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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. yaluen
    IEM itself is essentially the same. Shells now have an impact resistant coating and logo inlay. Included cable is PWaudio's No.5. Price increased by about 20000yen.
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  2. Nomax
    In one Word........UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

    i own the MKI in the past and now MKII......i am speechless!!

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  3. Mimouille
    Do you mean V2 sounds better? Have you compared to other iems?
  4. Uncle E1
    V2 ... speechless ... have not heard the V1.
  5. Mimouille
    Could you fight the speechlessness and tell us how they compare to other iems?
  6. zeissiez

    The Oriolus 2 with X7, wow! Speechless!
  7. Mimouille
    Am I the only one seeing a trend here?
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  8. Kozato

    That doesn't look like the Oriolus 2nd generation cable. That is the cable for the 1st generation Oriolus.


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  9. Anook
  10. Kozato


    Refer to the post below:
  11. robm321
    So, a couple hundred dollars for a coat of lacquer? Can you still buy V.1? 
  12. Kozato

    V1 has been discontinued. But you can buy them used.
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  13. Nomax
    About the MKII.......this IEM sounds better as MKI,the Housing/Size is a little bit different....and the most improvement in sound are the Highs/Treble,with the right Tips you get a great listening experiance with this ORIOLUS MKII

    Try it with Final Audio Typ B or JVC Spiral Dot....this two tips are the best Solution for perfect seal and Fit with Oriolus MKII

    @plakat I think he will write about more about the sound in the upcoming near time future

    Sorry for my Bad English

    Reagards Nomax
  14. plakat
    Yes, I'm currently contemplating the MKII after @Nomax heartfelt recommendation. Unfortunately it'll take a while before I'll have them in my hands, hopefully per Feb. 27th. I'll post my impressions then. What I can say now is that I use the MKI daily on my commute, now with the AK320, and from day to day its astounding at what mobile sound quality we've arrived. I was never a big friend of in-ears and had reservations given the big body of the Oriolus, but it fits perfectly, sits without any problems during walking, does not easily get pulled out.
    I may be selling my MKi in March, don't know for sure though. In case anyone is interested please PM me.
  15. robm321
    Thanks Nomax. 
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