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Philips Fidelio X2 : A Review by Baycode

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by baycode, Aug 5, 2014.
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  1. bixby
    so sorry my mistake
  2. willyvlyminck
    I have this info of the German Philips site but it is unlikely to read if you don´t know the German language, other changes are the size and the loose of weight, for the rest the specs are the same, exept for the earlier mentioned deeper bass. The X! was already a top product, so it is unlikely to expect earthshakingly changes. This said I have the L2 and will alsp buy the X2, but for people on a budget the X1 is a no brainer, and comes now at 199 Euro by Amazon Germany.
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  3. willyvlyminck
    On the German philips site you can compare the specs between both, the changes are the deeper bass, the size is slightly different and less weight, I did read the review but I enjoy them with care, such reviews are always subjective.
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  4. waynes world
    Fwiw, here are the Phillip's pdf's of specs etc for both the X1 and the X2 (apologies if posted already):
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  5. willyvlyminck
    For those who like reviews, there are some great ones on YouTube[​IMG]
  6. depleted
    Really? Can you link some? I only found Tyll's, and some pre release ones
  7. Bugattikid2012

    Same here.

    Link as many as you can, we're all wanting to see them!
  8. MedMan
    Good review, I may actually purchase these now 
  9. Bugattikid2012

    Too bad you cant.  : (.  They're release date is "October", so we have to wait until they come out.  No one really know when that'll be, all we know is sometime this month. 
  10. peter123
    That depends on where he is, they're available in Scandinavia and most certainly other places as well :wink:
  11. Bugattikid2012
    Why wouldn't they come to America, or Europe first?  The company is based in the Netherlands, so I'd really expect them to come to those places first...  Anyways do we have an idea as to when they'll be available in America?  If I can find them 300 and under I'll get these, if not, I'm hoping the X1's drop in price a bit and I'll get them pretty cheap. 
  12. depleted
    November they said
    In europe we got this (= I have posted some impressions in the other thread
  13. Bugattikid2012
    Darn, wish we would've gotten it closer to the same time you guys did.  Anyways, if you have comparisons of it vs the X1 please let me know.  I know about the physical changes, but I'm wondering about sound quality, specifically sound stage, and if these would be better than the X1's for gaming. 
  14. depleted
    I didn't read of anyone trustworthy who have tried both yet. There was a german one who said they sound the same... but I don't think so. X2 it's not a basshead can in my opinion. It has great bass but it depends on the song, it doesn't add bass where there isn't in the recording. Whereas I read about the X1 being very bass. Looking at the graphs though the difference is only 3dB. X2 is very airy though and balanced. But I got XB500, I need my brain to readjust so I may not be right.
  15. CoiL
    I think same about X1 bass.
    I think most of those opinions are based on users who are flat/neutral can lovers and thus every bit bass sounds as "very bassy" for them and I think it`s misleading ppl.
    Also don`t forget about DAC and AMP match/mismatch. Anyway, I certainly don`t agree on X1 being very bassy and with good matching dac/amp you can get even better balance and true lively sound :wink:
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