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Philips Fidelio X2 : A Review by Baycode

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by baycode, Aug 5, 2014.
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  1. Baycode
    Need more clarification, OK, no problem: Among the mobile playing solutions I have tested, I found the sound pairing/matching best with a Sansa Fuze. Normally I use Fuze rarely. But for mobile needs of X2 I use it specifically.
    Other players which I tried also sounds very good (Listenable, enjoyable...). But something magically special with the sound of Fuze pairing (Rockboxed, FLAC files) for me.
    With desktop equipment it sounds the best.
  2. ozyx
  3. Baycode
    You're welcome @ozyx !
  4. rudyae86

    Thank you for the info, greatly appreciated.

    The hard part now is that I am debating weather to get an AKG K712 or this beautiful X2 lol.

    I have the X1 already and I love it, it has been doing me good so far with Music, Movies and Games. Oh the meories when I first listened to the X1...my first taste into the audiophile world.

    I should feel the same when I get to listen to the X2.

    Also question, how long ago was the X1 released?

    And thanks again for the info
  5. mandrake50
    I am really considering get the X2. Good to know the Fuze works OK with it. I have used my Rockboxed Fuze using mostly FLAC tracks, quite a bit with my X1. For portable use in the house and around the yard I like it very much. I also have used the Fuze through the LOD to drive my C5D with the X1. A nice combination as well. It is great that these Philip phones are so easyto drive!
    I look forward to trying the X2. I will be bringing the Fuze and C5D  to RMAF and really hope to find the X2 there to demo.
  6. AzNyCans
    I'm not trying to "that guy", but they are absolutely 100% real leather. The smell is unmistakable. Perhaps there are variances among each pair.
  7. Tyll Hertsens Contributor
    You're welcome, mate. 
  8. wilflare
    read your review (watched your YouTube review too) and also read Baycode's
    thanks to both of you, I'm definitely upgrading from my X1 (which will be passed to my girlfriend - she tried them today and loved it!)
    I really hope the X2 is better for big heads. I'm using the X1, while comfortable, I could feel the elastic band/mesh pressing the top of my head and it's just big enough to cup my whole ear (could feel my ear lobes out of the cavity)
  9. Flomet
    Did you find after using your X1's over its time with you, that the band/mesh became not as strong and putting less pressure on your head?.

    The reason why I ask this is that I tried the X1"s on my large head and found the pressure too much and could not wear them for extended times, so I returned them but I loved the sound.

    In Tyll"s review he says that even though the new X2"s have a bigger headband there is still a little too much pressure from the band/mesh for his taste. So its looks like Philips are using the same band/mesh as on the X1.
  10. torta
    Hm, with elevated bass I doubt these will be useful for classical music - one of many strengths of HD600.
  11. BB 808
    You could try this modification: http://www.head-fi.org/t/623013/new-philips-fidelio-x1/1260#post_9422466
  12. Flomet
  13. Danseph
    I have a question though. Tyll mentions in his review that the headphone wouldn't work well with high impedance tube amp. The original review from this post mentioned that the X2 works very well with tube amps. How do we reconcile the two? My plan is to get a Bitfrost/Lyr2 setup with my X2. Will that work well?
  14. Baycode
    Decisions... decisions...  If you have enough power house to properly amp the K712 you may try it (a properly amped K712 is reported to sound excellent) just to experiment a different sound signature. If not, X2 is a much safer choice -at least for now-.  If we see some comparos between the two in the future we can start to be sure of something...
     You're welcome  [​IMG]
    If I understood correctly, Tyll's writing about the situation is a prediction from his previous knowledge (or background) (I am sorry if I misunderstood and please correct me).
    I heard from numerous X1 users that tube amp sound (can't mention or remember whether they were OTL or not -ATM-) have great synergy with X1.
    X2 sounds heavenly with my OTL tube amp Darkvoice 336SE. But I can't be sure if it would sound great with other OTL tube amps.
  15. BB 808
    Generally, headphones' impedance should be 8 times the output impedance of your source.  So for the Fidelio X2 which has 35 ohms impedance, the recommended amp should have 4.375 ohms output impedance or less.  OTL (Output Transformer-Less) tube amps are made to power higher impedance headphones.  The Lyr 2 is a hybrid tube/MOSFET design with output impedance: 0.7 ohms (high gain), 0.3 ohms (low gain) which should be okay with the Fidelio X2.  
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