Onkyo DP-S1 Rubato / Pioneer XDP-30R Private

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by steve80, Mar 8, 2017.
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  1. aztec506
    Finally got the protective cover off my danged 30-R, lol. I went out to the garage and got some gorilla tape, pressed it fairly hard for about 5 seconds and up it came. Thankfully I didn't have to resort to using a knife edge considering the shakiness of my hands. If any newbie has doubts - it does come off.
  2. koinmove
    Dps1a for more than 48000 yen is hard for me to accept too...
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  3. qsk78
    Let'see what the actual price will be after its launch in December.
  4. Technocrafts
    This is a niche market! If they expect to sell a significant number of that new version above $400 USD per piece, they are dreaming! I'm yet to encounter a single person anywhere in public, who would listen music on anything other than their smartphones, and happily so with the earbuds that came with it! I have no seen anyone over the many years spent with higher end portable audio, with as much as a pair of Sennheiser IE80 or Logitech UE900, that I would spot from miles...I paid $335 for my Rubato, money that was well spent, but I would not pay a penny more for it, including a new one with all the problems fixed...The DP-X1A would make a lot more sense, but then might as well just buy a smartphone that produces high quality sound, like the HTC-10, if I have to pocket around another smartphone like device just for music, with abysmal battery life!
  5. qsk78
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  6. WilcoRoger
    Jeez, for that price you can get the DP-S1 and a HD-600 !
  7. toitoinou
    Hi everyone

    This is my first post here.... I just felt I had to warn people not to make the same mistake I did.
    The Pioneer XDP-30R had the perfect form factor for me and I thought this was the DAP I was looking for :
    - It has 2 Micro SD slots and can handle 400 Gb Sandisk cards but.... around 36 000 tracks, the scanning process just stops there and you can't even browse the folders that weren't indexed, so it's as if some of your music is simply missing.
    Also, once you've reached that limit, then you'll need to reset the player's settings or it won't be able to scan your cards anymore
    I tried formatting the card, using other cards, putting some other music thinking it was my ID3 tags or file names... but I just wasted my time.
    I find this extremely disappointing since Pioneer advertises that the player can handle 528 Gb of storage, which would represent around 80 000 tracks in 320k MP3 format.
    As for me, I was hoping to keep all my music in my pocket, and it simply won't be possible
    - It allows you to use Tidal... but only if you didn't buy the japanese version, and I regret so much not reading this topic before I bought the XDP-30R
    When I ordered my DAP, I thought it would be a good idea to order it from Japan, since I also wanted a Pioneer leather case that I couldn't find elsewhere, and because it was so much cheaper that in Europe
    - The interface seemed pretty slick... but browsing in your artists list is simply painfully slow because the player loads album covers as you're browsing.
    This is so unnecessary and I'm now considering removing cover art from all my albums in order to speed this up

    So, even if it sounds great using the balanced output, even if the remote app that allows you to control the player from your phone is pure genius, I think this player will soon be collecting dust.... If I haven't thrown it out the window by then
    This was my first DAP, and now that I bought a 400 Gb card and a balanced cable for my Meze 99 Classics, I'm hesitating between cutting my losses or trying other DAP hoping to find one that can handle up to 100 000 files and also stream music from Qobuz or Tidal.
    I'm running firmware 1.11 by the way, but I doubt a firmware update can solve this scanning issue. As for the region issue, I simply don't understand the choice not to offer all streaming services, since it's your IP that should determine your region, not the hardware.

    I hope this post will help people not making the same mistake I made

  8. koinmove
    Thx for the sharing! my files are flac and dsd... so might dont have so many songs in 128gb cards.....
  9. koinmove
    the battery life not bad, around 10~13 hours.
    Play with flac and 20% dsd files,
    most of the time open bluetooth, listen with balanced on volume 10~16.
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  10. WilcoRoger
    80.000 tracks?? If each of them is only 3 minutes (very low key number) it's 240.000 minutes = 4.000 hours, about 6 months of music day in, day out, without a minute's break, without any repetition. And you carry it around. Wow.

