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Onkyo DP-S1 Rubato / Pioneer XDP-30R Private

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by steve80, Mar 8, 2017.
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  1. rockwell
    the small screen looks ridiculous. the bezels are huge. and the ui seems to be pretty laggy. hopefully the hidizs ap200 is an alternative...
  2. audionewbi
    Today I spent sometimes with the following setups in chronological sequences of usage:
    1. XBA-N3+DP-S1 in balance mod
    2. Sony WM1A + JVC HA SW-01 in single ended mod
    3. Sony WM1A + JVC HA FW-01
    4. AK70+JVC SU-AX07 + FW-1
    I admit that is a lot of fiddling around in one day and perhaps after a long day of listening to music perhaps the later setup weren't as engaging merely based on fatigue causing lack of interest but I kept craving for XBA-N3 and DP-S1 setup. 
    I really think Onkyo has achieve something that with the right marketing it should please a large portion of the portable audio market. I also like using the dps1 to feed my amps like HUM HYPNO. the result is improve width and sound spread. 
  3. kel77

    The UI is actually pretty fast and smooth, at least compared to a AK380.
    The library scanning does not work too well though and I do face problems when loading new tracks to the sd card and it is not added even after scanning. Need to dismount one of the card each time in order for it to be recognised after adding new tracks.
    Also, no gapless implemented in current firmware.
  4. nanaholic
    Owning the XBA-N3 and tried listening to the JVCs before even out of my WM1Z I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that it's the N3 that's making you wanting to go back to that set up. The N3 has a really fun and engaging sound and sounds great with just about any source, and at its current heavily discounted price punches well above its price point. 
    audionewbi likes this.
  5. corius

    I've recently got a pair of XBA-N3s having passed through SE846s, ie800s and RHA T20s. It seems like the less I pay the better the sound! I've paired them with a WM1A and balanced cable both of which cost more than the XBA-N3s! I really think they are fantastic value for money with really great build quality and a wonderful sound.
  6. FranTBW
    Subbed, these looks promising! If they can be used as a USB DAC, I'm completely sold. If not, it's between these two, their older brothers (XDP-300R and DP-X1A) or maybe the iBasso DX200/Fiio X7
  7. addyg

    I recommend one iem audio-technica ath-e40 to pair with. I owed the e40 and tried the Sony N3 and fw01. For vocal, I think e40 > fw01 > N3 (listen with dpx1).
  8. hemtmaker
    Does it have optical output via the 3.5 mm jack?
  9. qsk78
    No, it has nothing, unfortunately -  this is my disappointment of the year ))
  10. WCDchee
    Does this player really not have USB audio out? I couldn't get it to work either and the guys in the shop in Japan said it didn't work. Does anyone have any idea if it might perhaps be an option in future? I was just thinking that if it worked well, with the iphone remote feature it would completely render the chord poly useless and a waste of money.
  11. Tokyoghoul
    They have confirmed that it will supported in the future.
  12. hemtmaker
    Too bad.... I almost pulled the trigger
  13. addyg

    Take a look at Kann which has two usb so it can be charging + usb out at the same time. Earliest review its usb out is better than AK optical out (using Hugo to test)
  14. qsk78
    Do not want to go back to AKM DAC, I prefer Burr-Brown, waiting for the opus# 3.
  15. audionewbi
    Guys just an update on my end, please take this with the consideration that the proper international FW is due in June I had to RMA my unit as a)Gapless support worked perfectly for some album and didnt for others. I couldn't pinpoint what cause it 2)I had sporadic disconnection on my 2.5mm jack which I suspect due to the jacks used. I never got that snap sound that gave me the confidence the IEM was plug securely. 
    Just didn't want to risk havign the dpx1 issues all over again and I returned mind. However all that ignored it is a nicely tuned little dap that puts AK70 and AK300 to shame sound wise. UI needs a lot of work to get to AK70 level. Sadly for now I am out and if I am not active in this thread dont think I am ignoring your comments guys. 
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