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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. chimab
    I'm v interested in these, however, worried by size.......how large are they..any reference points?
  2. DimitriTrush
    There is an image in this thread where you can see several IEMs how they compare size-wise
    Another hint is similar to the size of tg334 by fitear.
    There is also a video on youtube discussing Oriolus, have you seen it?
    Dmitri T.
  3. chimab
    Thx for the info, will check it out!
  4. DimitriTrush
    You are welcome[​IMG]
  5. DimitriTrush
    Nomax engaging with Oriolus!!
  6. FreelancerRu
    Got my Oriolus IEMs two days ago.
    Very nice impression both in terms of finish and sound.
    The shells are bigger compared to my Earsonics Velvet, but they fit even more comfortably in my ears.
    The sound is but much warmer, softer than that of Velvets, more delicate and the soundstage is really huge.
    Still, Oriolus sound very detailed and accurate.
    Overall the sound is smoother in terms of frequencies, no gaps noticed so far.
    Compared to Velvets, the lower-mid section is more pronounced.
    I am using my earphones (both Velvets and Oriolus) with FiiO X5 II DAP + FiiO E12 amp.
    This is my first post here, so there will be no pictures at the moment, I dont have permission to post them yet :)
  7. robm321
  8. sect44
    Thks for the impressions. How would you compare the bass between them?
  9. FreelancerRu
    I would say Oriolus has more bass and lower mids. This part of the range sounds really beefier compared to Velvets. But still it is a smooth, non-boasting, definitely not overwhelming bass. Not more than needed, not more than actually recorded. I felt that the rythm section was a bit too bright only on several songs from Norah Jones' "The Fall". But it might be the recording issue, need to double-check that.
    There is an interesting thing with Velvets though. Their bass and lower mids sound more subtle (on the contrast, higher frequencies are much brighter. sometimes they even annoy me, especially on female vocal parts). However, it seems to me that Velvets' bass stretches somewhat further than that of Oriolus - right to the very edge of hearing on low-freq.
    But I definitely need more listening time to be sure about this statement. These are just the first impressions...
  10. evolutionx

    I am really enjoying the Oriolus.  Great soundstage, warm signature with non-fatigue nature.  Easy pairing with most gears and sound fantastic even out from iPhone 6.   
    HiFiChris likes this.
  11. Mimouille
    Some impressions from the AK T8ie thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/779847/astell-kern-beyerdynamic-ak-t8ie-review-first-impressions-from-ifa-2015/105#post_11981676
  12. audionewbi
    Where does one order one of this from?
  13. Marshal Banana
    You can try Musica Acoustics.
    audionewbi likes this.
  14. audionewbi
    I am trying to find out who sale it the cheapest hence why I am trying to figure out all the outlet which sale it. 
  15. evolutionx

    I do share the same sentiments with Mimouille that they are really good value compared with some other flagships.   Thoroughly engaging and enjoyable.   
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