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*Official Schiit Magni/Modi 2 ( Uber ) Thread*

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  1. RandomDave
    Alright, so i got both Magni and Modi.
    Everything works fine, however i have a problem that the Modi throws out a very nasty pop when switching inputs.
    Also, the entire stack is getting to like 45°, to the point where it's not pleasant to touch. Is that fine or should i put a small fan near the stack to cool it down?
  2. tafens
    I mostly leave the headphones plugged in, but when not I usually insert them as you do.
  3. DCofficehack
    So honestly, people. If I got a Modi (already have a magni), would I really notice a difference? My source is a Mac PowerBook (2015) . I mostly listen to Beyerdynamik DT800s at my office.
  4. tamleo
    Yes, all different audio gears make difference. But you like it or not is a different story. Schiit Dacs generally make sound more smooth, powerful, wider, clearer compared to my laptop/PC. But it is more v-shaped as well.
    I think you should buy the Modi because your headphone needs an amp, so it also need a dac. 96% i think you will love the combo.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2018
  5. Taleru
    I actually send them an email about this and I was told it's completely fine.
  6. BobSmith8901
    My Magni 2 Uber gets hot, like when I put my hand on top of it after some period of usage I go like whoaa!!, so it is normal. The thing even seems to warm up the small room that my setup is in. I have my Magni and Modi2U right next to each other and the Modi itself only gets very mildly warm from normal usage.

    I can't really speak about hearing the Modi pop when I switch inputs as I have the optical going to my regular PC and the USB going to my mini-PC. When I switch inputs in this setup I don't hear anything.

    I seem to vaguely recall when I had the Modi hooked up to my regular PC with both USB and optical that I could hear it making a sort of popping noise when switching inputs, especially if the volume was high but I guess it didn't seem remarkable at the time.

    The Magni does make a popping sound after it does its delay after switching on but I know that's normal.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2018
  7. MassNerder
    Last summer I've sent Schiit an email about my Modi Uber 2 getting hot, and they replied it's normal to me as well.
    I've paired mine with a Marantz PM6006 and a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 220, and I'm pretty happy with my setup.
    Anyway, I have a pair of ATH-M50X which I haven't used in quite a while, and now I want to get back at listening with headphones.
    So, the Marantz headphone output is not bad, although it doesn't sound as good as with speakers, and I was wondering if a Schiit Magni 3 would be an upgrade over it. Also, I won't disconnect the RCA cable from the amp to connect the Modi directly to the Magni everytime I want to switch from speakers to headphones (like everyday after a certain hour); so I would use the Tape Out on the Marantz to get to the Magni. Would it make sense?

    Edit: I decided to get myself a pair of AKG K712 as I couldn't resist after reading the reviews, and I'll probably live happy with the headphone output of my integrated amp, at least for this year.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2019
  8. eimis
    I'll just drop this here...

    The low gain volume was too high for me so I lowered it by reducing the two resistors to ~152Ω (added ~200Ω resistors in parallel):

    It was too loud with HD650 and my source. I guess it could be reduced even more (would benefit the insanely efficient MDR-MA900) but that might affect the amp's operation negatively, I'm not familiar with amplifier design so...Do this at your won risk
  9. Dana Reed
    Since I'm bad at soldering, I took another approach to dealing with efficient headphones (Sony MDR-1A). I used the Sys between the DAC and the Magni, to attenuate the level, so I could use the Magni at a pot setting with better channel matching. Now I'm using the Lyr 2 and the Jot, so even though they have more power, I don't have to use the Sys, as the larger pot has better channel matching down to low levels.
  10. Left Channel
    Nice! This is the solution I found here, which I posted about so long ago I can't even bring it up in site search. Two pairs of these attenuators are sticking out the back of my Magni 2U, for a total of 24 dB reduction: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0006N41B0/
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