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Philips Fidelio X2 : A Review by Baycode

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by baycode, Aug 5, 2014.
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  1. Lorspeaker
    i dun mind FEEEEELing the bassssss :p
  2. obsidyen
    Yeah, bass is good. I love bass as long as it doesn't muddy other frequencies.
  3. depleted
    however 300£ seem very high, it's quoted €299,99 on philips' site, that is the same as X1 MSRP. Hope it will cost less than 200 soon (it was 186 for the X1 from day one of amazon availability, looking with sites like camelcamelcamel etc.)
  4. Baycode
    Some updates on sound impressions and burn-in after passing the 200+ hours added...  Graphic will be updated accordingly with slight changes on some areas only.
    This HP needs at least 200 hours. Will inform after passing 500h.
    IMO these parts on the technical specs are also very important (more so than the cable upgrade):
    Each speaker is carefully handpicked, tuned and
    tested, and is being paired for the most
    detailed natural sound. The 50mm drivers
    utilize high power neodymium magnets to
    reproduce all your music’s dynamics and
    deliver well balanced crisp bass, transparent
    mid-range and pristine high frequencies.
    Layered Motion Control
    (LMC) drivers feature
    a multi-layered polymer diaphragm that
    encases a layer of damping gel. These layers
    form a flexible boundary and – together with
    the gel – absorbs and dampens any
    exaggerated frequencies, resulting in a smooth
    and flatter frequency response. The result is a
    more balanced, natural and refined range of
    high frequency sounds.  (Multi layer with gel filled part, interesting... [​IMG] One of the reasons for smooth presentation...)
    An acoustic open-back architecture eliminates
    air pressure build-up behind the driver,
    allowing the diaphragm ample free movement,
    greatly enhancing sound transparency and
    smoothening extended high frequencies.  (I think this is one of the reasons why I found the highs smooth [​IMG] )

    A new review on X2  (!!!) : http://www.expertreviews.co.uk/headphones/1401247/philips-fidelio-x2-headphones-review-ears-on
    (should be named as initial impressions)
    From that review - Quote:
  5. Baycode
    BTW, Philips X2 has a brother now in the house...
    Philips A5Pro is on the burn-in bench for a review [​IMG]
  6. CoiL
    X1 also needs at least 150-200h burn-in (with little amping) to open up properly and settle down. After around 200h I didn`t notice any improvement anymore.
  7. DesmondKSA
    Look at these


  8. CoiL
    Nothing new...
  9. mindbomb
    Layered motion control exists in other headphones afaik. The akg q701 has it, it's called varimotion. sennheiser 598 has it too, it's called duofol.
  10. Baycode
    Gel between the layers also??
  11. Baycode
    Mids are no more on the -slightly recessed- side. They are on level with other frequencies where bass is still a prominent part of the spectrum compared to K701 and K551. But mids, especially when vocals are played are very intimate, does the job better than both AKG's. I am an AKG ss lover who puts the 400ohm AKG K340 electrostatic-dynamic hybrid headphones on the top of the list -this no longer holds true-. Now X2 is on the top. Certainly.
    These results are through the Darkvoice TH336SE tube amp which is known as its great synergy with K340.
    I love this X2 more and more after some extra burn-in.
  12. ChrisRPM12
    Removable earpads????
  13. ChrisRPM12
    More importantly, what is the impedance of the new cable? Is it as lower than the previous?
  14. cb3723
    Superb review - you've covered just about everything and I love the fact you have a picture of these cans on a set of scales to show their weight - nice touch.

    Great to see Philips delivering again on the success of the X1!

    Thanks for taking the time and effort to produce such a thorough and enjoyable to read review :beerchug:
  15. obsidyen
    I wonder how it compares to new planar magnetics such as HE560 and Oppo PM-2.
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