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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. ekrauss
    My information is not wrong. I provided the information people in the thread asked for, and provided the solution they were requesting. In two weeks Oppo will have the cable back in stock.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2017
  2. Ryland Johnson

    From Oppo UK today.

    "For the newer mobile phones with type C USB connection, you will need
    one of our cables. We can supply them directly.
    Other cables are wired differently to ours and cause the charging
    problems you may have heard about.

    We can supply the correct type C USB cable. It is £9.00 + shipping + VAT."

  3. ekrauss
    Great, looks like it is back in stock at Oppo UK!
  4. alpovs
    It is the same cable as the one from eBay linked a few posts earlier. Maybe not the same literally, i.e., not made in the same factory, but wired the same. I wouldn't be surprised if they buy it from "yourcharger" seller on eBay and resell it.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2017
    MikeyFresh likes this.
  5. alpovs
    I meant your technical explanation was incorrect.
  6. mandrake50
    USB2 OTG ties pin 4 and 5 together. Oppo needs this on both ends to prevent charging. I am not familiar with the type C connector, but I am sure the same thing needs to be done, just different pins.
    BTW, type C is just a connector type. It can be used for USB 2, 3 or 3.1.

    Someone should ask Oppo for the pin out for the working cable. The one for the micro to micro cable was published way back in the thread, courtesy of Oppo. Once we have that, custom cables that just work can be made or ordered from cable builders.

    I would do this, as I did before , but I am not having this problem, so am not highly motivated.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2017
  7. alpovs
    Why do you post if you're not familiar with USB-C? It confuses other readers. What you think is incorrect. See my earlier post and the link to Google drive at the end of it: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/opp...scussion-thread.755879/page-304#post-13739760
  8. mandrake50
    Because I am ignorant of this particular use case? But not about the specifics of the Type C specification.
    Point is, still, USB type C connector is simply a connector and cable specification that can support all of the USB devices (plus others). AND, still with the correct pin out diagram, cables can be made or built.

    It is good that a user has empirically come up with something that works, wouldn't it be better to have this from Oppo? If for nothing else, just to be sure.
  9. alpovs
    This is incorrect. Read about USB-C. It's a thing by itself. Things are controlled by resistors, not pin out diagrams. At least look at the links provided.
  10. Alson Chua
    Anyone got the “Popping” sound when using Oppo HA-2se with Iphone 7 IOS 11+NePlayer? I tried on my iPad Air 2 iOS 10 and laptop with ha2se I don’t get the popping sound only with Iphone 7 iOS 11.

    Update: I just tried it on another iPhone 7Plus with also IOS 11+NePlayer also got this “Popping” aound. I guess is IOS 11 issue. Anyone got this issue also?
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2017
  11. inertianinja
    Well guys, I submitted my review of the HA2SE:


    Note first: I bought it close to launch, and had all the same dropout problems that we’ve been talking about here on iOS. I waited for OS updates, tried some tricks, finally complained to Oppo out of frustration and...they sent me a new cable and it fixed the problem. For me.

    I don’t mean to minimize the struggles others have had if a new cable didn’t fix their problems. But the “score” reflects that this device is not without issues.

    Also note the site I write for is Apple-focused so that’s why I only talk about iOS.
  12. jegnyc
    It might have been worth noting that the Oppo was not the only DAC/amp to have disconnect problems with a number of versions of iOS beginning with the release of 10.3.* I participated in a thread on the Apple website where owners of Oppos and at least three other products complained about this. I linked to the Apple website earlier in this thread, but the link no longer works. The consensus here is that the problem was resolved for most people with iOS 10.3.3 and iOS 11.

    * A smaller number of people of people had problems with earlier versions of iOS.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
  13. inertianinja
    It's difficult to cover adequately because there isn't a clear cause for the issue and Oppo never made an official comment. There's over 4600 posts in this thread, several of them my own, trying to figure out what the cause was.
    For me personally, iOS version wasn't the issue. Some people never had an issue. etc.
    So I thought it was best to simply say essentially that "there was an issue that some users (including me) experienced, for me it was fixed with a cable, but YMMV."
  14. Cuenca John
    About a year after I bought the HA-2, the short cable Oppo sent for iOS just stopped working. It seemed strange it just stopped sending the signal.
    And as I had an extra Apple lightning cable from an older iPad, I used it and still am.
    After iOS 10.3.3 on my iPad mini 3 and iOS 11 on my iPad mini 4, I don't have any problems.
  15. Alson Chua
    Over the course of 2 days I’ve trying to eliminate the issue. Here's the results of my testing:

    Oppo HA-2SE+NePlayer

    Iphone 7, IOS 11.0.3 - Files with 24bit 96kHz (Having little "popping" sounds) this sounds became worst if the files quality goes higher until DSD 5.6MHz (thats the highest i have). files with 24bit 48khz not really audible of the "popping sounds". Thought might be the cable issue i change to Apple's original Lightning cable IT BECOME WORST.

    Laptop - No issues.

    Ipad Air 2, IOS 10.3.3
    - No Issues so far, same cable i use.

    Iphone 6, IOS 10.3.2 - No Issues so far, same cable i use.

    Iphone 7 Plus, IOS 11.0.3 - Same issue "Popping sounds"

    So verdict. I think is IOS issue. I ordered Zeskit cable its still on the way though.
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