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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. Mimouille
    I tested these babies today. Nice fit and build. They sound very balanced and musical, but I heard so much good I was expecting better. Still prefer Layla and Angie soundwise. Of course they are huge and more expensive.
  2. LuciusB
    I tested too yesterday. They are really Big, more than 334 for exemple but less than Roxanne. First impressions: I like the sound: soundstage immersive, mids so natural . It's too early to talk about the trebs, separation,etc... 
  3. Marshal Banana
    My Oriolus arrived yesterday. The finish is beautifull and so far I really love the sound. It reminds me a Fitear 334 or 335 in a hybrid fashion.
  4. DimitriTrush
    Any one coming to CanJam UK in London this month?
    Oriolus will be available at MA booth.
    It will be a fun please come check it out
  5. Marshal Banana
  6. evolutionx
    Just received my Oriolus, courtesy of a friend holidaying in Tokyo recently.   Very nice out of the box.  A warmer sounding Fitear 334, very musical and non fatigue sounding.  Can't stop listening.  
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  7. DimitriTrush
  8. DimitriTrush
    Welcome to Oriolus thread!
  9. zeissiez
    Universals shoot out: Oriolus vs 846 vs K3003 vs ie800. Oriolus stood head and shoulder above the rest. I had a problem with the fit of the tip supplied, it's too short. Once nicely fitted, they sounded awesome!
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  10. Jeff Y
    It would be interesting to put this against the K10 since the K10's got great kinda-warm bass which Oriolus sounds like it might also have.
  11. Marshal Banana
    I own both, Oriolus and K10U. While both are outstanding IEM, my personnal preference goes to the Oriolus because of the sense of space they can produce, their coherency and their uber musical mids. The feeling of the weight of every note is also better percieved on the Oriolus. I owned/own JH13pro, TG334, 846, 335SR, 435, ASG2.5, K10U, but I think the Oriolus is until now my favorite IEM.
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  12. Mimouille
  13. DimitriTrush
    Any one from France or Germany (EU)  wants to hear Oriolus 
    Drop me a pm I will be there soon.
    (images taken at CanJam London meet)
  14. zeissiez
    Heard the K10U for the first time 5 mins ago, with a Plenue M player. It's a musical sounding IEM with great tone, and zero harshness, great bass and mid. But it's not as good as the Oriolus in spaciousness and image sharpness and solidity. I prefer the Oriolus by some margin.
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  15. Jeff Y
    Can you say that the K10U's got faster bass response because it's got BA drivers, not dynamic like the Oriolus?
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