Onkyo DP-S1 Rubato / Pioneer XDP-30R Private

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by steve80, Mar 8, 2017.
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  1. downhillryder
    Thank you both for your help.

    I connected the player via usb, deleted all music files from the internal drive , scanned and repaired the internal drive (no errors)

    I inserted two new sd cards and put one flac file on each of the internal, sd1 and sd2 cards.

    I reset the device to factory settings and rebooted.

    On power up I did a full rescan.

    The library then showed one file on sd1 and one file on sd2. The internal drive did not show in the folders directory and the file i put on it did not show in the library.

    Remounting on the usb/computer showed the file still on the internal drive.

    The internal drive shows as 12.4GB I assume the other 3.6GB is allocated to the system.(wish I could see that !)

    I still wonder if I'm missing a file on the internal drive. I can't think how to force the system to show/scan that drive for certain.

    Any more ideas would be much appreciated.
  2. downhillryder

    The manual actually says if you do a factory reset all the music files get deleted from the internal drive. This did not happen,as I describe above. I am still led to the conclusion I have a missing file or identifier on my internal drive which means the operating system is ignoring it. Any snapshot/directory listing of an intact internal drive would be appreciated as well. Thanks all
  3. Tagheuer
    Hi there, actually I have Sony NW-A35 16 GB storage.Really would like to buy this player direct from Japan. Anyone can compare how to sound Pioneer XDP-30R vs Sony NW-A35? My set up is Sennheiser HD598, and earphones AudioTechnica ATH IM 01.Thanks.
  4. Luvdac
    I have the onkyo dp s1 (pioneer on the way) and the sony. The sony has a great ui, ldac and aptx hd bluetooth but middling sound as compared to the onkyo/pioneer.
  5. RoMee Contributor
    Acutally, the A35 does not have aptX, the new A40 does, but not the A35, and yes, the Pioneer sound better imo.
  6. MrSlim
    If you ever think you might be interested in Tidal, then don't get one from Japan. The Japanese version is not licensed for Tidal and even flashing with N.A or EU firmware doesn't help. There is a vendor on Amazon.ca that has the XPD-30R for a very good price and it is advertised as having Tidal, so it must be the N.A. version.
  7. Luvdac
    I stand corrected on the bluetooth format
  8. Fra D
    I meant "scan it with all files still on it", to eventually find/fix library issues. There are no other files showing on my DP-S1 drives other than the music folders/files when using it as mass media device once connected to a pc. No system files at all.
    There's an "all songs" option when browsing sd's and internal, after the start-up sync. The only time I miss complete folders is when there are files it them the player doesn't recognize like OggVorbis.
    So put the files that show on SD on internal, still no show, not even the internal drive itself?
    What when removing both SD cards, still no internal with music folder/files?
    Download and (re-) run a FW update from SD?
  9. Tagheuer
    Much appreciated for your help guys.I am looking for crispy and warm sound.Hope Pioneer got me this feature:) I have Cayin,Xduoo x3 and Sony DAP,those players has great DAC,features and etc.I will buy from amazon.ca Pioneer N.A. Version after holidays,of course I love to listen Tidal and Deezer in my car through Hartman/Kardon system.Hope to get crispy and warm sound,which one I have at my home from my stereo.
  10. MrSlim
    If the XDP-30R isn't "crispy and warm" enough out of the box, then you should be able to get the sound signature you want with the built in 10 Band EQ.
  11. downhillryder
    Screenshot (7).png
    They were new sd cards scanned before use. There were no issues.

    If your DP-S1 shows no system files when connected to a pc then perhaps your directory views are not set to show hidden files because there must surely be a SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION file. (See attached picture)(Hopefully)

    "All Songs" only show the files/folder contents on SD1 and SD2 after the startup sync. If I put the same stuff on the Internal drive they do not show up in "All Songs"

    They are definitly on the Internal drive when mounted on the PC.

    The internal drive does not show up under folders on the DAP at all.

    If I do a "Full Reset" on the DAP the internal drive is NOT wiped of all music like the manual says it will. Which still makes me think it (the DAP) doesn't see the Internal drive for what it is. For some reason.

    No Internal drive seen with both SD cards removed, either with or without files. Always seen when PC mounted.

    Fra D , i must thank you for taking the time to help me.
  12. tiddlywinks
    Is it something to do with logical and primary partitions - the internal memory of the XDP-30R is 16GB but in the screen shot it shows a total capacity of 12.42GB is this a logical partition and there is a primary partition somewhere maybe not activated yet?
    My knowledge about what I am writing is next to non existent so apologies if right off the mark.
  13. BadBanana
    Yes, the storage will be partitioned in some way, but as far as I can tell, only the storage partition is configured to be externally visible, so I don't think much can be learned just from this.

    However, I wonder whether the properties of the internal storage partition/drive have been modified in some way. That might render it still visible to Windows, but invisible internally.

    @downhillryder - Is there any possibiliy that this storage has been reformatted so that the PC can still see it but the player can not? I see you posted the properties already - my Onkyo player looks pretty much the same but has no issues.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2017
  14. aztec506
    kind of a silly question by a kind of silly guy - the Pioneer 30R has a balanced line input. To get a balanced signal do I just need to replace the cable on my headphones from a 3.5mm output to the smaller balanced output? If that is all one needs to do is the difference in sound noticeably better?
  15. Fra D
    No problem.
    There are some messages about internal and 2 sd-cards in slots going wrong, internal disappearing with 2 or just one sd-card in slot, etc. Have you tried resetting the player when both sd slots empty. Maybe try it several times, had troubles myself after a fw upgrade and missing icons which took several resets.
    Your screenshots show about the same as what I see in disk management, exFAT formatted and folder structure wise. Still, you may want to try to reflash the firmware.
    If you right-click internal in disk management, then properties - hardware, you should see three Linux File-Stor usb gadget devices, all mbr partition style volumes with 0, 38xx and 12xxx mb size. All with 0 mb unallocated, check that too (properties - volumes - populate)
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2018
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