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Philips Fidelio X2 : A Review by Baycode

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by baycode, Aug 5, 2014.
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  1. Baycode
    Cable impedance is very low. I have measured it with my multimeter impedance measuring feature. But I am not an expert on these measurements so the input was given HERE in this thread.
    I also compared the sound quality with a Choseal 1.8m cable (couldn't remember the model name or specs right now) and Philips cable was (even with its 3m length) was producing clearer and crisper sound.
    I am too lazy to make my own cables but I have to. I have various Mogami, Canare and Silver Plated wires...
    You're welcome [​IMG] glad to hear that.
  2. Baycode

    Have no idea. But, what I hear out of this Philips (through the DV 336SE tube amp) tells me that we have a game changer here... Serious... This thing eradicated my entire collection. I can't get pleasure from the other HP's. It's very musical and technically superb    ...or may be it suited my tastes more? 
    If more people buy this HP and write their impressions/reviews we will start to know if it's an universally accepted truth. I am feeling very lonely and without any support because of this. Headphonia has the Philips X2. I assume they are in the burn-in process. We'll be seeing their review with comparos with X1.
  3. Exesteils

    I'm hoping that too. My Hype meter is at an all time hight for these since I loved my X1 to bits.

    Looking forward to trying them
  4. Baycode
    Seems like @Tyll Hertsens is joining to the party besides the Headphonia [​IMG]
    Eager to see X1 vs X2 comparos [​IMG]
    I have no chance to listen X1 but I am perfectly content of what I hear...
  5. Jakkal
    X2 is available in Germany for 299  
  6. Desertblood
    Phillips spokesman said these are coming out to the general public in October
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  7. spitf1r3

    Well in some EU countries the 24 months warranty is set by law so Philips has no merit here.
  8. CoiL
    How many times do I have to say - X1 headband uses real leather! Not that I care about it being real but it`s confirmed with my X1 and these are professional leather handicraftsman words. Period.
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  9. MarcelE
    Feels and smells like real leather to me too.
    And if it's not, who cares. It feels and looks good anyway.
    Got it a few months now and still enjoying it very much.
    If someone has a problem with his headphones, it doesn't necessarily means everyone has got it.
    No problems over here.
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  10. communic
    Frothing at the mouth already... haven't been on here since purchasing the X1's 2 years ago and if they keep their signature sound then I'm all in!
    My headphone pilgrimage was all but completed with the X1's but unfortunately they suffered a socket blowout which I see was a problem for some others too. Will definitely have to purchase these and hope they have strengthened the internal socket so I can be at peace one more.
  11. splandifers
    These things are hot! Curious to see what other people will have to say..
  12. Morph91
    These look incredible, who thought Philips would be designing such an amazing line of headphones for a fair enough price. I sold my X1 due to some bass distortion but i regretted not giving them some time or trying a different amp or cable, thanks for the thread it's making for a good read with everyone's responses. 
  13. Morph91
    Have they specified what date in October?
  14. ozyx
    It is clearly stated that X1 uses "Genuine calf leather headband for style and durability" http://download.p4c.philips.com/files/x/x1_00/x1_00_pss_engsg.pdf
    However there is no mention of leather when it comes to the X2 http://download.p4c.philips.com/files/x/x1_00/x1_00_pss_engsg.pdf
    Maybe it is not real leather for the X2.
    Any ideas on how the x2 are 50g lighter?
  15. Baycode
    From ifa Philips web page: http://www.ifa.philips.com/news/sound-at-home/fidelio-x2-headphones
    "Constructed for durability and comfort, the X2s also exude style. The velour memory ear-pads add a premium yet elegant finishing touch. The ergonomically shaped, newly enlarged headband features a mesh hammock and a precisely machined external hinge system which is coupled with metal tubes wrapped in calf leather."
    Also mentioned in this review: http://www.expertreviews.co.uk/headphones/1401247/philips-fidelio-x2-headphones-review-ears-on
    "The combination of velour, stainless steel on the earcups and calf leather on the headband make the X2 feel every bit the premium pair of headphones, but Philips hasn't just concentrated on style - it has put just as much focus on sound quality."
    Apprx. 50g is the cable weight. Some of the manuals and internet sites indicates it with cable and and some of them without cable...
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