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*Official Schiit Magni/Modi 2 ( Uber ) Thread*

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  1. rck1984
    Still fiddling around with it, its currently on High gain.
    I don't know about that comparison but i have been reading on the net that the STX DAC is actually quite good, the DAC used in the Modi seems inferior on paper. I do know however that its not just the DAC chip that makes good/bad sound-quality, other components used definitely make it or break it as well. I have read several reviews/comments that it's not worth it going from the DAC on the STX to a Modi. I have even read that the DAC on the STX is better.
  2. Anthony Lo
    Hi All,
    I am just bought these combo from online, looking forward to drive my HE-400 !!! 
  3. petetheroadie
    Can I ask what you guys use as a source for the magni modi combo? Toying with the idea of getting these and putting them beside a comfy chair then buying a stand that I can use as a dock for my phone. Will use them with my beyer dt880 pro's. Are you guys using DAPs or just running a USB cable from your computer?
  4. Mr Rick
    Of course you can do it any way your prefer. I'm running USB from my computer to the Modi, and a CD player, through a Schiit SYS into my Magni .
  5. Krutsch

    For me: a Mac Mini into a Schiit Wyrd via USB and then USB into the Modi 2U, with analog out into my 2-channel integrated amp + speakers.
    A fantastic budget DAC, IMO.
  6. bikerboy94

    Both. Fiio X3 with coax and laptop usb.
  7. mysticstryk
    Is it ok to flip the low/high gain switch on the back of the Magni 2 Uber while listening to music or turning the amp off?
  8. Kopftelefon
    I did it multiple times while listening to music in order to try out some headphones with different gain settings.
    The amp is fully functional as of today. [​IMG]
  9. mysticstryk
    Ok, I was worried I would damage a circuit or something.
  10. lazerbeam
    Hi guys. Are there any Canadian buyers here who can share their actual experience importing into Canada?

    It seems straight forward to me....order direct factor in shipping charge, currency conversion and the est broker fee noted by Schiit and the HST. Can any Canadian buyers chime in and confirm if there are any other duties / taxes imposed by border?
  11. Anthony Lo
    Finally got the combos, but what a idiot am I !!! I forget to buy the RCA and usb cables...  >.<"" Need to wait again !!!

  12. ChesterYonany
    when i turn ON th magni, there is a "click" sound after a few seconds from the right driver. (the headphones are already on my head)
    is that normal?
  13. bikerboy94

    Yes. Not sure about right driver alone but there is a click. I get it in both drivers. I believe its a delay so you don't get a power surge.
  14. bikerboy94

    You can use any cables they don't have to be the ones Schiit sells on there site.
    Anthony Lo likes this.
  15. MarcelE
    I always turn on the Schiit first (in my case the Asgard 2) and then connect the headphones.
    Somehow thats common practice for me. What if something is blown when turning on the amp and you have your phones connected (thats mostly the reason I always connect it after turning on),
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