  I can find it in the American Amazon shop for 300 bucks, yet it takes 1-2 months to ship... I would link it properly, but I don't have permission to do so, as I just made my account a few weeks ago.  So, I'm going to break up the link.
    amazon DOT  c / o / m/  /Philips-X2-27-Fidelio-Headphones/dp/B00O2Y2MZG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1413483925&sr=8-1&keywords=philips+fidelio+x2
  7. depleted
    You'll also pay customs and what if you need to use warranty? I say wait a couple of weeks (=
  8. Bugattikid2012
    Yeah I know, I should but I'm using crapphones right now.  They're horrid, and about 20 times worse than I remember.  The fabric on them (fake leather) is also peeling off and it gets in my hair all the time.  It's really annoying, but they're the best I got at the moment. 
    Also, I edited my above post, make sure to look at that. 
  9. depleted
    Try to order it anyway, the shipping will be sooner for sure, and you can cancel the order anytime anyway.
    I bought it when it was "unavailable" too, and it shipped a week later, it's just that they must be selling well so they are always in backorder 
  10. Bugattikid2012
    Ah I see.  Thanks for the information.  I do plan on ordering the X2, as it does seem to have slightly better sound quality, but do you think that once it becomes more readily availible on more stores that it will become cheaper?  This is 100 dollars above the price range I was hoping for once I add the sound card to the mix...  Guess I should probably just raise my price limit...  : /
  11. depleted
    X1 was priced the same (299$ or 299€), and street price in italy, the lowest around, was roughly 50$ less of what X2 is now (oscillating between 185 to 210€). It's possible that X2 will cost 50$ less in a couple of months, I don't know, but I don't think the X1 will become much cheaper, as I'm not sure it will go put of production. I couldn't wait so for me it's not really a problem having paid it 50$ more for having it now, considering that on top of X1 price you must add the price of a decent lower impedance cable anyway..
  12. Bugattikid2012
    Yeah, with my current crapphones I can't wait that long, so I'm probably going to order mine within a week hopefully. 
  13. Okrelayer
    Hey folks. I currently use the kef m500 as my headphone of choice. I was hoping to get a nice open home headphone. Would the x2 be perfect for me? I love the m500 neutral and flat sound. I like the sub bass it presents when needed. Does the x2 have that too? From what I understand an amp is not necessary for the x2 either? I also like headphones with The imaging of a loudspeaker as opposed to the IN YOUR HEAD presentation to them. Like the m500, bowers p7, nad Viso. How's the x2 sound for me?
  14. waynes world
    I have the M500's and the X1's. The X1's might give you what you're looking for. You don't get quite the sub-bass with them as with the M500's, but that's a tall order for any open headphone. However, they delivery very nice bass and a wonderful stage. Mids are slightly farther back, the highs are present and fairly detailed without being fatiguing. Although they are easy to drive and definitely do not need an amp, the bass is tighter and more controlled with a good amp (fiio E12 for example). Synergy with your source equipment does affect how they sound.
    How does this translate to the X2's? Dunno! But I assume somewhat closely [​IMG] 
  15. SunshineReggae

    Just asking but what is your reference with X1 bass. What is the comparison for your ears, is it like HD600 or V moda m100 for instance? Just wondering for illustration.
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