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Philips Fidelio X2 : A Review by Baycode

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by baycode, Aug 5, 2014.
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  1. s0ckpupp3t
    There are review units out there, the guys over at Headphonia mentioned receiving one.  My guess is that a unit meant for review in Turkey mistakenly made its way into the retail channel.  
    As to whether the X2 is a sonic improvement over the X1 or whether the X2 is just a "here's your F*ing removable ear pads so STFU headphone nerds" version of the X1, time will tell. :)
  2. mochill
    I think it is also using a different driver... Just like the s2 driver but bigger :blush:... I wonder if you remove the felt that's covering the drivers,what it will sound like :confounded:
  3. vertical

    Ha ha. Maybe that IS what it is...:wink:
  4. benbenkr
    But the earpads are still... mostly, proprietary. Can't they just do it like AKG or Beyer? [​IMG]
  5. donaldduck2004
    When they would be available to everyone? I cannot find in any online shop...
  6. Jakkal
    L2 is so much better in therms of sound than L1. I'm shure that X2 will be better than X1.
    Very curious about X2 and L2 comparison. 
  7. CoiL
    Unfortunately there is nothing sure yet because there are no X1 vs. X2 reviews or impressions and one can`t draw any conclusions based on other headphones. There are only assumptions and blind belief. So far all I have read about X2 makes me think that they are pretty much same sounding cans, if not exactly same, with improvements like removable pads and littlebit bigger arch for bigger heads.
  8. Flomet
    Does anybody know where the X2 can be purchased, I live in the UK.

    Thanks for any help given.
  9. Ultrainferno
    Can't be bought yet. Well there's one store in Turkey that might...
  10. sid12345678910

    i can confirm this, i live in hk and the Fidelio x2 are in stores already, they retail for the same price as the original x1's 3299 HKD (apox 423USD) but can be easily discounted to 2900HKD (apox 372 USD)

    dont belive it, here: https://www.facebook.com/RIGHTSHOPSSP/photos/pb.177690555731247.-2207520000.1408931699./318106358356332/?type=3&theater

    PS i own a pair of x1's VERY EXCITED FOR THE NEW ONES!!
  11. Exesteils

    Which is kinda weird. I'd assume they would already starts selling online but there's still nothing on the net, not ebay or any of HK's online store websites
  12. czcsfb
    I really like how they look, imo whole black is way better than brown scheme on X1's.
    And finally a REMOVABLE pads!!
  13. Flomet
    I wonder if the reason why they are not available yet is due to getting rid of the X1 stock!!!
  14. CoiL

    For me exactly opposite - I like X1 way more! Tired of everything going black/silver etc. With littlebit brown and silver in color scheme they look much more "classy". With everything black it looks like just another piece of plastic. Yuck!
    And X1 also has removable pads. Same way as X2. Only thing different is glue applied which makes 1st removal harder. But all that removable pads talk is kind of ridiculous imho.
  15. czcsfb
    Haha, I just can't stop loving the design of the new Fidelio line, L2 and X2 and old line M1 are all imo more modern look because of their headband and black in color. What a shame Philips haven't yet brought them to North America.
    Well, really good to know that X1 also has removable pads, but glue applied...need to do some homework to learn how to safely remove the pads. Thank you for letting me know.
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