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ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by t.r.a.n.c.e., Sep 11, 2015.
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  1. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    I think the opposite. Plus I didn't like the sound of X5ii compared to all my other daps, which doesn't bode well.
  2. Shawn71

    True, but Onkyo is not a new household name and they have strong roots in the AV scene (both Asia and globally) long before tho they are new in the DAP domain...It will be a interesting year end and 2016 begining!...
  3. clarkydaz

    I had the original x5 and couldn't get rid of it quick enough
  4. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    To the person who thinks 1 out of 3 items they never touched is gonna destroy the other 2 ...you should un-sub.
    1. Respect the item and brand
    2. Respect the OP...Relic I believe
    3. Respect any future members and visitors trying to get info.
    I un-subbed (from X7)  as I have nothing to add and it's strictly personal.
    FiiO e18 (above) COZOY Aegis (Below)
    UAPP among others has been going around ALSA and audio finger in android for quite some time. Implying Onkyo or Pioneer will not be able to is pretty reckless and loose. Since it was posted in this thread that was the implication.
  5. Alje
    Hopefully now you have un subbed the quality of posts in this thread will improve. 
    Bye bye
  6. Edric Li
    +1 please do
  7. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Man the sexiness is ....sexy! Hi Res screen ftw!!!!
    13-7 likes this.
  8. Ritvik
    Sigh.... Ive owned the PAW 5000 for two weeks and I know it's going to make way for this already.
  9. Cagin
    I'd embolden all the parts that capture my interests but that'd be almost all of the selected quote.
    I am 90% positive I'll sell my ZX2 to get the DP-X1? Of course I'd wish I'd be able to audition it beforehand, but I'm doubtful I can find an Onkyo dealer within reach.
    I mean just look at those specs! The only thing I'd want more is if it had half the battery life of my ZX2. 203g vs 235g. Id be perfectly content if the lighter Onkyo could get extra battery by adding some grams ^^

    The interface speed from the video was convincingly enticing as a zx2 user.

    The Fiio X7 was #1 on my radar since the release of the X5 1st gen but this sudden reveal of the Onkyo completely obliterated that appeal. I was considering the QP1R too but coming from the ZX2 I've personally grown attached to the speed and ease of the android touchscreen interface. Makes navigation light years ahead of my Fiio X5 days. I 've also ended up using wifi for Spotify and YouTube a lot more than I'd thought I would. I even tend to browse H-F while listening to music (which sometimes crashes the Sony music player app). Too many downsides if I'd switch to the qp1r for me I'm afraid.

    I'm relieved I postponed commissioning custom trrs cables for my ZX2. 2.5mm balanced cables would be more futureproof and convenient I think.

    As far as the looks of the dap itself, it's perfect for my taste. Simple/ humble black matte but with a zest of elegance reminding me of the nice looking Luxury & Precision L5.
    I hope I'll get some clarification on this but is that handle bar thing on the top of the dap (that looks like a scope mounting rail) only on the Pioneer one? I hope so. I can't find a reason as to why it's there. Is it to protect the cable plug from motions while in a pocket? Seems like potential issue with larger or angled barreled plugs (like Pailicc).
  10. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    That's a nice pic, gonna put it in OP. 
    Only Pioneer has the handle, but it is also removable with two screws, and becomes flat like Onkyo. 
  11. Sound Eq
  12. Mimouille
    I hadn't noticed it's the mobile version of the Sabre DAC. I was hoping for the original version. But I suppose it's a matter of implementation, the Calyx M uses it and sounds great. What I don't understand is why use it. If I refer to the Calyx it does not seem to help battery wise.
  13. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    There are many other factors that affect battery life more heavily than the choice of dac, which is insignificant in comparison. The power supply design and amp design is what will determine the battery life, not the dac chip.
    There is a point of diminishing returns, the desktop dac chip is 3x bigger in size due to 8x channels, which nets 133dB DNR, while dual mobile chips net 129dB DNR, and both have the same THD. It isn't worth the size increase to go with the bigger chip in a dap, imo.
    More importantly, 120dB is around the hardware limiting factor of most daps. DNR rating of dacs is superficial after a point, which is around 120dB due to hardware implementation bottleneck. All that is needed from the dac is a suitable framework, meaning any good dac chip will suffice, AK4490 in AK380 only has 120dB DNR, but that is all that's needed as the hardware implementation will only be able to achieve 120dB in best case scenario, just like the Cowon P1 and M also achieve 120dB DNR. Btw don't buy AK's they are rip offs.
    This means that the only thing that counts is the implementation. Not the dac chip. There is no point using fancy desktop dac if the hardware implementation is only good enough to reach 120dB DNR.
    One could just as easily ask why use the desktop sabre chip at all. There is a reason the hm901 is the only dual desktop sabre dap, because it means a fat dap... no thanks. The desktop chips are big and unwieldy, while the mobile chips are compact allowing space for good Implementation without resorting to stacked pcb's resulting in a fat dap like hm901. It is simply a matter of pcb space and how to best use it efficiently for best implementation, which gives advantage to the mobile chip.
    Implementation is what determines SQ, not the dac chip. Hope people understand that, too many people think it is 50% implementation and 50% dac, or even 100% dac... Nope, 100% determined by implementation, as long as dac is suitable, aka any high end dac will do equally fine.
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  14. bormak
    ES9018K2M same dac clip as Calyx M.
    I love my Calyx M than AK380 so I will give them a try.
  15. clarkydaz
    This is one sexy mofo
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