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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. johnwamp55
    I have a lot of mix feeling with the IEM.
  2. chimab
    Is anyone aware of any european based distributors that will stock the Oriolus? 
  3. johnwamp55
    I demoed it and well not great just ok.
  4. audionewbi
    So what is the expected street price of this?
  5. johnwamp55
    Close to $800
  6. audionewbi
    Which seems to be a reasonable price for a hybrid these days. 
  7. johnwamp55
    As long as it sounds great.
  8. audionewbi
    Ill wait for the new PSB M4U4
  9. tomscy2000
    Japanese media outlets are estimating it to be around 108000 JPY, so it should be around $850 or so. I don't know if you could call that a "reasonable price", honestly. The CIEM-derived shape looks like it'll have love-or-hate ergonomics. Over the years, I've been less and less thrilled by seeing these custom-esque shapes that really take on no real consideration of universal ear shapes; these people just do a handwavy estimation of "that's probably going to fit me, I guess" and run with it. There's no systematic measurement and averaging of ear shapes like what InEar did with their StageDiver series, or even what FitEar did. So while the Oriolus could possibly sound very good, this whole project strikes me as just a "me too" money-making endeavor. It's basically the complete opposite of a passion project, which is, to me, what it needs to be if it's custom-derived.
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  10. Marshal Banana
    They fit pretty well in my ears, far better than InEar product (never could fit correctly those IEM) and better than Fitear TG334. But it's just my ears. It's allways a very person dependent issue.
    Pricing wise I guess it is ok as to my ears they can compete with other flagship, sometimes far more expensive. They are cheaper than Maverick with a similare hybride design and to me sound better (some people can feel the opposite) and fit better (smaller shell) and has a cable far better made. I think it's a great and competitive product.
  11. DimitriTrush
    Images taken during Fujiya Spring Festival.
    They are among my favorite , amazing price performance..
  12. johnwamp55
  13. DimitriTrush
    Yesterday I had an opportunity to briefly listen to the Japan's Oriolus IEMS.  First impression are very engaging and fun sounding, equipped with one 9mm Dynamic and 3 BA drivers.
    It is designed by a company based in Japan and manufactured in China.  Built quality is very good with 2 pin connector and the stock cable is different then the one depicted on the photos..) According to the maker, the warm sound signature of his IEMs is suitable for Acoustic Jazz instrumental classical/vocal music. It is also 16ohm Impedance so any source will be able to drive Oriolus IEMs. But any DAP that is not too warm will certainly benefit and engage the listener... The manufacturer website in english is soon to be released too. Now only Japanese available http://www.oriolus.jp/
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  14. audionewbi
    How is it with calyx M?
  15. DimitriTrush
    Sadly my Calyx M was out of battery during the meet (happens very often to me):
    Myself and Mr Yu Kai (head of Oriolus) is planing on shooting some fun stuff together in near future.
    Also it is likely I will be showcasing Oriolus at CanJam UK this coming August.
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