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*Official Schiit Magni/Modi 2 ( Uber ) Thread*

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  1. SpienerVince
    Dear Head-Fi guys/girls,
    Because these babies deserve there own thread!
    Share your setup and talk about there awesomo factor[​IMG] 
  2. 12kurupt

    Just ordered the uber stack. Look forward to seeing how they sound compared to my A2/Uber Bifrost stack. Can't wait to hear them!
  3. SpienerVince
    Nice, when will they be arrive? Would love to see how the two sound and perform against the A2/Uber Bitfrost stack.
  4. tfwnogf
    actually, these are very tempting to me
    sad schiit is, the price will actually went up to like, $400 or something in here
    the Modi that sells for $99 on the website sells for $250 in my place :frowning2:
  5. SpienerVince
    I know how you are feeling right now. Here in the Netherlands I can get them easily, but they cost around 125/135 Euro each, which is a lot more that 99 Dollars each......
  6. Amoy
    is magni 2 uber good with HD650 ? how much is its improvement to magni 2?
  7. SpienerVince
    It will be good with the HD650, how much improvement I can't say, but it will be better, some even compare it with the Asgard 2[​IMG]
    Haven't seen a review where they compare the magni and magni 2 (Uber).
  8. kalrykh
    I'm curious as to whether the Modi 2 uber pulls power from the AC or from the USB.  I've used my iphone with my original usb Modi and it pulls too much power without a powered usb hub.  If all power draw comes from the AC, I could probably use this as a decent desktop setup at work.  Portable dac/amp units are ok, but if I'm going to leave it at work all the time, I don't want something I have to charge.
  9. SpienerVince
    The Modi 2 Uber pulls power from AC.
  10. kalrykh
    Yeah, was just afraid it would still pull from USB while connecting it that way and throw up a power draw warning on the phone.
  11. SpienerVince
    No, it will not draw power of the device you use as input, but I am not sure, Schiit didn't put that on the website[​IMG]
    Your phone should work fine with Modi 2 Uber.
  12. someone2015
    If you take into account that you have to buy dollars to pay schiit, you are left with a 40% difference due to shipping/importing, taxes. Which is quite difference from a 150%-300% increase, which is just artificial. The difference even goes down to 30% for the ubers, and down to 20% for the more expensive products. So the pricing seems quite reasonable.
    The only thing that it does is that it makes the uber more favorable to buy, compared to the standard version.
  13. SpienerVince
    But tax rate is 21% and import is another 8%, and they recalculate the package to euro's, which will be 99 Euro instead of 99 Dollar. They are like thief's here....
  14. someone2015
    The big difference is that in the US for internet purchases out of state no VAT is paid, if that wasn't the case price would be higher. And when it gets into europe you'll have to pay VAT. But you can hardly blame schiit or the importer for that. Why do you think import tax is 8%?
  15. SpienerVince
    Time ago I checked rating, because I bought stuff in China, it is a long time ago, so I don't know rates these days.
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