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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. rookie2009
    I see Ibasso have announced their first foray into the iem world this weekend at the Fujiya Avic festival in Japan... All I know is its a hybrid design,maybe some headfiers who attended today can tell us more [​IMG]
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Wow, this is interesting. On clicking the thread I was wondering "a hybrid?" 

    Be interesting to see where this goes. 
  3. rookie2009
    For sure! Hopefully one of the guys attending today might have got a chance to demo it!! Im sure Ibasso will price it well also,the iem world sure is a competitive market these days [​IMG]
  4. Kerouac
    It looks like 3 bores in the picture, mostly a good sign for separation & soundstage (looking at my V6S).
    Maybe the technical information shows up on their website one of these days...I wish I was there to audition it myself [​IMG]
  5. goodvibes
    Hope production has a longer nozzle. Great to see.
    buonassi likes this.
  6. Retrias
    anyone else thought it look like a fitear ?
  7. rookie2009

    I wouldn't be too concerned with how it looks at the moment...its only at the prototype stage yet from what I read,so could well end up looking a bit different after the final production phase...
  8. lin0003
    Heard from iBasso and they are not happy with the IEM ATM and they are making changes before releasing it. 
    Hope I get to hear them when it is released! 
  9. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Well this simply isn't good enough is it Lin? It's like Santa coming half way to your door, waving presents through the window then giving you the bird.

    Sure hope they pull their socks up! [​IMG]

    fnkcow likes this.
  10. Deviltooth
    I see that it's a hybrid but does anyone know how many drivers it possesses?
  11. rookie2009

    1 dynamic driver and 3 armature drivers...
    Deviltooth likes this.
  12. djvkool
    Best analogy I heard this month...
  13. Mimouille
    That's what she said. Sorry.
    Dog'sGonads and tomscy2000 like this.
  14. Retrias
    so going by the arrangement of this thing, this will be on the 300-500 bracket?
  15. Cotnijoe
    Cant wait for some impressions and pricing on these :)

    Been waiting for ibasso to make their own iems!
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