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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. Damnegy

    You can try oriolus directly, if there is no dealer by yours: http://www.oriolus.jp/56499.html
    (don't know why it states web price of USD 900, while the link then asks for USD 999...)
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  2. Nomax
    I will get mine from Dimitri next week,he is very friendly and will ship one used unit to our head fi meet greet in Vienna to show this great sounding iem to other members!

    Regards Nomax
  3. Hubert481
    Is it also possible to put custom IE-Adaption to the Oriolus - or is there not a universal Adapter size?

    i mean anything similar to this one:
  4. audionewbi
    I believe this universal only for now. Reason is custom might alter the sound.
  5. Damnegy

    Seems like it is possible to get it customed now: http://www.oriolus.jp/51893.html
    Which then leads to a cyras.jp page with customisation options.
  6. Nomax
    At our HEAD FI MEET&GREET SHOW in VIENNA last Saturday,all was surpriced by this IEMS

    I get mine from Japan later this week

    Here some pIcs


    Regards Nomax
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  7. shigzeo Contributor
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  8. Mimouille
    I agree it sounds really great but a bit large. Not that large though, still acceptable. And also, who's the girl.
  9. ch1n4
    Oh what a pity that it is so big and my ears are sensitive, though the sound quality seems to be so enjoyable...
    can you guys recommend me totl Universal IEMs with smaller shells?
  10. shigzeo Contributor

    That is Haruka, from Musica Acoustics. They've yet to publish the video review/whatever we did about the Oriolus, but after the review, we found a nice park and took photos. Anyway, yes, not too large, but large. If your ears can swallow a ToGo!334, they can swallow the Oriolus. 
  11. Mimouille
    My ears are gluttonous :D
  12. Fabaaroan
    I live with oriolus since June. And those iems  impressed  me each day according to my listennings
    And when I plan to buy another pair (I m too curious)  I wonder if it will be useful .
    The oriolus sound damned  good. Whatever the source I used (my smartphone, P1, lotoo paw Gold, Hm 901 and lotoo paw 5000)
    And yes the Oriolus deserve to be known.
    And for the fans I think if your have the chance to try them you will join the club
  13. plakat
    It definitely deserves more attention... I got me one just last week after several weeks of raving about it by @Nomax I had heard it for just some minutes at our last meet in Vienna, where he had one with him. Nice but I did not have enough time to listen in depth then.
    So far I like what I'm hearing. And that was mostly just out of my iPhone 6s because I use in-ears when I'm on the go. It does scale nicely though and listening through the ifi iDSD Micro was very involving, its 3D effect matches very well with the Oriolus. It does have a very nice, fun bass...
    Very interesting that it is comfortable and sits perfectly despite its size. Weight is rather low and well distributed, the memory wire works. I like the looks of its cable but would have preferred the MMX connectors used on the Shure 846 or the AK T8iE (and many others I guess).
    Packaging is a waste of space just as the review at headfonia says... it is indeed mostly empty (i.e. filled with foam). Adding a simple pouch would have been nice...
    Nevertheless well worth its asking price I think.
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  14. dumbears
    While I'm still waiting for more reviews on this pair of earphones, its next generation, Oriolus 2nd Generation" is just ONE day away to get into the market, at least in Japan.

  15. sect44
    2nd generation? Would you mind telling us the differences from previous version?
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