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100+ Head-Fier

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    music and gadgets
    Mobile devices.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Current Inventory


    Focal Utopia, Sony M1R, B&W P9, Ether C, HE1K, , TH900, Pioneer SE Master1


    Final Audio LAB 2, LCDi4, Kumitate TRIO, Ocharaku Sakura Plus, Final Audio Design LAB 1, Final F4100

    Sony Just Ear MH-2 Listening, Oriolus Ibasso 1st Gen, Sony z5, RHA CL1 ceramic

    JH Audio LayLa Universal

    JH16Pro with DHC Symbiote cable

    Final Audio Design Piano Forte X-G Gold Edition,
    Final Audio Design FI-BA-SS

    ATH-EW9 woodies

    Koss Porta Pro (Hiflight Mod)

    Ultrasone iQ

    ATH CKS1000

    Past Inventory

    K812pro, W3k, Sony MDR-1R, Beyer T5P, Senn IE8, Sony EX1000, B&W P5, B&W C5, ATH CK100Pro, AKG550, K3003i, Yamaha EPH-100, FitEar 212
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Portable Amps

    RHA L1, ALO CDM, ALO Rx, Cozoy REI

    Wagnus S Amp, Bakoon HDA5520, Cozoy Aegis

    Desktop Amps

    Chord DAVE, Red Wine Audio Isabellina HPA, TU-05B Analog Squared Paper

    Past Inventory

    Invicta, Chord TT, Hugo, Portaphile 627, coffee, SR-71B, RX Mk2, The Continental, Graham Slee Voyager, Ibasso D10, Dacport LX, Audiolab M-DAC, ALO Pan Am, violectric V200/v800, Sony PHA-1, Ak10, Sony PHA3
    Source Inventory:
    Chord BLU ii CD Transport


    Cowon P2, Sony Walkman W1Z, AK380 CU with amp, Questyle QP1R, Tera Player, Cowon Plenue D, Cayin i5
    Cable Inventory:
    DHC Symbiote, chris_himself JH16 pro cable, Charleston Cable Company UPOCC

    Toxic cable LOD, Forza Audio Works for Z5, HE1K, Wywires Red

    Power-Related Components:
    IFI i purifier and Mercury USB cable
    Other Audio Equipment:
    AK Ripper
    Sony HMZ-T3W
    Roon + microrendu + DAVE + Focal utopia = Heavenly Music


    Life is too short to waste time on poor head-fi...
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