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Philips Fidelio X2 : A Review by Baycode

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by baycode, Aug 5, 2014.
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  1. NinjaQuick
    I'd say the M50s are pretty much the most over hyped underperformers this side of 125 dollars.
    They are not comfortable, they are not clear, they are not fast... I really do not understand the attention they get.
    The K612 are in the same rough price range, and are better.
    The AD700s, same brand - better.
    CAL! way cheaper, nearly identical sound...
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  2. Bugattikid2012
    I agree with NinjaQuick.  I demoed these at a store, and they just seemed very poor in quality.  Their sound stage is tiny, and they don't isolate noise too well.  Good audio, but when it sounds like everything is coming from 10 feet away directly from the left and the right, then it just isn't very enjoyable. 
  3. SunshineReggae
    Oh I thought u were talking about the Fidelio at first, lol. But yes I don't get it either. At least go for DT770 before you decide on m50 imo.
  4. Bugattikid2012
    It's fine.  But I do have one more question before I order.  I was going to get the Sound Blaster Z, but then I noticed that it doesn't work on Linux.  At all.  Not even just working as a normal sound card.  So I'm looking for something that will work on Linux, at least as a normal sound card, but preferably if it had all the fancy software too.  It seems the only sound card contenders are pretty much SB and ASUS, and SB seems to have the better quality and stuff. 
    Anyways is there any sound card out there that's great for gaming that works on Linux?  Thanks.
  5. CoiL
    Offtopic, but also check ESI, M-Audio and Audiotrak soundcards. Not sure about Linux compability though. There aren`t only SB and ASUS and most of them are overhyped imho.
  6. Mizodology
    i think its a very good portable sound card replacement.and its compatible with any pc system.
  7. recondude

    I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I've previously read many threads as a guest for information and now have a specific question on the fidelio X2 that I'm hoping to get some advice on. I have previously borrowed friends X1's and really enjoyed them. I just ordered a Littledot MK3 tube amp (as I want to explore the tube sound) and wish to buy a pair HP that can be used not only with that but also SS amps. The sources will be a FIIO X5 and laptop files through a Cambridge Audio DAMAGIC 100. I listen to all types of music but pre-dominately more jazz, blues and female vocalists. I don't really understand the physics behind amplification. Baycodes review has convinced me that the X2 is the way to go but i like to listen to music at pretty high volume and I'm concerned that the Littledot won't drive the X2 sufficiently given their low resistance. I would very much welcome peoples opinion on this and if possible Baycodes as obviously he has the X2 and paired them with a DV336SE which I believe is an OTL tube amp. Can anyone help?
  8. Baycode
    Welcome to the thread @recondude  :wink:
    DV336SE pairs excellent with X2. I don't know how but it sounds more linear compared top my SS amp. Also soundstage is larger and detail retrieval is excellent. My main home rig became an IPTouch 4th gen connected via lineout to DV336SE and X2. I use Psvane CV181 TII for front and RCA JAN 6AS7G 1952 tube on the back. It's interesting that 30 OHM Fidelio X2 needs slightly more volume to match the volume of a 250OHM Beyer DT150 headphone through DV336SE. I read previously that some X1 users gets excellent results through their tube amps or tube buffered DAC amps. IMO X2 loves tube sound as well...
    For the safe listening volume levels, please check the first link in my signature. If you want to enjoy your music while you're at your 60's or 70's don't listen at very high volume levels. That's the biggest favor you can do to your ears.
  9. Darkkp
    hi amazing and detailed review just wanted to ask a favor if u dont mind i would like if u compare them to ur k701 since i have the q701 and was wondering if these are worth the buy or not
  10. richbass

    I think it should sound just as good on project ember too !
  11. Bugattikid2012

    Thanks guys, I'll be sure to check these out. 
  12. Baycode

    Hi @Darkkp , thanks and welcome :wink:  There is a short comparison. You can find it under the "Some notes on sound quality" section.
  13. recondude
    Thank you for such a quick reply. It was an interesting read on the volumes. I guess I tend to listen  too loudly and could do with dialling it back a bit. It sounds like you don't think there will be a problem with the littledot driving the x2 so hopefully happy days ahead!
  14. Stochastic
    You might also want to check out the FiiO E10K.
  15. elvergun
    Wow...now that's a review. [​IMG]
    Too bad you didn't like the X2s.  [​IMG] 
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