Onkyo DP-S1 Rubato / Pioneer XDP-30R Private

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by steve80, Mar 8, 2017.
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  1. khestoi
    Do you think it is possible to apply skinz at the back? Like the dbrand stuff. I am planning to immitate the fate heavens feel release of ak70.
  2. BadBanana
    Maybe crazy, but that is exactly what they do. If you want to include some streaming service in a product (could be Tidal, Spotify, or some other), they typically charge each brand a fixed fee for each model to cover testing and the approvals that they insist upon to ensure that the product gives a satisfactory user experience for that service. Often they also provide a binary software component (not source code) to support the service which they build for the brand. I dare say that brands like Onkyo (with their shared business with Pioneer) have some say in the level of the fees, and may get a special deal.
  3. Fabaaroan
    Hi Everybody
    I just bought a dp s1 for the second time and I had the same issue.
    I don t had all the album or song or artist avalaible on the menu . Some are not avalaible and I don t know why;
    But if i check on the folder all my albums are avalaible and I could choose the one I want. And I had just one micro sd card (128 g)

    So right now I use on the folder menu but I want to know if some one else had the same problem ?

    With this problem I hesitate to send back my unit (too bad because I appreciate a lot the size and the sound) .
  4. 8BitKid
    This sounds like it might be an issue with your music’s metadata. I’d highly recommend checking out Bliss (http://blisshq.com) to see if information is accurate in your library.
  5. Fabaaroan
    Why not
    But with other daps I had no problem.
    Again I could navigate and choose any album with the folder menu.
    But not with the Artist or Album menu.
  6. WilcoRoger
    What you should do is to rescan the library, maybe a couple of times. I have sometimes this issue when adding/deleting songs, the firs rescan doesn't pick up all the changes.
  7. BadBanana
    What are the file types? Are they in the player's internal memory or on cards? If cards, were the files transferred using the player or a separate card reader? There are many possible causes for this kind of problem, including tags, corruptions, Windows settings for files stored on external devices using 3 letter file extensions or not, etc., etc.
  8. tonehk
    Hi, can somebody using the non-japan version confirm that following the latest update, the players can stream tidal masters (MQA) - with MQA icon showing up?
  9. tomcdman
    I just logged in and checked and it does show MQA 44.1 Hz
  10. geo626
    I recently have an issue with my 30r.

    While in use it will suddenly stop a song 1sec before the recording end. But I cannot play, forward backward on the DAP. I can go back to the main menu and choose a different song but whenever I did, It will say now loading screen but will not proceed to load.

    The only solution of this "hang" is press on power key and shutdown then boot up again.

    Any of you experience this? Any solution or suggestion what is happening?
  11. tonehk
    thanks for checking. i think these two portable devices are currently the only ones which can stream Tidal MQA masters now.
  12. ce3eoa
    I connected and got MQA 96khz, with Norah Jones Come Away With Me Album.
    The only problem, is that each time I connect, I have to enter again the Tidal username and password
  13. tmauceri
  14. SpanishGuy
    Hello everybody, I started to use my xdp 30 today and have a battery issue. The battery level is always showing full charge but after hours of use the player turn off showing a big empty battery in the screen. Does anybody have some problem like that? Is like the software can't check the battery status. Thanks in advance.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2017
  15. Technocrafts
    I would delightfully remark, that this player produces stellar sound with far more modest pairing, such as a pair of Sennheiser IE80, with balanced cable upgrade, of course. Nice review, spot on!
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