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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. DrunkSaru
    Yeah I bought the same cable and works great. FINALLY! I actually had to put some white out on the cable to indicate temporarily that it's the Oppo cable because I've literally bought 10+ cables.


    Also, there was a longer cable on ebay that specified Oppo but turns out that one didn't work for me. I was asked by the seller to not leave a bad rating and they would refund me. It hasn't happened yet. I guess I'll wait a few weeks. In the mean time, I only have one cable that will work with the HA2 that will not charge it so I'm happy.

    Also, in the past (several pages prior) I hypothesized that maybe Oreo could fix this issue. When I had Marshmallow installed, it worked fine. When Nougat was installed, it started to reverse charge. You can see why I thought maybe Oreo would work. Nope. Now that I have Oreo, still reverse charges with all my other OTG cables..
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  2. djmakemynight
    Thanks for the confirmation. Very smart way to stack your HA-2 onto the flip case. :thumbsup:
  3. stilleh
  4. Ryland Johnson
    One would think Oppo knowing this situation exists would include a cable in the box! Why do we have this run around to get the Oppo to play nicely with our Android mobiles? I gather its the new USB-C that does not like the Oppo system? I, for one, am not going to run around trying dozens of cables in the hope I will find one that works. I have cancelled my order with the third party Amazon seller and trust the seller will not post the Oppo as it would be returned.
    I am too long in the tooth for this sort of situation. I would, however, like to thank all those who took the time to offer advise. Very nice community here and thank you again for your kind support. Shame Oppo don't fix this, the situation is known to them and has been for many months.

  5. alpovs
    Maybe you got a defective cable? In this OTG/non-OTG situation the cable either works (no charging) or it doesn't. Are your other solutions stable, no disconnects? The triple cable solution with the male to male USB adapter should work properly.
  6. TjPhysicist
    all of my sultions are non stable upto an extent, this one is just the worst. I wudnt call it defective, it DOES work, in that the cable is made properly as OTG for what im using, my thinking is that the part that goes into the port hole ( :ksc75smile:) may not be properly designed for my phone making it a bit physically unstable, i've seen this happen plenty of times. I do have this in my pockett and move around a LOT.
  7. alpovs
    What phone do you have?
  8. RiseFall123

    I am looking for a secondary gear (that will be my first in order of time spent) in order to listen to my HD650 with Tidal and iPhone in my bedroom.

    I mean that I am searching for a DAC, an AMP or a solution that will make my HD650 sound very nice but also without all the issues relative to a computer. I need something fast that make me use Tidal, my HD650 and give me a quality that is almost the one that I obtain with Win10>Roon>Tidal>DAC USB>HD650.

    Said so, I am looking for a stuff that must be compatible better possible to my Apple device (unfortunately Android seem easier), and I even thought to buy something wireless (leaving the HD650 only in the living room), but the APTX lackness in the Apple devices plus the advices here, that seem to tell me that HD650 is always better than any expensive wireless make me think that the right way is iPhone>Tidal>DAC/AMP>HD650.

    In the bedroom I think that an heavy amplifier is unconfortable because I will not reach the volume easily so I thought to buy something portable... the choice seem to take me to Chord Mojo or this Oppo HA-2. There are other devices but they seem the most "easy" to connect with the iPhone and freankly speaking, the Oppo seem to be the most EASIER to connect with iPhone.

    My question: Oppo HA-2 versus Mojo... I guess the latter is better but I wonder what is the real difference and if someone here is happy with Oppo HA-2 and HD650 (or heavy to drive HP alike).
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2017
  9. ekrauss
    I heard back from Oppo regarding the OTG cable charging issue. It’s not a problem with the HA-2/SE or the Galaxy Note 8 or any other kind of Android phone. Rather, it is a feature of the OTG specification that requires a workaround. Standard OTG cables are configured to send power to connected devices (so you can use a keyboard, mouse, or USB thumb drive with the OTG cable). If a standard OTG cable is used to connect to the HA-2/SE, the HA-2/SE will get power from the phone, just as the OTG specification is designed. In order for the HA-2/SE to avoid getting its power through the phone, Oppo sells a custom cable. The cable is currently out of stock but should be back in stock in a couple of weeks.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2017
  10. ekrauss
    Given the information I posted above, the fix is simple. If you can wait two weeks, Oppo will have the cable back in stock.
  11. alpovs
    Can you provide a link to that cable?
  12. alpovs
    I am not sure where you get your information from, but there is no standard or non-standard OTG cable. There is a standard USB2 cable and there is an OTG USB2 cable. The HA-2(SE) works fine with the OTG USB2 cable provided in the package. The problem arises with USB-C which is not USB2 anymore and a completely different standard with a different connector. For details see my earlier post: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/opp...scussion-thread.755879/page-304#post-13739760
    And this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3XYy1FuzDUeWnh1XzRtdHpoRGs/view
  13. ekrauss
    My information is from someone intimately familiar with OTG and the HA-2.

    I posted the facts and the reason why OTG was designed to draw power from accessories, and the type of cable that will not transmit power from the phone.

    The cable will be back in stock at Oppo in two weeks. If you can hang tight until then, this will be a non-issue.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2017
  14. ekrauss
    When it’s back in stock I will.
  15. alpovs
    As they say "Trust no one" :) Sorry, but your information is wrong. Don't trust me either. You can find the info online from the people who designed USB-C. The summary is in my post and links therein. Then there is Wikipedia etc.
    I have the working cable already. I linked to it a few posts above.
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