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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. Maxx134
    I had the same setup with exception of the mullards..
    I know exactly what is going on..
    I have to disagree though. .

    The reason is not what is lacking,
    But what is changing.
    The wa7&wa7tp combo deviates from the neutrality of the HA-1

    The tube sound, coupled with an elevation in bass and dynamics makes it a seductive addictive combination,
    But there is no way it surpasses the linear clarity and detail retrieval of the HA-1.

    The wa7 combo is just a different presentation which is extremely impressive but not as true to source, as the HA-1 to me.

    I did sell and do miss that combo.. but I couldn't keep both at time..
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  2. jonstatt
    This is what I would have expected. It is hard to compare tube and SS amplifiers because where SS amplifiers deliberately go out of their way for neutrality, tube amplifiers are typically a choice of "colour". There is nothing wrong with that whatsoever though. Just like no two loudspeakers sound the same because they all have a "colour" too. But with SS devices the concept is just different. The Audeze LCD-2/3 and to a lesser extent the LCD-X have a "colour" compared to the Sennheiser HD800 which is more neutral.
  3. sidrpm
    Hey bro, how did the audition go? 
    Personally found the combo to be very very good. And the balanced cable really took the sound up a few notches, as expected.
    The offer you cite sounds great too.
    Do share your impressions.
  4. akhyar

    Haha! I took the plunge after the second audition with the balanced cable. Paid $200 deposit for a silver unit and free balanced cable for PM-1.
    The first audition a few days earlier, the sound was harsh and sibilance, maybe the amp and cable were not burn-in yet or the source is not up to scratch as I was using the RCA input.
    But earlier when I used coaxial in from Dx90, I felt that the sound is much better and to my liking. Hopefully can receive the set by end of this month
  5. sidrpm
    Congrats Bro. I am sure you will be really happy with this purchase. Great decision and happy tunes ahead.
  6. Currawong Contributor
    A loaner set of PM-1 and HA-1 arrived yesterday. I've been enjoying using the HA-1 as a headphone and a DAC/pre. It does do a very nice job also with the Audeze LCD-X and XC. The presentation is quite "effortless".
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  7. musicheaven

    Nice, almost the gear I am targeting (HA-1 & PM-2), let us know your impression once you've used it for a little while, it'll be greatly appreciated.
  8. aamefford

    Currawong's PM-1 impressions should be accurate for the PM-2 as well.  The PM-1 beta group was sent the PM-2 earpads and cable to beta test on the PM-1's.  Per Oppo, these would be the only significant changes that would affect sound signature.  All other changes would be to material and/or finish (matte, painted rather than polished/plated) on the headband and adjustment mechanism parts.  If it is true that the other parts have no sonic effect (I am inclined to accept this as true for now) the PM-2's will sound virtually indistinguishable from the PM-1's.  I was not able to detect any noticeable difference.  Most others in the beta group reported the same.
    I too will be interested in Currawong's impressions.  I have mine, I like hearing others.
  9. Brault

    So PM-1 ear pads will fit the PM-2? This should get interesting... I want the HA-1 and PM-2 as well, once I replace my refrigerator. :grin: I'm hoping to use the HA-1 with Q701's, then maybe PA -2's if they pan out as expected.

    Is anyone using the HA-1 as primarily a pre-amp for their speaker system, and occasional HP use? Or, better yet, speakers AND open phones at the same time (my favourite). I imagine leaving the HA-1 in my media centre (out of reach near the amplifier), using a long HP cable (balanced if necessary for distance), and controlling with the remote. Will that work? Source is local computer by USB, AppleTV, satellite TV, streaming, maybe Sonos (not likely). Does the remote control volume okay? Opinions?

    I'm amazed how this site inspires the desire to buy...
  10. HasturTheYellow
    Yes, all accessories for the PM-1 are compatible with the PM-2, and vice versa.
  11. sbgunn
    This post is for Hastur @ Oppo. After using the app and the amp for a bit I have two suggestions.

    1- In the firmware is it possible to have the amp remember your mute setting through a power cycle? If I muted the pre-out to listen to my headphones, once I turn the unit off and back on its unmuted. If I don't remember to check the volume knob I end up blasting music through my speakers.

    2- in the app, can we have the mute button shaded when mute is active so its easier to recognize?

    EDIT: Also is there a remote code for this unit so I can program it to work with a different universal remote control or the xbox one?

    Sorry if this isn't the right place to give feedback. If there is a better channel please let me know.
  12. HasturTheYellow
    1. Being able to keep the HA-1 muted across power cycles is something that we can consider, but not necessarily something that we can guarantee as being a part of the player. The main issue is that if you allow for continuous mute, you run the possibility of customer's thinking the HA-1 is defective, rather than just muted.
    2. This is something that I will suggest to the software engineers, but grey may not be the best color, since gray is usually used to show that something is not available.
    There is no remote control code. You will need to manually learn/program the remote control commands to a learning/universal remote.
  13. Smarty-pants

    Perhaps if MUTE is held across power cycles, when the unit is powered on and mute is engaged, the display could flash a message that mute is engaged, or maybe just the word MUTE in big letters.
    Either flashing, or just on screen for something like 5 seconds and then disappear.

    I have also mentioned the mute button to Oppo on the remote app... IIRC, the mute button always has an "x" on it.
    I suggested if possible, to make the mute button show an x only when mute is engaged, and then remove the x when the mute function is not active.
  14. sbgunn
    Makes sense from Oppo's perspective to make it as fool proof as possible. I guess if others make the same suggestion over time it may be worth another look. Thanks for your help!
    I like both of these ideas. Youre right, the button does always have the X on it. Toggling the X may be the easiest solution.
    Do you have speakers connected as well? How do you feel about the mute on power cycle? I'm just wondering if Im the only person that thought the way it works wasnt ideal. The unmuting isnt a huge issue but the few times i forgot to check I had the volume pot up a fair bit and got a bit of a jolt when music started playing!
  15. HasturTheYellow
    Unfortunately everything that we do is filtered through support concerns, so there are times when we can't implement a customer recommendation simply because it would be a major technical support nightmare. But I have made tickets for the engineers to consider your recommendations for future updates.
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