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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. Ryland Johnson
    Q: I have just ordered the HA2 (£200) to go with my Note 8. I have read on another thread that they will NOT function together? Something to do with the Note 8 charging the Oppo? I am lost, its very late and forgive me for not reading 2.5k posts in this thread to see if the answer is here already.

    Is there a cable or adaptor that does the trick? I don't use ebay but do use Amazon in Europe.

    Any help would be so much appreciated.

  2. djmakemynight
    Hi Ryland, congratulations on your purchase and welcome to the HA-2 thread. Just look back couple of pages, we were discussing about the charging issues as well.

    The most elegant option would be to find a micro to USB C cable that does not charge or has disabled pins. You can try searching Chord Mojo cables or the like. Alternatively, you can buy the cable from OPPO UK.

    I have tested a work around which you can refer in the past couple pages. I am still waiting for the cable recommended by a fellow head-fier to arrive for now so I am still using my work around method for now.
  3. Ryland Johnson

    Thank you for the kind reply. Oppo have nothing listed in their web page? No such cable? I live in Southern Europe so needed to contact Oppo by email. I have sent an email to Oppo UK but no idea if they will post to this country. Is there no compatible cable on Amazon?

    Seems a rather bizarre situation. Spend a small fortune on the devices only to find they wont play friendly together? So much for USB-C etc. Feeling bad tempered, sorry about that. Need to get some sleep its now past 03.00am here.

  4. ekrauss
    The HA-2 should work fine with any OTG capable Android device.
  5. ekrauss
    I’ve posted questions about any OTG compatibility issues between the HA-2 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 somewhere Oppo should see them. I’ll let you know what I find out.
  6. djmakemynight
    You are welcome. Just trying to help as best as I can.

    3rd last item:

    Sorry I am from Asia and I don't shop on Amazon.

    It is not weird and no need to get upset. HA-2 was made before USB C existed. Therefore, no such cable was provided. Using the included OPPO micro to micro, all you need is a USB C OTG adapter. That was the work around I tested on LG V20 and Note8. You can use the micro to USB C adapter that came with Note8.

    No the best way, but it works effectively. Hopefully someone can provide you an Amazon link for the cable soon.
  7. djmakemynight
    No issues at all. Please refer just 2 pages back.

    I have already tested the HA-2 on LG V20 and Note8. Both are type C devices. I used a cheap micro to USB C adapter with OPPO included cable.

    I have pictures linked in my posts too. I don't know how to link my posts so you just have to read 2 pages back. Sorry about it.
  8. TjPhysicist

    SO after trying about $100 worth of c bunch of cables inlcuding one from ebay someone linked (which doesn't charge the phone but is extremely unreliable, dropping the connection almost every 5 minutes), and Cable Matters as well as Meenove Store (from amazon, someone suggested this as well), those two charge the Oppo. Not to mention about 10 other different variations of cables (most of which, i think, are constructed for people who want to connect their micro USB stuff to a macbook or something).

    So far the ONLY thing that works are:
    1. Use the provided OTG cable (the one the oppo comes with) and get a USB C to micro USB OTG Adapter note: this must be an OTG adapter, there are some "usb c to micro usb adapters" that meant and built purely to be able to use your micro usb charging cable with your usb c phone, those WILL NOT WORK as the phone will not detect a peripheral e.g. of what worked for me: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01GESWAJU/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1. Plug one into the other. This is still not TOO Reliable especially if you're running around with it in your pocket it does seem to disconnect sometimes, but you can try to get a better OTG adapter that's built better.
    2. The following stupidity will 100% work, and you're likely to find each section/cable more easily: Micro USB OTG adapter (for older android phones, ends in female USB), USB C OTG (note, this must be OTG, ending in female USB), and USB male to USB male transfer cable. Chain these 3 things together and viola!
    The above should give you a clue, something many people have mentioned on this thread, as to what should ACTUALLY be done:
    • micro USB OTG cables short the "charging wire" for micro USB (which is why a lot of "usb c to micro usb" don't work, as they wont bother shorting out the charging pins on the micro USB side, those are meant to use micro usb with usb c macbooks so they are MEANT to charge the micro usb peripheral), so even though the rest of the wire may allow pulling a charge the oppo never does as that specific pin is shorted.
    • The usb C to USB A (more specifically the 'usb c end') must be an OTG cable. There are certain things about how these are constructed that lets my usb c phone see a USB peripheral properly. This is why adapters that are meant to just charge USB C phone with micro USB cables will not work. e.g. the anker usb c to micro USB adapter will NOT work even when the rest of the chain is perfect, those are supposed to be for charging USB C devices using a micro usb charger. not for use to connect peripherals to usb c devices.
    • With these two ends of the connection done up in that exact way things should work. the phone will still think it is supposed to be charging the Oppo but it never does since on the oppo's side the charging pins are shorted. Thus no electricity changes hands.
    My biggest issue is still "reliability" especially when walking/jogging around with this whole setup shoved into my pocket. I reckon a lot of these cables and adapters are not built to remain fully plugged in even with a lot of motion/movement etc. Just my guess, ultimately I'm not sure why this is the case.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2017
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  9. djmakemynight
    Yep, 1 was what I tested and using as a work around while waiting for the eBay cable.
  10. TjPhysicist
    Honestly so far that's the best one. My issue witht hat is that I would like to have the oppo and the phone in opposite pockets for balance purposes which you can't do with idea#1.
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  11. djmakemynight
    Yeah, I totally understand and agree. This is just a work around until we can locate a confirmed working micro to type C cable.
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  12. alpovs
    This is a confirmed working cable: http://www.ebay.com/itm/292052970340
    See my posts couple of pages back.
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  13. djmakemynight
    Yeah, I ordered it. Still waiting for it to arrive. I will update again when I confirm it works so at least other users would know.

    Thanks for the share. :wink:
  14. TjPhysicist
    thats the one i was talking about. While it does work (in that i hear audio and the phone isn't rapidly losing charge), at least in my case it was seriously lacking in stability. It'd disconnect, sometimes even requireing me to take the whole setup out of my pocket to disconnect/reconnect and turn off/back on the Oppo, almost every 5-10 minutes.
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  15. djmakemynight
    See if it works ok when I receive mine. Fingers crossed. :fingers_crossed:
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