Onkyo DP-S1 Rubato / Pioneer XDP-30R Private

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by steve80, Mar 8, 2017.
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  1. WilcoRoger
    Of course the US version is not the domestic, but the export version. :)
    I was also thinking about licensing issues/fees - if Onkyo is paying a certain amount to the streaming services for each unit sold, it would make no sense to include it on the JP version, where those ervices are not available. OTOH it would be a crazy business modell for the streaming services to ask for money from hw manufacturers...
  2. koinmove
    I re-read his post then only reliaze he put in a 400gb card... i thought is 2 x 200gb cards :laughing:
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2017
  3. toitoinou
    Hi again

    Today I tried with two 128 Gb cards and I can now confirm that with firmware 1.11 the maximum capacity of the player's database is about 36 000 tracks, which is about 200 Gb worth of 320kbps MP3.
    You can either put them all on one card or split them on two cards... When the scanner reaches around 36 000 - 37 000 tracks it simply sits there and won't be able to update the database anymore until you reset all settings.
    The good news is that that the XDP-30R seems to handle 400Gb cards just fine, as long as you remain under this 36k tracks limit.

    Have a great weekend

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  4. WilcoRoger
    If that's confirmed, it might be either a hw or fw/sw limit - though 36k records are not much in a database.

    400GB cards - I didn't know they existed :) Now if the 30R could really take 2x400GB, that would open up a whole new world of DSD/hi-res (and still staying below the presumed 36k songs)
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  5. khestoi
    Are there issues with the jacks of this dap?
    Whats the issue with the back material?

    How would this compare with cayin i5?
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2017
  6. Technocrafts
    Your questions regarding the Rubato, or the XDP-30R? If the former, I can't report any issues with the jacks, so far they are holding out just fine. The fake leather back material lends the Rubato a cheap look and feel, otherwise there's nothing wrong with it. I can't answer your third question, for I have zero experience with the cayin i5.
  7. khestoi
    My question is for the 30r.
  8. jook
    I may be the only one, but I actually like it and it was one of the reasons I bought it. The overall aesthetics is very 80s-device-retro, and functional, and reminds me of DAT tapes, and my Ricoh GRD camera. Neither of which are cheap.

    I can't much stand the "posh shiny" design aesthetics that have taken hold since the iPod. For me, that now feels cheap as it is everywhere (and often on cheap products).
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  9. Technocrafts
    I wouldn't complain about the Rubato's overall aesthetics either, simplistic, practical and ultra-portable, attractive from all aspects otherwise. Personally I would like to see brushed metal back, anodized the same color as the body. Regarding the iPods, the Classic was great during its heydays, and it was also very durable, mine lasted for well over six years...I ported Rockbox to it, as soon as a stable port was available, and it was still usable when I sold it after more than six years of use. I'll be curious how durable the Rubato will prove to be!
  10. jook
    The iPod was certainly unique when it was introduced, but I was never a fan of the "breathe on it and it scratches" back. This singlehandedly introduced a whole industry of third party case accessories.

    Prior to this, it was understood that when you design and purchase a portable product to be carried around, you'd expect it to be made of durable and scratch resistant material.

    But from then on, everybody now EXPECTS to buy a case to add to the bulk of a product that was already (supposedly) designed to be carried in pockets, etc. and it turned into a hobby for some.

    I never needed my portable devices to resemble jewellery, and to be treated as such. I don't mind that others did, but the lack of choices on the market since the iPod has been frustrating. So I for one appreciate Onkyo's functional direction here and consider it ballsy.

    I also think the matte finish on the one-piece aluminium chassis is great (again, scratch resistant. that was the whole point engineers made things like this in the 80s). Brushed metal is on every other product, including the Pioneer model.
  11. khestoi
    I thought the 30r and rubato were the same. So are there any 30r users here?
    How are the jacks?
    Is the back also made of p leather?
  12. HipHopScribe
    The back of the 30R is plastic. Haven't had it long enough to say how the jacks will hold up
  13. ce3eoa
    I have both, a Japanesse DP-S1, and a US XDP-30R, and I believe they have the same built quality, and the jacks look and feel solid in both. The sound is also the same, allthough Oprefer the look and feel of the silver XDP-30R.
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  14. khestoi
    Ok so looks like there are no jack issues in this model...
    Will this perform better than cayin n3 or x5 gen3?
  15. aztec506
    I have a 30r. No issues with the jacks or back material here although I haven't used the balanced output. I like the little thing and would buy it again. My only criticism is in my attempts to connect to TuneIn or Tidal here in the US. Trying to launch TuneIn brings up a "failed to operate" and attempts at Tidal will finally work but it takes awhile. I don't listen much to online music so it's not that big a deal to me, but I had signed up for a trial period of Tidal to see what it had. Using the most current firmware and my network is fast and stable.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
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