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Philips Fidelio X2 : A Review by Baycode

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by baycode, Aug 5, 2014.
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  1. Shogster
    I have been reading a lot about open headphones,and i really want to hear what it is all about.
    I have the ATH-M50X for a while now,and i love them.
    Would you say the X2's are great for a first pair open headphones?
  2. Baycode
    Great for first open HP? [​IMG]  Noo, this can be the FIRST and the LAST [​IMG]
  3. willyvlyminck
    I woukd prefere leather earcups like on the L2
  4. Lorspeaker
    we r waitg for your X3 review !
  5. peter123

    Lol, yeah it's about time :wink:
  6. Baycode
    LOL, may be 3 years later...  :p
  7. mouwen
    Great review! Thanks
  8. vertical

    Ha ha. :thumbsup:

    Yet, I'm hoping what Tyll suggested at the end of his video review is what Philips actually pursues...that they next develop a higher end HP ($600 - $1000 USD range) vs another can that replaces their prior efforts.

  9. willyvlyminck
    Even the X1 and L2 are, the first comes at bargain prices nowadays.
  10. Exesteils

    They do. The X1 makes for an awesome first open can
  11. bixby
    Nice review!  I searched the thread but did not find the internal cup diameter.  Can someone take a ruler to the cup opening top to bottom and post the measurement in millimeters?
    Many thanks.
  12. Ratheriian
    Just ordered mine! Could not resist at it's current price point.
    241,45€ @ Amazon Germany !!!

  13. nappiguan
    I cant even find anywhere to order one here in Canada.
  14. Morph91
    Not available on Amazon UK either yet.
  15. wilflare
    still waiting for Amazon.com to get this up!
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