Onkyo DP-S1 Rubato / Pioneer XDP-30R Private

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by steve80, Mar 8, 2017.
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  1. Fra D
    Balanced sounds better to my ears. You need a cable with a 2.5mm 4pole jack to whatever your headphones need as balanced input connector(s).
  2. peter1480
  3. koinmove
    Balanced is sound way more better than unbalanced for me.

    after latest FW updated, wifi is more stable. and i already tested usb output with connect to Hugo2 without problem :ksc75smile:
  4. downhillryder
    TiddlyWinks/BadBanana It's possible the Internal drive has been reformatted but I think it unlikely.The 12.4GB size looks odd but I'm assuming the other 3.6GB holds the operating system files and is not exposed to the user. What size are your drives ? (nothing personal you understand :) )

    I confirm the drives are all formatted Linux-File-Stor MBR ex-Fat partitions. The internal drive does show 2mb unallocated which is a bit odd but there are definitely no bad blocks.

    If someone could kindly tell me the internal drive "Allocation unit size" and confirm the drive name as "INTERNAL" , all upper case ? I might take the risk and reformat it and run a surface check.

    Since neither Pioneer or Onkyo are responding to requests for help the internal storage is lost to me I may as well try that route.

    thanks guys
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2018
  5. Fra D
    It's Internal, not INTERNAL, AUS is 32 kbyte, exFAT. Have you tried the FW update already?
  6. downhillryder
    That's interesting. So rather than reformat I have for now changed the partition name to "Internal" and embarked on the whole revert to factory setting and re-sync a few times. If that doesn't work I will reformat. But somehow I don't think its going to help. The fact that resetting to factory defaults doesn't delete the contents of Internal like the manual says it will really convinces me the system can't see it.

    I'm on the Dec2017 FW release.Thanks again.
  7. Fra D
    But download it and try to flash from SD anyway, it may fix something if it flashes at all.
  8. Enrico00
    have you encountered problems with the range of the wifi? to me after 5-6 meters has little wifi signal
  9. Fra D
    I am 3 meters from an Arcadyan Experia modem/router and the DP-S1 already has trouble connecting to wifi.
  10. Enrico00
    Maybe if I knew it before, I did not buy it ..

    Anyway, for those who use services like Tidal or Deezer, I can not download the songs in the memory of DAP to listen to them offline. it's possible to do it?
  11. downhillryder
    The firmware doesn't want to re-flash.

    So the rename to "Internal" and associated reset to factory settings,try sd1 and2 , resync etc didn't help so I took the plunge and wiped the partition,recreated it, ran a surface test , washed and repeated. Not a single error on the surface test and no bad blocks. so since I was here I tried it as both logical and physical partition. Not a single glimmer of recognition after repeated resync again and again. What was it Einstein said about repeating things and getting the same results ?

    So I'm giving up and will live without the internal memory - unless Pioneer or Onkyo get back to me, which seems unlikely, I'll stump up for some bigger cards.

    Shame really but thanks to all who chipped in with help.
  12. MrSlim
    No, the Company line is that only clients on "qualified" OS platforms can be licensed for offline downloads, and Linux, which this DAP runs is not one of them.

    I just got mine yesterday, still waiting for a 200GB SD for it, hoping I don't have to spend too much time cleaning up my library before loading it.
  13. Enrico00
    but only me and Fra D have problems with the WIFI connection?
  14. shane55
    I've had issues as well... sitting right next to the router, max signal. Connects, then drops. Never been solid.
    But I've chosen to ignore it, only because I haven't needed it.
  15. Enrico00
    is it possible to use the Pioneer XDP-30R as an external dac? PC / MAC -> Pioneer XDP-30R -> AMP
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