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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. jegnyc
    On the Apple thread I mentioned above (maybe this one too), several people noted that while the disconnect problem vanished with 10.3.3, there were still slight "glitches" (I believe that was the word used). I wonder if that's what you're hearing.
  2. Alson Chua
    Maybe? Because I’m not really good with “terms”

    I’m happily paring with my IPhone 6 now.
  3. jegnyc
    I meant maybe the "glitches" were mentioned on this thread as well. Not everyone seems to have experienced them.

    Edit - see my post 4487 in this thread.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
  4. djmakemynight
    So I finally received the cable 1 month after ordering it. Tested with the Samsung Note8 and it worked perfectly. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Thanks @alpovs
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  5. MikeyFresh
    I have that same cable (from the same seller) en route to me right now, and various other OTG cables I have ever bought from that same seller worked exactly as advertised with the HA-2 in all cases. In most instances the shipping time from HK to NY was 5-10 days (all-time record was 4 days door-to-door).

    I would imagine at some point in the future Oppo might change what comes in the package with the HA-2, and omit the Lightning cable and include a USB-C cable instead.

    In the meantime, anyone who has a USB-C device can be confident this cable will work with the HA-2 and not cause it to draw a charge from their phone. It is not an expensive cable, (although ideally it would come in the package with the HA-2) and it is of the same decent/good if not generic quality that the official Oppo version is.

    The Oppo version is more expensive at about $14.25 compared to $6.99, and as at least one previous post mentioned, it could even be the exact same/identical cable made in the exact same factory in Asia. So anyone who doesn't want to pay extra, + shipping, and wait for the out of stock status to improve with the various Oppo distributors, buy this cable instead and be done with it.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
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  6. MikeyFresh
    I recently received mine too, took about 21 days, as both you and @alpovs had noted, this cable works just fine with the HA-2 and does not cause it to draw a charge from the Note 8's battery.
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  7. radiocalm
    Hi guys, I am considering purchasing the ha2 for portable use with my iPhone, I want to stack the 2 units. Anyone find a good quality, long lasting usb to lightning cable in a short length that they could recommend? Thanks!
  8. DrunkSaru
    I haven't noticed any quality difference with cables unless I start using some long cables (longer than 1ft) and maybe I'll get some unwanted electrical noise. I suggest buying few cheap cables you like and if one goes bad, you're not going to be breaking the bank to get another. I've had my cable for almost 2 years with no issues although I recently replaced it, not because it broke, but with android, I kept having the reverse charge issue with the regular cable and the cable I have now doesn't do it. The cable was like $5. The lightning cables seem to be a bit more expensive but the one I bought a while back was like $18 on ebay.
  9. Yobster69
    Take a look for the Kero Nomad lightning to USB cable. Very short and solid as a rock once connected. I’ve been using mine for over 2 years and never had an issue. You could almost hammer nails in with it (you will see what I mean if you decide to get one).
    I hope this helps.
  10. adrift02
    So what's the consensus re: dropouts on the latest iOS with the HA-2/SE? I have an iPhone 6, and as I've posted before in this thread, had increasingly disruptive connectivity / audio dropout issues similar to other folks. I thought it may have finally been fixed (for the most part) on iOS 11, but only briefly used it before downgrading back to 10.3.3 due to poor OS performance. 10.3.3 definitely still has these issues -- full dropouts, not just blips.

    Also of note, Oppo customer service (awesome btw -- super fast and informative responses), noted this is a documented and widespread issue related to iOS MFi compatibility, which doesn't play nice with higher resolution sources (above 16-bit/48kHz). I can't confirm this being that I use Spotify HQ, which I'm pretty sure doesn't output beyond the standard, but as we've all concluded it's definitely Apple's fault here, and affects more devices than just the HA-2/SE.
  11. radiocalm
    I’m curious about this as well, I’m about to pull the trigger on buying the ha2se, finger is on the purchase button and then I’m seeing the new iOS issues and I’m scared now. I have an iPhone 7 Plus and my sole reason for purchasing the ha2se is to use it portable with my phone. I do have the latest version of iOS on it. I’m not a super tech guy so I don’t want to have to put an older version on my phone or have to mess with anything. I’m very simple, I just want to plug it into the phone and open tidal Hifi and have music. Will I have issues?
  12. radiocalm
    Wow the nomad looks perfect. Is it pretty flexible as to not put much strain on either port? Thanks for the awesome idea.
  13. Cuenca John
    I don't know how much or if there is a difference with iOS 11.* between iPhone and iPad. But I have the latest iOS 11.* on my iPad mini 4, or iPad mini 3 and on any given listening session using HA-2/iPad/hp, I either get no drop outs or only one momentary drop out. I've never had 2 or more drop outs
  14. Yobster69
    It’s fine. It feels stiffish to start with but bend it into a U shape and after a short while it will retain this and it puts no strain on the connections at all. As I say I’ve used this for 2 years with the same HA2 and iPhone 5 I use only as a DAP, and I commute and take it everywhere and the cable has never been a problem.
  15. DigMe
    Hey, y'all. I haven't had my HA-2 for that long but I've just started having an issue where the Shanling M1 (connected by USB-C to microUSB) says "Low battery" after listening for not very long and starting with a full charge. Then when I unplug the Shanling from the HA-2 the battery bar goes back up to 3 bars and it's good to go for a normal amount of listening and battery life. Any ideas on solving this issue? I have tried two different cables - one is a homemade job that does not charge and the other is just a standard Amazon C to Microusb. I have ordered the recommended EBay cable.
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