    As for the streaming services - think of it as Onkyo's way of region (price) control. Many electronics stuff (e.g. some Sony cameras) have only Japanese menus, etc if you buy the domestic version. They'll sell you the international version, too, but at a different price. And with 80.000 tracks on your SD card, why would you need streaming?
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  11. tankertop
    Toitoinou, the problem here appears to be that you’re attempting to use a single 400Gb card instead of 2 x 200 GB cards. If you read the published XDP-30R spec it clearly states the player supports ‘Two micro SD Card Slots Supporting Up to 400 GB Total Capacity’. The important word there is ‘Total’. Logically then, it stands to reason that one can only use SD cards with a max capacity of 200 GB each.


    There’s a sub-line that suggests Pioneer is investigating the compatibility of 256 GB cards but there’s no absolutely mention of 400 GB cards being compatible.

    The user manual further confirms that Pioneer is offering support for 200 GB cards only. It states... ‘Number of music files recordable... This is a guide to the number of music files you can record to the internal memory of this unit....Approximately 2,400 tracks (MP3 format: when 5 MB) Approximately 60 tracks (FLAC lossless 24 bit/192 kHz: when 200 MB)‘

    I daresay that if you use the player with the correct 200 GB micro SD cards it is specified for then it will work as intended...
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  12. toitoinou
    Hi Tankertop
    You may be right. I did try to split about 245 Gb of music on two cards, but I did not reset the player beforehand, so the scan may have been stuck because of my previous attempt.
    I'm currently copying music on two cards with 35 000 titles (about 180 Gb) on one and 20 000 (about 120 Gb) on the other one. I'll let you know how it goes.
    I have to admit that buying a 400 Gb card was probably reckless on my part, but at least une contributor seemed to confirm that it would work... I guess he probably filled it with HQ files so he didn't experience any issue.
    I would love to be able to have all my music on a DAP without having to swap cards. As for streaming, I'll just cross my fingers and hope that Tidal or Qobuz gets supported on japanese players soon.
    Thanks for the advice again
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  13. 8BitKid
    Unfortunately but understandably, Onkyo/Pioneer charges more for the official domestic releases over resellers offering the Japanese equivalents. One of the reasons the US versions could be more expensive is that perhaps there are licensing fees associated with integrating the various region-specific streaming services. Personally, I actually traded in my DP-X1 for the DP-S1, and have been quite pleased. I listen to primarily 192/24 FLAC or DSD files on it and have had minor issues that have been addressed with each subsequent release. Even if my DP-X1 had higher-end components, I use the DP-S1 more simply because of the size. While the DP-S1A is an incremental upgrade, the only real attraction for me is the reduced rattle of the volume wheel.

    Hopefully, these units have been generating enough sales that we'll see a true successor in the form of a DP-S2.

    Also, I highly endorse the library management/metadata tool Bliss. It supports DSD files and has done a great job at helping me optimize album artwork as well as populate and clean up various tags.
  14. shane55
    I've been using my DP-S1 with two 256 Samsung EVO cards, packed with mostly Hi-Res and CD res files in .aif, wav, FLAC, and no issues whatsoever. Scans of both cards take less time than one 256 GB card takes on my DX90. Of course with the size of these files, there are far fewer than 10,000 files. Far fewer...

    I like this DAP. The sound is extremely similar to the DX90 (which is to say Outstanding), but the features kick it to the curb. MQA is amazing (tests off the 2L site). Two cards, very passable UI. Balanced out.

    Now... give us back USB out, and we'll be back to ALL the reasons I got this unit, and I'll be a truly ecstatic owner.
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  15. peter1480
    Yes all my files are HQ so I do n't have the numbe only file size. Which I did mention in my post. I think about 19000 tracks now on 400 + 256 GB added ove a period of days so I do n't know the total scan time, I just scan newly added each time.
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