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Philips Fidelio X2 : A Review by Baycode

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by baycode, Aug 5, 2014.
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  1. Jakkal

    You can take a look at Fidelio L2 as well. It is semi-open headphone with great soundstage and is more neutral sounding then X2 IMO. Also has better sub-bass and is more detailed. I have compared m500 with L2 and L2 was my choise. L2 is very easy to drive, so no Amp need.
  2. willyvlyminck
    I can´t compare yet, but I own the L2, a superb headphone by any means.
  3. volly
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  4. Bugattikid2012
    Alright if anyone has experience with the following headphones please let me know, I'm planning on ordering today, so tell me if I'm mistaken in any way and any suggestions you have. 
    Philips X2:

    Probably my main choice, nice bass, not overwhelming, but it stands out, Great sound stage, nice for gaming, probably best in this list
    AKG K701:

    Nice sized sound stage (better or worse than the X2/X1?), very comparable to the X2 in terms of overall quality, slightly less comfortable and build quality is lacking in comparison to X2.  A close third/second choice of mine.
    Sennheiser HD 598:

    Good neutral headset, lacking a bit on bass (not as punchy), nice sized sound stage, but not as good as the other two, still solid choice and much cheaper option at 180 vs ~210 and 300.  A close third/second choice of mine.
    Beyerdynamic DT880/770/990:
    These headsets are known for good sound stage as well (thus why I chose them for comparison), but the 770 and 990 are known for heavy bass, perhaps a bit heavier than my likings.  They seem to lack on build quality as well.  Probably my bottom choice out of all of these.
    Am I wrong in this?  Am I right?  Let me know your thoughts!  I'm almost ready to order, so the quicker the better please!
  5. Nytkim
    Beyer lacking build quality? Where did you read that?
  6. Bugattikid2012
    Just the way they're made, I've seen it on a few reviews that they're a little flimsy looking based off of the materials they're made of.  Not sound quality, but physical durability. 
    I might have gotten it confused with something else though... I probably did.
  7. SunshineReggae
    First of all, Beyer does NOT lack build quality. Not at all, they are the opposite. Their headphones are built like tanks and if you use them properly you will be able to have them for decades, easily.
    I have owned HD598, Dt880, DT770. HD598 have terrible bass compared to Fidelio, DT770 and DT880. But it is functional because it gives very nice warmth to instruments and vocals. Like all sennheiser, this headphone is great for that kind of music, and also it does rock very well in my opinion, I really enjoy Red Hot Chili Peppers' Blood Sugar Sex Magik with HD598. But don't come looking for tactile bass, to enjoy electronic music. HD598 just rocks with vocals and instruments, that's it, very warm, hazy sound, very enjoyable to my ears. You put on Thriller or Off The Wall... that kills it, it's hard to see any other headphone make it sound that seductive.
    DT770 have great bass, but in company of other headphones you mention here, it does not compete otherwise. It doesn't have the technicalities. Lack of soundstage, sound is just not coherent enough, mids are way back, quite a bit of grain in the treble... It's not bad at all, but doesn't measure up. I will say it is excellent at electric guitar, but that is just one thing, all headphones mentioned here have one or more things likewise they excel at. So that is a wash, effectively, generally speaking.
    DT880 is great sounding headphone - but you need to enjoy bright sound. It is noticeably bright, I often tried just living with it and trying to shake the idea that it's a bright headphone. But even when using tone controls on integrated amp, there is no denying the treble is prominent. It's not that there is necessarily too much treble, it's that I need the emphasis to be a bit more on bass / lower mid range than DT880 gives. Listening to this headphone, even while I may enjoy it on any given day, the feeling always comes up to me that the emphasis is too high in the frequency range, too far towards the treble, like it's constantly standing on its toes, rather than solidly on the full foot. I just can't shake that that is undesirable for me, but this is EXTREMELY subjective. Regardless, DT880 works well with any genre, if you have great recordings, the sound is beautifully spacious, crystalline clarity, really impressive, extremely tight, beautiful bass and control. Female vocals are killer, guitar likewise rocks as typically as it does on DT770, piano is astounding, violin sound great, electronic music works just fine... Definitely an outstanding headphone.
    Now I will own the Fidelio X1 early next week. Maybe i will let you know how i like it, if you want. What I look for is warm sound that have nice smoothness to it, with quality bass and nice soundstage. None of the above headhpones give me that. I hope X1 will give me this. Let me know if you care, thanks.
  8. Bugattikid2012
    That'd be great if you could tell me how you like them.  I think I'll get the X2 as I want these to last, so the removable ear pads will be better for me.  Plus, some say they have a more "refined" bass, so I'm hoping that it sounds better overall.  I like bass myself, but just not to where it distorts or overwhelms anything else.  I think I might have got the DT's being breakable mixed up with another pair of phones, sorry about that. 
    Thanks for your detailed reply. 
  9. SunshineReggae
    No problem. What kind of music you into?
    And yes, overwhelming bass is definitely not desired. After all we are at least to a small degree a bit audiophile around here, the difference between bloated bass and nice but full one is ofcourse first thing to notice :)
  10. Bugattikid2012
    Mainly dubstep, alternative rock, and the like.  That's why I think these would be great for me.  Plus I play a lot of games like Battlefield 4, Dota 2, etc etc etc. 
  11. depleted
    Audiophile wise I think X2 is great, nice, warm full bass slightly over neutral
  12. peter123

    I agree, I got the DT880 about a month ago and was expecting a lot more from build quality after reading about them compared to what I'm experiencing. I'd say that they're on pair with my Q701's when it comes to built.
  13. cheeno50
    Any idea when or how I can get the Fidelio X2 in Canada?
  14. richbass
    MAN ! I was almost ordering the m50x when i saw this thread ! Anyone compared it to ATH-M50x and NAD HP50 ?
  15. maricius

    I doubt they stand a chance in overall sound quality… maybe in bass tightness (being damped closed backs). The X2 doesn't isolate at all.
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