1. drichardjackson

    Magni 2 / Magni 2 Uber Impressions

    I would love to hear everyone's impressions of the newest little amps from the company with an unmentionable name .
  2. SpienerVince

    *Official Schiit Magni/Modi 2 ( Uber ) Thread*

    Dear Head-Fi guys/girls,   Because these babies deserve there own thread! Share your setup and talk about there awesomo factor 
  3. bust3r

    Sennheiser HD650's looking for a new headphone amp

    Hey all, I have a pair of HD650's that is paired with a headroom (own brand, its at least 6-7 yrs old) microDAC but it's lacking severely in the bass.  It's ok at lower volumes until I turn it up and then the treble and mids take over, which is fine--if I can find an amp where the bass can keep...
  4. mblight

    Newbie question

    Hello, all, Any help would be much appreciated... and I apologize in advance for what my seem like stupid questions. I am just getting into the hobby. I recently purchased a pair of NVX audio XPT00's, and I'm trying to make them sound as best as they possibly can. When I first plugged them...
  5. Operakid

    Speaker amps for headphones

    I have a number of extremely high quality tube and solid state amps for speakers.  I am wondering about using them with Sennheiser HD800 headphones, which I do not have yet (backordered).  I know that my hundred watt transformer coupled tube amps will lost a lot of power at that impedance, and...
  6. Jason Stoddard

    The Schiitstorm: Next-Gen Magni 2 and Modi 2 Family!

    Hey all,   Buckle up, because this is likely our biggest announcement of the year: the next-generation Magni 2 and Modi 2…together with their Uber counterparts.   There are four products in second-gen Magni/Modi family:   Magni 2. All-new discrete headphone amp with 1.2W RMS per channel...
  7. joachimvhw

    DAC for AKG550

    Hi   My new AKG550 get static from my onboard RealTek soundcard, and people advised me to buy a DAC, which should also increase sound quality significantly. I've been looking for a good DAC for these headphones, and there's a few recurring names. Could someone shed some light on which would be...
  8. Torashin

    I have a Fidelio X1 & OTL tube amp (from MBP)... how do I proceed?

    I don't usually create recommendation threads but I really can't make my mind up so here goes!   The amp is a little bear P8, and was a birthday gift, so I can't really return it. There aren't too many details available for it, but I'm assuming it has a rather high output impedance. My main...
  9. Delta9

    DAC/AMP for Alpha Dog cans?

    So I'm probably going to buy a pair of Alpha Dog's with my tax return. I run all my headphones off of my computer via the motherboard. I was thinking of getting an amp but don't know what one to buy. I'd rather not break the bank with it but suggestions are welcome. I was thinking something...
  10. bosstonez

    Newbie looking for advice on maximizing experience(already have gear)

    Hey guys I'm really new to this audiophile world, but I'm madly enamoured with a great listening experience. I'm trying to make the most out of my gear.    Right now I listen to music from my PC via a Schiit Modi 2/Magni 2, Shure 1540, or Sennheiser 598(what a difference the Schiit stack...
  11. idiotz0rz

    Need AMP+DAC recommendations for my newly purchased "DT990 Premium 600o"

    Title says it all.   I've looked around and I've came across Schiit Magni 2 + Modi 2 (I've heard the stack is the way to go). I'm just not sure if they're the best choice that I have atm.   Also, if someone could explain why I'd need the DAC and how much difference it'd make, that'd be great...
  12. Schiit Modi 2

    Schiit Modi 2

    Modi 2: Improve Any Computer’s Sound Modi 2 plugs into virtually any computer—Windows, Mac, popular Linux distros, Intel Chromebooks, as well as iPhones and iPads. Just plug in via USB and go with no drivers in Standard Mode, up to 24/96 output. Switch to Expert Mode for extended high-res...