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Philips Fidelio X2 : A Review by Baycode

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by baycode, Aug 5, 2014.
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  1. ozyx
    OK, so the X1 is also about 380g without the cable?
  2. Baycode

    Someone has to measure it and post the info like I did for X2...
  3. bippitybop
    Thank you for the awesome review! If only I didn't need isolation, otherwise I would be jumping all over these.
  4. Baycode

    You're welcome :wink:
  5. ozyx

    If anybody is reading this who has the X1 maybe he can make the favor!
  6. Danseph
    Using my kitchen scale, the X1 is 376g without cable
  7. Baycode
    Thanks for the input [​IMG]
  8. rudyae86
    Great Review, seems like I know what Ill be getting for Christmas. Also.....

    Would this headphone be a competitor against the AKG K712?
  9. Baycode
    I have no chance to hear K712. But I have K550/551, K701, K340, had K601 and some other AKG. I have DT150 which is extensively compared in head-fi with K712.
    According to all the things I read and my listening experiences I expect X2 to be on par in some ways (with K712), better to be on the bass, soundstage depth and imaging section. Only the mid-high and high section might be a stiff competition as I may expect slightly more presence and clarity on highs with K712. But I don't want to speculate more as I have not heard the K712.
    As I said on the "one of the first paragraphs" on my review, X2 eradicated my entire AKG line and I became ice cold to them now (Except K340).
    It's soo sweet sounding HP.
    Is X2 accurate, neutral? We may discuss. In to some degree yes, in to some degree no. But it is technically superb and clarity surprised me. Also bass is very detailed after burn-in -although not on the tight category like the DT150 bass- but very very close to it. For an open headphone it is quite hard to achieve this quality/quantity bass.
    In the beginning it was very bassy. Mids were recessed a little bit. Now all the frequencies are very leveled (especially after passing 200h). Although bass is still slightly more dominant part IMO. Highs are very smooth. Never harsh or grainy for my perception.
    I am putting my DT150 (closed HP) and X2 on my top of the full sized list. They are both very very good HP's.
    For build quality and comfort part I can't compare X2 to anything else, it's really awesome!
    Hope this helps.
    (On my part, I wish to hear K712 because I really heard great things about them, especially when properly amped)
  10. Baycode
    Just finished reading/watching @Tyll Hertsens great review about Fidelio X2.
    I wanted to share Tyll's review page  link  here and would like to thank him for his kind words about my X2 review :)
    This has been a big encouragement for me because I grown watching/reading his reviews over the years.
    For my experience X2 pairing with an OTL amp -like a Darkvoice 336SE- resulted in great sound. And somehow 30 OHM Fidelio X2 needs a little bit higher volume compared to 250 OHM DT150 with this particular amp. When I connect and compare both headphones directly to a DAP, the opposite result happens; DT150 needs higher volume to match the same volume level of X2. It's an interesting finding and I feel that I need to dig the technical reasons for this.
    Interestingly a very standard DAP like a Sansa Fuze can drive X2 very well as well (and of course with 336SE it's better).
    Because of this flexible character of X2, I sometimes attach my Sansa Fuze to the headband of X2 by the help of the elastic velcro bands and make my X2 completely free for moving with (when needed, only in the house).
  11. CoiL
    LOL , never thought about this. Got to get some tiny DAP now for my X1 ...DX50 is too heavy for that ;D
  12. Baycode
    CoiL my friend, you won't believe the sound matching of X1/X2 with the Sansa Fuze (and possibly Clip + and Clip Zip as well). Tubey sweet sounding pairing :wink:
    I will post photos whenever I have time to do it.
  13. ozyx
    How about mobile phones and tablets? Are they sufficient for the X2, or something like Sansa Fuze  has better output?
  14. Baycode
    The other sources (mobile phones iphone, galaxy, ipods, and some others...) I pair with doesn't sound more special than Sansa Fuze. Although they are all strong enough to power the X2. A fact of the source-destination match/mismatch theory may apply for my results.  I will be glad if any supporters may appear in the future for this pairing (sansa fuze, clip+ or clip zip :wink: .  X2 might be the most flexible full sized headphone.
    My Fuze is Rockboxed and generally I listen to FLAC's.
    But I don't have a chance to pair it with other high end DAP's so can't speak of them...
    But I also witnessed that it likes tube sound very much :wink:   Sounds best when connected to my 336SE.
    So if you want to disconnect yourself from your desktop, a small player like Fuze or Clip+ might do the job and pump enough quality to your X1/X2 while you're on the move inside the house :wink:  My 2 cents...
    CoiL likes this.
  15. ozyx
    Thanks, but can you please clarify. You said that mobile phones etc don't "sound more special than Sansa Fuze" so I assume you mean they should be just as good? But then your suggestion to buy another small player confuses me a bit :wink:
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