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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. alpovs
    The recommended cable from eBay a few posts up will solve your problem.
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  2. rufus1949
    OPPO now has Type C to Micro cable in stock. You need to call them to order. It is not listed as a separate item yet.
  3. MikeyFresh
    Exactly, and it's been available for months now continuously with no out of stock status, at a lower cost than the Oppo cable.
  4. Tennessee
    What will be a better choice quality wise this DAC or LG V30 (and how about amp-wise)? Thank you.
  5. rufus1949
    I have a Galaxy S8 and the OPPO'Samp is much better. As for the DAC again the OPPO'S presents a cleaner more refined sound. Before you purchase check what sub cable is needed. Some of us had to hunt down a type c to micro with change to new phones.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2017
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  6. rufus1949
    Sorry misspelled Oppo
  7. Tennessee
    I don't think Samsung dac will be any match for v30s quad dac though :p
  8. rufus1949
    I would have to agree if that' the case. You may just need an amp depending on your choice of head/ear phones. I am using Audio 64 A12t's.
  9. DrunkSaru
    I'll throw in my 2 cents I guess. I've done some extensive A/B testing with the V30 as well was the V20 and borrowed my friend's S8 (I have an S7 and first gen HA-2). Honestly, between the DAC's, I couldn't tell a difference (or maybe my ears aren't as well trained). Primarily ran it through my Jotunheim which I've become most familiar with in this past year but I also borrowed my friend's WA7 and I couldn't tell again. Used my HD650 and Aeon's to test. The Amp makes a huge difference but I guess it depends on what you're looking for. I don't have nice easy to drive headphones except my M40X and ideally, would have liked to test with better IEM's but I hate IEM's so the only one I have are a cheap set I bought from Monoprice (the XXX, bought it because it was on sale and name intrigued me) so it was harder to a good AB test between the V30 Amp and HA-2. Generally though, the HA2 has a bit of a glare and tends to make things more bright but that's also within my preference so I've quite enjoyed my HA2. In the end though, if I wasn't using it to monitor or analyze music, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference, especially if I was outdoors in the slightly louder environment. The V30 (and also the V20) impressed me a lot.
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  10. Tennessee
    Can you charge ha-2 while using it with your smartphone and let it charge your smartphone too?
  11. Jesterson
    Hi Everyone,

    It seems like this thread is the biggest community of OPPO HA-2 users :)

    I was was using my HA-2 for quite some time with android phone first, then iPhone 6s. Suddenly, presumably after iOS update from 10 to 11, it stopped working with iPhone. I did a lot of things recommended on Internet like rebooting phone with HA-2 plugged in, just rebooting, etc. Nothing helped, iPhone just ignores it. The reason is not in HA-2 since it works perfectly well with MacBook. I updated iOS to latest yesterday - same, iPhone doesn't see it.

    If anyone can recommend anything - it will b greatly appreciated. Tired of listening to lousy iPhone amplifier already :)

    Thank you in advance!
  12. DrunkSaru
    I had a similar issue when updating to 10 so I don't know if this the same issue as mine. Mine was also on an ipad, not an iphone. I was using a cheap aftermarket non-mfi certified cable. when I used my older lightening cable where the wires are exposed but official apple cable, it was working. I tried it then with a 3rd party MFI certified cable and that worked too. Over time, I noticed that non-MFI certified cables was a hit or miss or quality wasn't good. That said, if you were already using an MFI certified cable, then sorry, I don't have an answer.
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  13. Jesterson
    Thank you for your response. I'm still using the original lighting cable that came with HA-2. It looks okay, but maybe some wired inside are broken... Anyway, thank you for the idea, will try.
  14. iJay
    New to the Oppo realm. I’m considering the HA-2se for iPhone 6 (foobar2k app) and wondered if my Apple earbuds would still operate correctly when I receive a phone call if still plugged into the phone? Anyone try this?
  15. davidland
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