Onkyo DP-S1 Rubato / Pioneer XDP-30R Private

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by steve80, Mar 8, 2017.
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  1. BadBanana
    It took a couple of goes this time. Perhaps it could have been the server? Normally I have WiFi switched off, and when I switched it on the player did not see the update. I tried this a few times. I found that I had to power off with the WiFi enabled, then power back on, and then the player could see the update and it proceeded without further issues. Like some previous updates, the player did a full re-sync after the update.
  2. geo626
    Just updated the 30r with the new FW. I have the japanese release model so no tidal. But the new FW gave the 30r. Deezer! Woot! Just subscribed to Deezer Hifi for FLAC streaming!
  3. opienor
    I also had problems updating. When download was initiated the progress never started and I would suddenly see an error message. Had to restart the unit and do a few tries before it finally updated as normal.
  4. koinmove
    Deezer for latest FW! but it cant download for offline use...zzzz
    anyone feel the Wifi receive is better and more stable after updated?

  5. kevindiu
    I haven't seen any update on my DP-S1. I miss my USB out function, is anyone received the update on DP-S1?
  6. geo626
    Try to turn on wifi. Then turn off dap then turn on again with wifi connected.

    Thats what I did with the 30r to see update.
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  7. kevindiu
    Thank you very much, I finally see my update on it, thank you :)
  8. BigAund
    Updated my 30r last night. It seems a bit snappier when browsing.
  9. Brian Oneal
    Hey All. I didn't see this answered any where in earlier posts but wanted to ask about a difference between the displays on the rubato and the pioneer model.From pictures I've' seen. it appears that when displaying album art on the now playing screen , the album art on the pioneer model fills more of the screen. Can anyone verify this? this would e preferable on such a small screen.
  10. downhillryder
    Reposting , hoping for a reply.

    My xdp-30r has stopped showing the contents of the internal memory in the Library or the folders even after resync etc. The drive and contents is visible when mounted on a PC.

    Anyone know how to force a resync of internal storage ?

    I suspect a missing or corrupted file on that drive. Has this happened to anyone else ?

    Anyone willing to post a directory/property content listing of their internal drive including hidden files, format info etc for reference ? Any clue would be hugely appreciated.
  11. Fra D
    Connect it to a pc and try a scan/repair of the drives "internal" and the sd, may help.
  12. toitoinou
    This is exactly what I experience when adding more than 40k tracks to my Pioneer xdp-30r (about 240 Go worth of MP3)
    One simple way to know if you're facing the same issue is to browse the folders on your DAP. With only one SD card inserted, the DAP showed me SD1 and SD2 (SD2 was empty).
    Only way to allow it to index my music again was to reset it (reset settings or factory reset).

    Have a nice day
  13. migoelo
    I have a question regarding the balanced output. If I take a look into the specs the output should be ~twice of the standard output compared with the 3.5mm connector. If i'm using the XDP-30r with a Beyerdynamic T5P 2Gen with the original 3.5mm jack and compare it with the Beyerdynamic 2.5mm balanced cable I can not here difference in the volume? Also the change of the switch between AGC and balanced brings no difference in the max. volume. Is this normal? I have bought the player in Germany (EU), could be the EU regulation (max. volume for portable devices) the problem? Thanks
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2017
  14. tmauceri
    I only use the balanced output so I can't comment on volume differences between balanced and unbalanced. But I don't hear a difference between balanced and AGC. I can say I like Balanced better than AGC though.
  15. migoelo
    Do you have also an EU (European Union) device in use?
    Curious is, if I switch from balanced to AGC i can't here a difference in the volume, but if i switch back it is for part of second a little bit louder. This was the reason for my guess at the EU regulation.

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